Does Your Home in Cedar Rapids Need Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing Cedar Rapids

Over time the siding on a house has the potential for developing mold and mildew, creating a need for a thorough cleaning. If you’re not someone who’s washed down the exterior of a house in Cedar Rapids before, the task might prove daunting with questions on how even to begin.

In all reality, regardless of the size or the level of grime, a mere garden hose is not sufficient for the project. A job of this caliber requires more powerful equipment plus scrub brushes and generally professional services like pressure washing Cedar Rapids with the expertise and tools to handle the work correctly.

The Fundamentals Of Pressure Washing In Cedar Rapids

For homeowners in Cedar Rapids who show signs of dirt and debris on the exterior of their home, it’s time to look into washing the surfaces. Many people are unfamiliar with taking on this task, often reaching for the garden hose. Unfortunately, the gentle flow will have little effect, particularly on mold and mildew.

A job like this requires a pressure washing machine. That equipment is usually better handled in the hands of a professional who understands how to maneuver the wand. If you’re a DIY enthusiast and want to give the project a try, here is some key information to keep in mind.

–          Different Pressure Washers

You’ll find when looking for equipment that there are different types of machines available. The reason you’ll be using it will determine the appropriate unit for you. Electric equipment is budget-friendly and portable to allow for ease of movement when maneuvering around the house. These, however, don’t have as much power.

A gas unit is much more powerful, but it requires much more from the budget. With adequate upkeep, these will provide a longer lifespan and withstand much more abuse allowing for bigger and more challenging projects.

–          Understanding GPM and PSI

All pressure washing is not the same. That means you need to educate regarding pounds power square inch or PSI and GPM or gallons per minute in order to choose adequate pressure for your specific needs. PSI refers to the level of cleaning force the machine can produce, while GPM references the level of water that travels through the machine.

In order to find the ideal equipment for you when comparing options, the suggestion is to multiply the PSI with the GPM.

Tips For Pressure Washing

Once you select the perfect equipment to do the work for you, there are several tips you need to follow to do the job correctly but also as a way to remain safe when using the machinery. Go here for guidance when using the equipment. Some of these include:

  • Safe/Smart: Ear and eye protection are mandatory when using any type of equipment for household projects. Make sure you’re standing on stable and level ground so that you can avoid falls or slips, and don’t try to stand on a ladder when using these machines.
  • Tarps: Any personal items or live vegetation that you have in the surrounding area should have a protective covering with a tarp or some type of natural material to keep it safe from harm.
  • Living Things: The wands should never be pointed in the direction of a living thing due to the severe bodily injury, including penetrating the skin that it can cause. This is not a gentle garden hose. While it’s tempting to joke and have fun squirting family members, the spray is intense and harsh, bringing great harm to living things, including destroying plant life.

In that same vein, make sure the equipment is off when you’re not using it or out of the vicinity of the machinery so small children cannot use it.

  • Keep the Distance: Being too close when washing down a surface has the potential to damage the area. There needs to be a distance of as much as six feet when working on any project.
  • Nozzle: Different nozzles and tips are necessary for specific jobs. These are designed to draw soap out or to give a rinse with high pressure. Manufacturers will often use color coding for the tips to help you determine the varied angles for which you can reference the manufacturer’s manual for guidance.

Ideally, a professional pressure washer in Cedar Rapids will help to make the job seamless and ensure it’s done correctly, with no need to go back for areas that might be missed or done insufficiently. Find out how to use these units at It’s possible to DIY, but it’s nice to get assistance to save time, money, and effort.

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