Window Care Tips to Make Your Investment Last

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Your windows look great. They’re sleek and stylish and match the architectural style of your home. You’ve put thought and effort into picking the best style of window for your home. You shopped around and asked friends and family about their windows before settling on a reliable provider and installer for your major home project.

Now that you’ve made a big investment in the energy efficiency, value, safety, and style of your home, it’s time to consider some professional advice for taking care of your windows to preserve your investment as much as possible.

How to Care for Wood Windows

Wooden windows have an elegant and warm look to them and they’re great for log cabins or other buildings that want a rustic look. That being said, as an organic material, wood requires more maintenance than synthetic materials because wood is more susceptible to the elements of weather and general wear and tear.

Cleaning the exterior of wood windows requires a soft brush/cloth and soapy water to get rid of accumulated dirt. Be careful, detergents can damage wood finishes so be sure to rinse away any soap completely. For wood, avoid glass cleaners with ammonia and any other abrasive cleaners with strong chemical agents so as to not damage your frames.

If you notice any chips or scratches on the wood, touch them up right away with some paint or finish to seal the wood to protect it from damage from the elements. For long-term care, get your wood windows recoated every few years, either by yourself or by a professional.

How to Care for Aluminum Windows

The amount of manual care required for wooden windows is not necessary with synthetic materials like aluminum or vinyl. Still, there is some care to be taken to make sure you protect the integrity and materials of your widows. For cleaning, use a soft, non-abrasive cloth with water and soap to get rid of dirt and water and dish detergent to get rid of grease marks that are otherwise hard to remove. Really stubborn marks that don’t come off with water and soap might require a cream cleanser (which is still safe).

Keep Things Moving

The locks and hinges on your windows need to be lubricated with light machine oil every now and then to keep them functioning properly. Apply the oil to your locks and hinges to keep them operating smoothly and to prevent rust damage.

Keep an Eye on It

You may not be a window expert but you don’t need to be one to inspect your windows every now and then for signs of damage like a broken seal, water damage, or rot. Inspect your windows every season with special focus on the window frame and sash (the part of the window that holds the glass to keep it in place) to look for rot or other signs of moisture infiltration. For your double or triple-paned windows, check for moisture in between panes as this would signal that your seal is broken and needs to be replaced.

Other Things to Remember

Maintenance is a crucial part of ensuring your windows stay performing to their best throughout the years. Remembering to do seemingly small things like re-paint your wooden and metal frames every three to four years will keep your windows looking and working their best and save energy costs and avoid further replacement woes down the line.

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