The average cost to fix or repair a House [Infographic]

Any homeowner knows that the price of a house is far more than just the initial build bill. A home requires regular care and a fix or repair from time to time. You want to have the most comfortable place to come back to after work, and you also want it to be inexpensive. Well, upgrading or repairing a home is a process that has both cheap and financially heavy elements. Let’s talk about the average cost of fixing or improving a building; you call home.

Starting from the top

Having a roof above your head can be very pricey. The roof is something that you should get right the first time, as it is one of the most costly things to repair. Remedial roof repair costs, on average, between 2000$ and 3000$ for a three-bedroom terrace house. And that’s if you make it your DIY project. This is the cost of materials and renting a scaffold tower at an affordable price, like the ones provided by Lakeside Hire. If you are not capable of doing it yourself, the overall cost will increase significantly.

Buying a better view of the future

We are talking about windows replacement here. The cost of replacing the windows will vary depending on the style of the house and size. If you need to buy period-style windows, prepare yourself for a massive cost. However, the cost for a three-bedroom semi-detached house is from 2500$ to 3000$.

House make-up

Painting the exterior of your house makes a huge difference. The fresh look is always desired, so every few years, you should go for a repaint. The cost of painting the exterior of your house is estimated at $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot.

And if you want to get even more information about the house renovation cost, check out the graphic.

Lakeside hire infographic- cost of building a house

Frequently Asked Questions on the cost to fix or repair a House

Q: How much money will you spend on average for painting the house?

A: The price for painting a house has increased recently because the cost of paint has also gone high. It’s around $1.50 for every square foot for the inside of the house. For instance, you will spend about $2,200 for painting a 1,500square foot house. The paint for the exterior is more expensive, and you also need to make sure the weather is beautiful. You may spend at least $3.00 a square foot for giving a new coat of paint on the exterior of your house.

Q: Is the flooring expensive?

A: According to the professionals, carpets go great for the living areas. Stick to tile and vinyl for kitchens and bathrooms. If your house has hardwood, you may only need to re-finish the hardwood. Installing new hardwood floors can be three times higher than buying and installing new carpet. Vinyl can cost you anything to $500 to $1000 for bathrooms and kitchen, whereas replacing the carpet in a 1,500sqft house starts at $3,000.

All in all, refinishing hardwood floors is cheaper than installing a new carpet.

Q: Should you also consider buying new light fixtures?

A: Replacing the light and the plumbing fixtures can increase the value of a home. Any house with nice-looking door handles, new lights, and matching faucets looks better. You can get light fixtures for $2 or $20 to use in the bathroom, whereas a beautiful chandelier can be cheaper than $150. You can find faucets for $35 to $150, and door handles for less than $20. Therefore, you should expect to pay $1,200 or so for replacing lights, faucets, and door handles in the whole house.

Q: Do you have the budget for cosmetic repairs?

A: You don’t need to fix the entire house at once, and some cosmetic repairs will do for increasing its values. In the case of a 1,500sq ft house, expect to pay $2,200 for the interior paint, $1,200 for new fixtures, and $4,500 for the new floor coverings.

Q: How much will you pay for major repairs in the kitchen?

A: The kitchen is a fundamental space in any home, but it’s not as pricey as you think to replace it. You may focus on restoring the countertops, the cabinets, and the sink for $2,500 or so. When you’re not doing the work and need to hire the professionals, it can cost you up to $5,000.

Q: Should you also repair the baths?

A: When we’re talking about bathroom repairs, it can be as simple as replacing the vanity to more complex jobs. If you want to replace the bath, toilet, and vanity, it can cost you around $1,000. For an entire got project, expect to pay anything around $3,000.

Q: Is it expensive to fix the roof?

A: It’s a tricky job, and the shape of your roof sets the price most of the time. To make an idea, it’s around $6,000 to replace the roof on a 1,500 sq ft house.

Q: Will your house require plumbing repairs?

A: Once again, the spending depends a lot on what’s down there. We talk about easy fixes, but you never know we’re talking about plumbing. Re-plumbing a house can cost you at least $5,000.

Now that we’re on it keep in mind that sewer lines are very pricey to replace. Replacing the line can cost you anything from $3,000 to $10,000.

Q: Does your house require electrical repairs too?

A: It sounds repetitive, but what your house needs set the price for the expenses. Some minor repairs will get a couple of hundreds of dollars out of your pockets. Expect to pay more than$ 5,000 for fundamental rewiring jobs. Unless you’re a professional electrician, you should never postpone any electrical issues that need fixing.

Q: Do you have the money some foundation work?

A: As you can imagine, repairing the foundation isn’t fun at all. Water leakage, the settling, or structural problems are only some of the many factors leading to foundation repairs. When you have water issues in a crawl space or basement, a significant foundation problem could cause it. If so, it may cost you $10,00 to fix it. Sometimes, a bit of dirt work can fix the problem.

Q: Is it expensive to replace doors and windows?

A: Most of the time, you will need to replace the windows if you’re no longer happy with the performance. For basic vinyl windows, you can pay around $300 for every window installed. Indoor doors may require replacing, as they can change the appearance entirely.

Q: Will you need to replace/fix the water heater?

A: Simply installing a furnace is around $2,500, whereas a water heater is about $800. Should you need to install a new forced air furnace system, you need to prepare approximately $5,000.

Q: Does the siding need repairing?

A: Frankly, it’s not common to replace the siding on a home, but your house may require it. Putting new concrete on a fix is around $8,500 for a 1,250 sq ft house. It’s more affordable to replace wood siding, but you will also need to paint the wood siding.

Q: Did you take a look at the drywall?

A: In the case of old houses, the chance for lousy drywall and plaster is high. New drywall will help your house look a lot better. A drywall specialist can cost you around $3,000 for doing the ceilings and walls in a 500sqft home.

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