Five Outdoor Furniture Styles Dominating the Hospitality Industry

Furniture speaks a lot about your space. While its main purpose is functionality, a captivating aesthetic is also crucial. From intimate lounges to luxurious, open-plan atriums, the furniture you choose creates a lasting first impression.

Your guests need a relaxing environment. In between business meetings, and sightseeing excursions, they usually seek exciting leisure options in addition to beautiful dining spaces. Of course, the options for creativity are limitless, but you should always choose décor with your hotel’s concept in mind.

There are a plethora of furniture options that can help define your venue’s theme and style. Here are some of the most popular Luxury Furniture trends that are now taking the hospitality industry by storm.

Whimsical Wood

The organic look of unpolished wood has become most people’s preference. Introduced in the early 20th century, this classic design trend is an incredible way to give your home an instant uplift. It’s serves as an alternative to the heavily ornamented furniture and instills a sense of sophistication in modern spaces.

Sintered Stone mimics the appearance of wood in a wall paneling or table. Plus, it can also be utilized along calming pastels to inject more color or with contrasting textures to provide captivating juxtaposition of natural and industrial. .


Vibrant Hues

Luxury Outdoor Furniture designers are becoming increasingly adventurous. And vibrant colors are widely being incorporated into hotels for a tranquil, relaxing feel. Huge splashes of primary tones plus high-volume shades deliver punchy as well as unique interiors for your ultra-modern space.

On top of the pure aesthetic, bright colors also serve a functional role, helping your guests to easily find key areas like the dining room and the front desk.

Darker Shades

Intimate interiors full of dark shades are moody tones are now witnessing a revival as designers rediscover the beauty of turn-of-the-country parlors as well as boudoirs. Vermillion reds, varnished browns, deep purples, and lacquered blacks are increasingly being utilized for furniture surfaces and upholstery. They’re ideal for both guestrooms and hotel lounges. And when combined with pools of warm lighting, these hues evoke a refined environment perfect for relaxation.

Polished Concrete

Mid-century sensibilities are now firing the imagination of home designers. Polished concrete evokes an aesthetic appeal and is becoming increasingly popular for kitchen islands, tables, as well as countertops in restaurants.

Even more, stone manufacturers are getting more creative with the matte single-tone effect. When paired with wooden pieces, concrete-effect surfaces deliver a sophisticated atelier-chic.

Marble Stones

Creating contrast isn’t something new in design. But with the introduction of more colors, finishes, and patterns into the market, the scope of options has significantly improved. When combined with metal accents as well as plush furniture, Marble-like Sintered Stone is an outstanding take on material-mixing. If you have an organic taste, you may want to consider combining this elegantly veined motif with bare wood

Final Thoughts

With the current technology, there are many furniture trends that can help instill a more sophisticated look and feel into your outdoor space. From wood to concrete, and marble, there are many options for decorating your outdoor space.

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