How to Properly Pack For a Move across States

You have sacrificed to have a new home. Congratulations. It’s a big step in life. It can be exciting. However, moving to your new house forbes can be challenging—especially when it comes to packing and unpacking your belongings. Luckily, this article is going to delve into the tips you need when it comes to packing your belongings. With these tips, you will make the process simple and hassle-free. Pack and unpack fast and move in style with the following steps.  

moving to your new house forbes

Start Early

Do it early. Remember, packing is a long process and takes time. So, doing it late is going to make it stressful. The best thing to do is to start packing your belonging early. Ideally, you should start packing two weeks prior to the day. Start by packing the items you don’t often use—such as books.

Pack Strategically

Pack in style. Consider marking boxes—especially those you will likely need first. Use symbols such as a star. Also, the belongings you will need as soon as you reach your new home should be in a suitcase. Belongings to put in a suitcase include sheets, toilets, clothes, as well as toiletries. This will help you access them easily.

A Packing Room

Choose a packing room. Then ensure you have things like tapes, boxes, as well as markers ready. With a packing room—you will easily keep track of the whole process. Also, get boxes that are easy to grab.

Pro tip: Section of the room. For instance, things you will need on day one shouldn’t be mixed with other boxes.


Don’t pack heavy items in large boxes and light ones in small boxes. Do the opposite. Heavy items should be in small boxes. On the other hand, get heavy items into small boxes.

Utilize Trash Bags

Utilize Trash Bags

Besides boxes, you need trash bags. With trash bags, you have a space for non-breakables. The best part, you can stuff these bags into the track. Then morph them into any shape—something boxes lack.

Do Away With the Clutter

Clear the clutter from that home of yours. Don’t go with what you will not need. For instance, you can donate clothes you think you won’t be using. Those extra chairs that you don’t use should be cleared out. That old coffee maker can be donated. With this strategy, you will have the efficiency in your side and make things as smooth as possible.

Categorize Your Stuff

The power of sorting your belongings into categories cannot be underestimated. Sort the clothes you own. Put utensils in one area and mark the boxes using distinct signs. The same should be done to other belongings—including books, shoes, as well as important papers.

Padding, Stacking, Packing

Blankets and beach towels can be used as pads—helping you save on boxes. So, consider wrapping and taping blankets around artworks as well as lamp bases. Also, lampshades tend to get beatings—especially when on the move. So, stack and pack them using blankets. Start by removing each shade. Then proceed to stack them—starting from small to large ones. Finally, put them in boxes. This strategy assures that your lampshades arrive on time.

Label on both sides  

Make sure that you mark each box with its specific contents as well as the destination. And this should be one on both sides. Always be keen to check if its contents are fragile. Although movers may not be that careful, you’ll definitely know how to handle them with care.

Be Ready

Before the movers arrive, ensure that is well-packed. Disassemble furniture that needs to be transported separately and tape nuts plus bolts securely to the items. Roll up area rugs tightly and then tape them. Being organized  will save you lots of time and money. Remember, movers and truck rentals charge per hour. So, the lesser the time they spend, the lesser the money you’ll pay.

Load in Sections.

Are you planning to load the moving truck yourself

Are you planning to load the moving truck yourself? Well, maximize space and arrange items from shifting by carefully loading in sections right from the floor up. Consider loading the heaviest items first on the floor. After packing tightly, move to the next section.

Sell the Extras

Have some items that you no longer need? It’s possible to sell them for some little cash. If that’s the case, put these items aside and get someone who can purchase them.

Whether it is furniture or clothing, you can always find a ready market. For specialty items such as Coach, get on eBay. After sorting everything out, set a date to visit the nearest buyer or craft descriptions about the items you intend to sell online.

 Research Well

Research is never fun. Even with popular such engines like Google and Yelp, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of options regarding household moving firms to hire. However, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get choose a company simply because of the first five-star rating you see.

A transport company can either make or break your moving experience. Thus, it’s extremely important that you get it right. Try finding a reputable firm that offers excellent customer service as well as an affordable pricing plan. Read their list of services and damage policies.

Choose the Right Day to Move

Moving from one house to another requires meticulous planning. So, plan well. If you are not very busy, choose a flexible moving date. Consider a cheap moving date. Remember, weekends tend to be costlier—it’s when moving companies are busiest. So, avoid Saturdays and consider moving during the week. Also, hire a company with a flexible schedule like Great Guys Moving.

The Bottom-Line

You are moving into your new house. Congratulations. It’s going to be exciting. However, moving can be stressful—especially when it comes to packing your belongings. From the hassle involves to risk of breakages—packing your belongings can be a real hassle. However, you can still do it on style and pack without many difficulties. All you need is the above tips.

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