5 Household Items You May Not Be Aware Need Replacing

There are things we buy on the weekly shop which are replaced all the time, such as certain toiletries such as toothbrushes and other large items that we know when to replace, for example, we have an idea of how long our house usually keeps a car. But there are those annoying household items that need replacing after a certain time but it’s so easy to forget about them as we really take them for granted, so here are 5 of the easiest to forget items that we have to replace in our house.

Smoke/Fire Alarms

We all know you have to replace the batteries in these devices, how could you not the beeping drives you nuts when it’s getting towards the end of its life. But did you know the alarms themselves have a lifespan over which it’s advisable to have the whole thing replaced. With something so essential for home safety make sure you check the manufacturers recommended replacement age and stick to it.

Beauty Products

It’s easy to forget that your beauty products have an expiry date just like food products. Keep an eye on these as it can range from a few months to a couple of years and using out of date products can cause a whole range of issues including inflammation, skin problems including rashes and in the worst case scenario allergic reactions and infections.



Your mattress typically needs replaced between 5 and 8 years of age depending on the product. This can be difficult to notice as they degrade gradually and how often do you think about the mattress? But you’ll really avoid potential back issues if you keep to these guidelines and ensure you have the best mattress for your needs when it’s time to replace it.

Non-Stick Cookware

Non stick cookware is not something that is designed to last for long periods of time, surprisingly. It is recommended that you should replace it after 1-2 years if used frequently and if the non-stick coating comes away at all you should replace them immediately. I did not know this until recently!

Dish Clothes & Sponges

This is one I bet that we all know but often leave much longer than we really should. Clothes and dish sponges are a haven for grime and bacteria. Clothes can be washed and reused but sponges definitely should be binned once looking a bit tired and worn out.


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