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Best Buckwheat Pillows in 2017

Best Buckwheat Pillows
Best Buckwheat Pillows

Here’s a cock and bull story: that you wake up, every day of your life, well rested and… neck pain free! Quite an adventure, right? Offers, options, friend’s advices have dropped like flies around you when it comes to good pillows. And you gave a shot to all of them. And you still wake up with a stiff neck, you still wake up wondering if you went to sleep last night or not.

Variety is the spice of life

So, pillows come in numerous shapes, sizes, colors, types of cases. What about a good pillow? Can a pillow be supportive and soft at the same time? Do you need a heavy, hard pillow, or a nice, soft, goose down pillow? Does its cover matter when it comes to comfort? Does its odor go away or you’ll simply have to get along with it, in order to have a well rested neck every morning? Does a good pillow make noises? How much of that noise could you take, in order to rest well?

You might have tried so far a memory foam pillow. You thought it was the right one, but it wasn’t. You’ve learned the hard way (i.e., the “full of pain” sleep) that a firm pillow doesn’t do it for you, after all.

Then it was the time for the goose down pillow. Good times, right? Nice, soft, head sinking into it… And a stiff neck in the morning. So, “No” to the soft, fluffy, cloudy pillow also. At least on the part of your neck, if not from you.

There’s no better time than today however. Today is the time you gave the buckwheat pillow a shot. The pillow that has 82% of its customers satisfied. The pillow that gives you the liberty to fill it as much as you want. The one that makes the back sleepers nights happier. The pillow that, even though it molds to your neck and head, has an even distribution, thus providing proper support and comfort.

The buckwheat may slide to one side, but you can easily correct it; it’s the pillow that you can hug, after all J

It takes two to tango and a buckwheat pillow to have a pain free neck

Buckwheat is a plant related to rhubarb, and its fivers are very elastic. If this means nothing to you, than you should simply know that this is the natural pillow filling that will support your head and neck and will adjust to your head and neck at the same time. It will last a long time but it will work great on your pain in a matter of days. Cuddly and moldable, the buckwheat pillow puts out a tiny amount of smell, is noisy in the beginning but softens down in time. In the end you may like it or not, it’s a matter of taste, but you’ll never know without trying. After all, we’re not all the same.

Keep an eye on these pillows! They are all worth it!

So we took care of your neck for you, busy as you are. We did our best and settled for five of the best buckwheat pillows that are sold out there. It’s up to you to find the one that fulfills your dreams and demands. As much as a buckwheat pillow can, of course. Just give it a go!

1. Bucky Large Duo Bed Pillow

Bucky Large Bed Pillow CaseIf you have never used a buckwheat pillow before, there’s no rush. This pillow takes you to the world of buckwheat pillows easily, because it is made 50% from millet hull and 50% from buckwheat hull.

With a 100% Cotton cover, a 100 % Polyester liner, this pillow is able to give a proper alignment to your neck, shoulder and spine. You will feel very comfortable and you will sleep profoundly all night long.

One great thing about buckwheat pillows is that they are adjustable; the same goes with this one: you can take out or add hulls via the zipper, depending on your personal needs.

This pillow gives you two sides to choose from: the buckwheat side, cool and fluid as it is and the millet side, which is softer and warmer.

The hulls in this pillow do not compress in time, distribute the wheight evenly and mold to your head.

3” high and 7” wide, this pillow also has a removable and washable cover.

Even though some customers complained about its size, this buckwheat pillow was highly appreciated by the customers.

It comes gift wrapped also; keep that in mind when Xmas shopping J

2. Buckwheat Pillow – 100% Organic Filling AND Case

Buckwheat Pillow - Organic Filling AND CaseIf you want to go all the way with buckwheat filling, this is a great pillow for you! Filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls and encased in 100% organic unbleached cotton ticking, this pillow will do wonders to your neck, shoulder and spine!

Comforting and giving all the most important parts of your body the proper alignment, this buckwheat pillow will also keep you cool during the night.

You will not have to worry about any allergies; this product is 100% antiallergic and will keep away any dust mites.

Made in the USA, this buckwheat pillow has a travel size of 11” by 15” and it has convinced even the youngest customers (children J), when it comes to comfort and restful sleeps.

Some complained about its wheight (it’s buckwheat after all), but most customers were too impressed by their well rested, pain free sleep to mention that part.

3.    Beans 72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow - Travel Child SizePrepare yourself for a better sleep, prepare yourself to customize your own pillow.

Filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls grown in the USA and with a 100% unbleached cotton casing, this pillow will make a difference to your sleep from the very first night.

This buckwheat pillow will not colapse like a foam pillow, has no smell and it is a natural alternative for those allergic to foam or feather.

The pillow has a zipper that will allow you to add/remove as many hulls as you want. In the beginning, until you get used to its typical firmness, it is better if you take out some of the hulls.

Relieving tension, muscle pain, a stiff neck, headaches and stress, this buckwheat pillow is highly appreciated by the people who purchased it.

4. Natures Pillows NP2500 Sobakawa

Original Sobakawa Buckwheat PillowFor those who are still sitting on the fence when it comes to buckwheat pillows, there is no more reason to hesitate.

This buckwheat pillow has a 100% Cotton cover and it is made from 100% USA buckwheat hulls.

Its customers were very pleased by its quality and by the shifting of their sleep from bad to well rested, pain free sleep.

It is highly recommended not to wash this pillow; there were customers who, in order to better protect the pillow, used 2 pillowcases/shams.

Some of the people who purchased this product would have been happier with a larger size, whereas there were some who used the size to their advantage, „It’s great to move it wherever you want!”.

5. Balance Living Buckwheat Pillow

Balance Living Buckwheat Pillow QueenIf you want an excellent product with a very good price, this is the pillow for you.

This Japanese style buckwheat pillow is 20” * 30” and its filling is 100% organic buckwheat hulls.

As with all buckwheat pillows, this product also is adjustable and brings great comfort to your neck, spine and shoulders, by aligning them properly.

Its cooling comfort, its relief on headaches, tension, stiff neck, and allergies made many customers say that this was their best investment in a long time.

Provided with a zipper, you will be able to easily clean its 100% cotton cover.

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