Wanna Give Your Bathroom an Upgrade? Here’s the Appliances You’re Going to Need

Let’s admit it, there’s no a better place to recollect and find yourself while at home than the bathroom. Besides giving you the much-needed privacy for that full-body bath, this is the perfect space when you need to work on your hair and brush your teeth.

But like any other area of your house, your shower room needs to look and feel cozy despite its relatively small size. A great place to start is by upgrading the existing appliances to ensure you’re using safe and durable tools that are suitable for use in a unique environment such as that of a bathroom.

Here, we explore the six must-have appliances that will give any-size bathroom an alluring upgrade and feel.


Most bathrooms have small windows which often are just enough for air to circulate but not water moisture. A dehumidifier reduces condensation and levels of damp air thereby allowing your bathroom to smell and stay fresh at all times. With this appliance, you also eliminate the possibility of mold growing on your bathroom walls, floor, and ceiling. Mold is notorious for damaging paints on walls and color on tiles which is the last thing you want if your shower room is to remain neat.

The good thing about this tool is that it’s not just limited for use in the bathroom; it will work fine in many other areas including sections of your house where you air clothes to dry or place your washing machine.

When buying the best dehumidifier, consider going for those with hygrometers to help measure the level of humidity and automatically dehumidify air when normal levels are exceeded.


If you don’t fancy wearing a shower cap while taking a bath, buying a hairdryer is probably the best decision you can make for your hair. This appliance skillfully dries moisture off your hair, allowing it to straighten and retain its natural look. Additionally, it organizes your hair into beautiful tresses to give it a softer feel and make it appear more attractive.

For most people, upgrading a hairdryer is never an easy thing considering that more models and brands with even more sophisticated settings and features keep hitting the market. Luckily, with a reputable resource helping you with choosing the best home appliances, this should be quite an easy task for you. We particularly love the models this site has reviewed which range from portable, to low-power, lightweight, and even salon-quality hair dryers. Don’t forget to check them out if you’re in the market for a reliable hair dryer.

Electric razor & shaver

Unless you live under a rock, having a bush anywhere in your body is unsightly and often unhygienic. If you’ve been using typical shavers, chances are high that you’re already tired of buying and disposing the blades after a few uses. If this sounds like your situation, you may want to switch to using electric shavers. These ones provide instant relief and comfort to your shaving experience with their precise working mechanism. The best part is that most are waterproof and therefore safe to use even in wet conditions.

Choose from a variety of categories including models that are designed for close shaves as well as shavers suitable for both men and women.

Electric toothbrush

If you’re like most people, brushing teeth is one of the routine tasks you do before or after a shower. A toothbrush, whether manual or electric, helps to clear oral plaque which is responsible for most gum problems, bad breath, and other mouth diseases. Unfortunately, manual toothbrushes don’t help much when there’s too much oral plaque to clean or in the case of little children who are yet to learn the art of cleaning teeth properly.

This is where an electric toothbrush comes in handy – it improves the quality of cleaning by standardizing the entire process and effort. This is because it’s able to vibrate, pulse, and oscillate inside your mouth strongly with very little effort from your hands.

Brushing doesn’t have to feel like a full-time job any longer, not when you can do it quicker and more reliably using an appliance purposed for it.

Foot spa machine

Feet massage can be costly if you choose to have it done professionally at a spa. But did you know you can enjoy an equally relaxing and calming experience right from the comfort of your home by adding a foot spa machine to your bathroom appliances?

These machines are now widely available and work just as effectively as professional masseurs. The best ones are also very durable and need little or no maintenance in their years of service.

Home foot spa massage come in different sizes meaning you’re sure of finding the most suitable one for your any-size bathroom without depleting available space. What’s more, you can even choose to buy a portable one so that you’re not limited to massaging your feet in your bathroom.

Digital bathroom scale

If you’re on a diet or just interested in keeping fit, checking your weight regularly can be a great idea. And while weight is not always considered to be a self-contained measure of good or bad health, it can help to give you (and your physician) an idea of where you lie in your journey to becoming healthier.

A useful tool to add to your home is a bathroom scale – whether digital or smart if you’re looking for an appliance that comes with more connectivity features. Most of the latest bathroom scales can measure among other metrics your weight, body fat percentage, and even BMI. Others can even tell you the exact body chemistry such as bone-density and the muscle mass of selected body parts including your limbs.

Additional appliances you can install in your bathroom

  • Towel warmer
  • Water resistant Bluetooth speaker
  • Shower head with built-in speaker


Your bathroom no longer have to be a boring place to visit. Depending on your preferences and budget, the opportunities to upgrade this space seem infinite. Start by acquiring some of the appliances we’ve described for you in this post to liven it up a bit and make your baths more fun going forward.

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