How roof cleaning can better your house


Every house, whether new or old require regular maintenance. Periodic maintenance is very essential to maintain the charm of your house. Just like, if you want to have a healthy, shinning hair then it is very essential to maintain and look after your hair well by eating a balanced diet, regular oiling and maintaining proper hygiene of your scalp, similarly, if you want to add value to your house then proper and regular maintenance is required. One of the important parts of our house that is mostly ignored by us during periodic maintenance is our roof.  This is the thing in this article, we are going to discuss in-depth.

Benefits of Roof cleaning

You must be wondering how roof cleaning can better your property. But believe me; it does an amazing job in adding value to your house. Regular cleaning of the exterior and interior of your house is a must not only for looking good but it also protects your house from damage and urgent repairs. Let’s discuss all the benefits one by one.

 1. Cleaning of roof removes the rotten leaves, flowers, twigs and other solid debris that would otherwise force their way in the narrow spaces of roof tiles can loosen the shingles and during heaving rain and storm, it can cause leakage into your property

 2. Another benefit of roof cleaning is that it helps to get rid of algae that get accumulated on your roof tiles which eat away the limestone from the asphalt tiles making your roof tiles weak and worn off which can cause leakage and damage your property.

 3. Roof cleaning helps to get rid of dirt, dust, grime and solid debris which gets accumulated on the roof, which can dissolve and clog the chimneys, gutters and cause extensive damage to your property.

 4. Regular cleaning of your roof also ensures that you get rid of the mold and mildew which starts growing on and around the roof and causes an unpleasant smell which can be very uncomfortable for some people.

 5. It brings your attention to the area of damage which requires immediate repair.

 6. You are getting rid of the corrosive residues from the shingles which would otherwise cause a lot of damage to the roof.

 7. It helps to restore the natural color of your roof tiles, thereby adding value to your property.

 8. Regular roof cleaning also helps to avoid huge expenses during periodic maintenance of the interior and exterior of your house.

 9. Regular and professional roof cleaning helps to keep your house well maintained and it also increases the market value of your house whenever you wish to sell your property.

 10. It keeps your shingles in good shape as damaged and thin shingles do not insulate your house, thus letting out the house’s heating and air conditioning.

How and when should roof cleaning be done?

After going through the above-mentioned points, now you will be having a fair idea of how roof cleaning can better your property. Now that you are aware of the benefits of roof cleaning the next question that arises in your mind is how and when roof cleaning of your house be done.

How to clean the roof of your house

You should never assume that roof cleaning is an easy task and you can do it yourself. Trying to balance yourself on the slopy and slick surface is quite a dangerous task and there are chances that you might fall and injure yourself seriously. It might prove to be a tedious task to manage a pressure washer that is normally used for roof cleaning. Proper cleaning of the roof surface of your house requires skill and expertise to reach the curves, crevices and cracks of the shingles. It is always recommended that you take the help of a professional roof cleaning services to get your roof cleaned. They will clean the roof of your house without damaging the shingles and without loosening them.

When to clean the roof of your house

If your house or the property that you own is few, then you might need to clean the roof only once in 2 years, otherwise, it is best recommended that you clean the roof of your house at least once a year.

Do’s and Don’ts While Cleaning the Roof of your House

It should always be remembered that cleaning the roof is not a thing which you are doing to do very often. Whenever you plan to get the roof of your house cleaned then you should make a note of a few dos and don’ts while getting the roof of your house cleaned.



  • Do not ignore even a small repair work that needs to be done on your roof because if left ignored it can result in something very big which can be very expensive to get repaired.
  • Don’t ever think of doing the cleaning of your roof all by yourself as it can result in dire consequences. Use professional help like this company
  • Never use a power washer on your shingles as it can loosen or damage them, which are very expensive to repair.
  • While cleaning the roof avoid working in extremely hot and cold climates.

Now that you are fully aware of how roof cleaning can better your house, about its benefits, few do’s and don’ts,  you can go ahead confidently with the periodic maintenance of your house.

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