How to choose a staircase for your property?


Staircases are an integral part of any architectural design of your property. It can quickly blend and enhance the look of your place the way you desire. We can say that a wisely selected staircase design can go a long way in giving your home or commercial space a touch of luxury and grandeur.

You must have noticed how films like “Titanic” incorporate staircases in their frames to convey the sense of effortless opulence. However, since it doesn’t have an only decorative purpose, you have to be double sure with the selection of the type of staircase you choose. Here are some quick tips that can help you solve your concern.

Choice of materials

Hire a reputable contractor or designer for the job for quality assurance. Let them know from the beginning of how much its design is essential for you. And if budget is no issue, allow yourself to explore all the options available in the materials, such as wood, glass, stone, and metal.

Glass Staircase

Wood is one of the most common choices in the buildings. It can smoothly go with any interior concept, and its durability is another factor that attracts people to this choice. From Cherry, Oak, Ash, Mahogany, you can choose any wood for your purpose. Their vibrant colour tone will be an added advantage, no matter you want to achieve contemporary, rustic, or traditional feel.

Nowadays, glass staircases are also becoming a sight in many properties. Their elegance, along with different shapes and range of colours, can be an unmatchable addition to any building. In recent times, even the stone staircase is also doing well. Marble, granite, and sandstone form the primary choice in this material.

The best part about the stone staircase is that they can enhance the look of any human-made or natural surroundings with ease. Besides, metal staircases are also incredible as far as their design, texture, finishing, and colour go. These look amazing in urban settings. If you get a metal staircase with wrought-iron balusters and railing, you may fall short of words to define the experience.

Types of staircase design

From spiral to straight to L-shaped to U-shaped, the range of designs in staircases can leave you spellbound. Each has its unique edge, but you have to choose one based on the availability of the space. Some patterns need a wider area, while some can fit into a limited place also to complement the look of the property.

For example, spiral staircases can be a right choice where space is limited, while curved design or straight staircase with central landing can adorn a sprawling area.

Safety elements

When choosing a staircase design, another critical thing to heed is its safety components, including handrails and balustrades. The gaps between railings and height of the balustrade have to be proper for the security of the users. And in a commercial space, it is even more crucial to emphasize on this factor.

So, if you want to give your commercial space a lavish appearance, then consider escaliers de luxe Bättig Design or some other brand to meet your goals.



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