5 exciting ways to use gabion baskets in your garden

gabion for garden

When you’re looking to re-model the exterior of your home and considering adding unique, eye-catching features, one of easiest ways to increase the curb appeal of your garden is to incorporate some gabion baskets into your design.

These strong steel mesh cages, filled with natural stone or other building materials, are easy to install. They need no deep foundations and have an expected lifespan of around 60 years. However, they’re also a flexible landscaping option, so when you want to remove or re-arrange, there’s nothing easier.
Here are 5 exciting ways to incorporate gabion baskets into your garden to spark your imagination.


Walls made with gabion baskets are eye-catching and sturdy. In a wide range of thicknesses, they can be installed in straight lines, or for a more fluid look, curving in any way that you want. Build them to a height which ensures total privacy, or lower to define the various areas of your outdoor space. It’s also possible to place more traditional wooden or metal fences between attractive and sturdy gabion pillars. Check out sites such as Gabion Reviews which are bursting with inspirational examples.


Gabion baskets, filled with attractive natural stones, make a base for outdoor stools and benches. One advantage is that you can use them to create benches of any length you want. If you’re creating a square or rectangular base, large stones are the best option. However, for circular or pedestal designs, smaller and more regular shapes, such as large pebbles, create a more even ‘fill’ and look.

And of course, to complete an outdoor dining area, add a unique table with a gabion cage base. Top the cages with a handsome block of natural wood, marble or polished natural stone, and you’ll have a stunning and totally individual space.

Raised Flower beds

One way to add interest and variety to your garden is to vary the height of your flower and vegetable beds. As well as their aesthetic appeal, raised beds require less bending and stretching when you tend your plants, so they’re easier on the back. Using gabion baskets, it’s possible to create raised beds, either along the length of an existing wall, or standing alone. Again, you have to option to choose the wall height and thickness you want, as well as the size and shape of your bed.

Raised water features

Want to create a raised pond, but not excited about building exterior walls with concrete or traditional brick? Then consider gabions as an alternative. They’ll hold your pond, of any size or shape, and the weight of the stones will support the weight of the water inside. Or, for a contemporary look using all-natural materials, build your fountain or other decorative water feature surrounds using gabion baskets.

Outdoor Fireplaces

There is nothing more natural than using the stone in gabions to surround fires. Whether it’s a custom-designed barbecue, a circular fire pit to gather round in the depths of winter, or a full-scale outdoor fireplace surround, the possibilities of creating a unique and sturdy focal point are endless.

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