Best Buckwheat Pillows in 2022

Best Buckwheat Pillows
Best Buckwheat Pillows

Here’s a cock and bull story: that you wake up, every day of your life, well rested and… neck pain free! Quite an adventure, right? Offers, options, friend’s advices have dropped like flies around you when it comes to good pillows. And you gave a shot to all of them. And you still wake up with a stiff neck, you still wake up wondering if you went to sleep last night or not.

Variety is the spice of life

So, pillows come in numerous shapes, sizes, colors, types of cases. What about a good pillow? Can a pillow be supportive and soft at the same time? Do you need a heavy, hard pillow, or a nice, soft, goose down pillow? Does its cover matter when it comes to comfort? Does its odor go away or you’ll simply have to get along with it, in order to have a well rested neck every morning? Does a good pillow make noises? How much of that noise could you take, in order to rest well?

You might have tried so far a memory foam pillow. You thought it was the right one, but it wasn’t. You’ve learned the hard way (i.e., the “full of pain” sleep) that a firm pillow doesn’t do it for you, after all.

Then it was the time for the goose down pillow. Good times, right? Nice, soft, head sinking into it… And a stiff neck in the morning. So, “No” to the soft, fluffy, cloudy pillow also. At least on the part of your neck, if not from you.

There’s no better time than today however. Today is the time you gave the buckwheat pillow a shot. The pillow that has 82% of its customers satisfied. The pillow that gives you the liberty to fill it as much as you want. The one that makes the back sleepers nights happier. The pillow that, even though it molds to your neck and head, has an even distribution, thus providing proper support and comfort.

The buckwheat may slide to one side, but you can easily correct it; it’s the pillow that you can hug, after all J

It takes two to tango and a buckwheat pillow to have a pain free neck

Buckwheat is a plant related to rhubarb, and its fivers are very elastic. If this means nothing to you, than you should simply know that this is the natural pillow filling that will support your head and neck and will adjust to your head and neck at the same time. It will last a long time but it will work great on your pain in a matter of days. Cuddly and moldable, the buckwheat pillow puts out a tiny amount of smell, is noisy in the beginning but softens down in time. In the end you may like it or not, it’s a matter of taste, but you’ll never know without trying. After all, we’re not all the same.

Keep an eye on these pillows! They are all worth it!

So we took care of your neck for you, busy as you are. We did our best and settled for five of the best buckwheat pillows that are sold out there. It’s up to you to find the one that fulfills your dreams and demands. As much as a buckwheat pillow can, of course. Just give it a go!

The Top 10 Bucwheat Pillow Reviews

When you are determined to try a buckwheat pillow, give it a go with the Natures Pillows NP2500 Sobakawa.

The pillow is 100% filled with buckwheat hulls and has been a popular model in the Orient for hundreds of years. As we speak, the pillow is still a common choice in Japan.

The pillow has therapeutic advantages and keeps you nice and fresh throughout the night thanks to its cooling abilities. The buckwheat hulls conform to the shape of your head and neck, giving comfort in your sleep. They give your neck a good support and manage to offer a firm, yet comfortable surface for sleeping.

The 100% cotton fabric case increases the cooling and provides efficient air circulation. It’s long lasting and combines great with the filling.

The pillow is made here at home in our USA and you need to use a pillowcase or sham to keep dirt/oils away.

The pillow is well made and the fabric of the case is sturdy. In order to expand its lifespan, it’s better not to machine wash the pillow.

The list of main pros:

  • The pillow is filled 100% with buckwheat hulls
  • It comes with a 100% cotton case
  • It’s firm and gives a nice neck support
  • It’s cooling and comfortable

We sure have some cons also:

  • Some feel the pillow is a tad small
  • You may need a couple of nights to get used to its shape

Regardless the cons, we like the pillow for its firm support, cooling abilities and comfort it brings throughout the night.


Versatile and highly portable, the Bucky All Natural, Relaxing, Supportive Buckwheat Millet Hulls is a great option to consider for home and travel, as well.

The pillow is a Baxter lumber pillow that eliminates pressure and gives you a better spinal alignment. It’s filled with buckwheat millet hulls that improve air circulation and dissipate heat. The hulls eliminate also excessive perspiration and humidity, giving you a nice, cooling surface for sleeping.

The design of the pillow is highly functional and makes the pillow both adjustable and portable. The removable casing is zippered so you may remove/add hulls according to your needs. The pillow also features handles on the sides so you may take it everywhere with you.

The pillow alleviates tense lumber muscles and gives great comfort for your neck and low back. It conforms to the shape of your body, increasing your comfort.

The pillow is very well made and the cover is easy to remove for cleaning. The cover is made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and looks very nice.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The pillow is filled with buckwheat millet hulls
  • It comes with a removable, nice cover
  • It features handles on the side for portability
  • It’s supportive, comfortable and cooling

We’d like to mention the downsides, as we see it:

  • It’s not a large pillow
  • The color options aren’t many

Nevertheless, for the portability, comfort and reliability the pillow is a nice option to take in consideration when shopping.


When you are looking for a buckwheat pillow for your kids or for your traveling, a good-sized option would be Buckwheat Pillow – Zen Chi Organic Japanese Size.

Even though the size may look kind of small for you, the pillow is a large size for the Japanese standards, and they do know what’s good for comfortable sleep.

The pillow is filled with 100% Organic grown Buckwheat hulls, so the pillow is a natural choice for your sleep. The hulls increase the air circulation, sustaining a nice natural cooling effect in your sleep.

The pillow instantly takes the form of your neck, spine and head, offering a good, yet firm support. If you are struggling with some pains from sleep position (tension, muscle pain, headache, stick neck), the pillow alleviates these pains as well.

We also notice that the pillow is zippered so it’s 100% refillable. This gives you the chance to adjust the amount of hulls, according to your needs and wants, for best comfort in your sleep.

The pillow is also a sure option for the allergenic customers due to its natural organic filling. It has no smell and is very well made.

The material on the pillow is good quality and the pillow doesn’t go flat fast. It has a good amount of filling and it’s a great asset for any bedroom.

Here are the best things on the pillow:

  • The pillow is filled with 100% Organic grown buckwheat hulls
  • It helps air circulate and keeps you cool
  • It alleviates various pains from sleep position
  • It’s zippered so you may adjust the amount of filling

We’d like to see some changes for the good:

  • It’s a bit noisy
  • If you’re looking for soft pillow, this may not be your type of pillow

Despite the minor issues, the pillow still makes it as a good choice for you to take when traveling or to help your kids sleep better.


Made here at home in our USA, the Beans72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow is a great choice that lets you decide for yourself which amount of buckwheat hulls works the best for you.

The filling on the pillow is US grown organic buckwheat hulls and this means a healthy, natural option especially for the customer fighting some allergies. The casing is made of 100% natural unbleached cotton which combines so well with the natural filling.

The pillow is breathable all the way and creates a nice, cooling surface for your sleep. The air circulates better and you sleep sound until the morning.

We also notice the abilities of the pillow to ease various pains from sleep position: stiff neck, headache, muscle pain, various and even stress.

The pillow takes the shape of your neck, head and spine and brings comfort. It’s firm and has just the right size for a good sleep. It’s a great support for nursing and may be a good option for the stomach sleeper as well.

The pillow gets to you filled so don’t get scared by its weight. It’s a zippered pillow so you may easily take out/add more hulls, until you find the right amount for your comfort.

The cotton fabric for the case is good quality and has a nice, soft feel. It’s durable and presents a cozy texture.

The pillow has no smell and doesn’t collapse like a foam pillow. You may molded exactly how you need it and fill it to your needs.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The pillow is filled with 100% organic US buckwheat hulls
  • It has a 100% cotton fabric case
  • You may add/take out hulls as it’s zippered
  • It’s cooling and soothes various pains from sleep positions

Let’s not forget about the downsides:

  • You need to give it some time until it „breaks in”
  • It’s a tad heavy weight, but you may easily change that by taking out some hulls

We sure don’t mind much about the downsides as the pillow is not only made here in our USA, but it’s also comfortable, cooling and customizable to your needs.


The colorful and pretty casing of the ZMDREAM Buckwheat Pillow 11″ X 21″ is one thing to begin with when talking about the pillow.

The pillow is filled with Organic Buckwheat Hulls and gives you head and neck good support for a better sleep. It’s a great choice for the side sleeper and you may also use it for sofa, bed or chaise. It easily adjust to the shape of your head and neck, for more comfort throughout the night.

The buckwheat hulls used for the pillow are cleaned and organic so they have no specific smell, which is always great to hear by anyone fighting some allergies. The buckwheat hulls come in a zipped cover so you may adjust the amount of filling according to your needs.

The pillow case not only looks nice with its floral print, but it’s also removable and washable. It protects the pillow and expands its lifespan as well. Never forget to take out the buckwheat hulls before washing the case. It’s best to dry it outside from time to time.

We like the pillow as it’s also very well made and has the perfect height for a good sleep. It’s soft, cozy and gives great support for your neck. It feels dense and presents a good built.

Its floral pattern on the case sure helps the pillow stand out from all the other white, plane pillows.

Going over the good things shortly:

  • The pillow is filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls
  • You may adjust the amount of filling
  • The pillow case has a nice, cute floral print
  • The pillow is cooling, comfortable and gives good neck support

The drawbacks aren’t major for sure:

  • You may feel it a bit hard at first
  • If you’re not used to the buckwheat pillows, you may find it a tad noisy in the beginning

The drawbacks are no deal breakers for us and we sure like the pillow for its comfort, but also for its fun, cute looks.


Reliable and fairly priced, the Sobakawa Buckwheat Pillow is another option to try that fits any standard pillowcases, which makes it already a better choice than other pillows.

The pillow is filled with 100% premium Buckwheat hull and presents the typical abilities of buckwheat pillows. It conforms nice and easy to the shape of your head and neck, sustaining a better spinal alignment. It soothes neck pains, muscle tension and eliminates neck stiffness.

Buckwheat hulls are also well known for their ability to increase airflow and this pillow makes no exception either. The pillow creates a nice cool air around and under your skull, helping you sleep better.

The pillow is supportive and works great for the side sleepers as well. It may improve your sleep if you’re struggling with sleep apnea also.

The adjustability of the pillow is efficient and you may decide for yourself how much filling you really need.

The cover is made with 35% cotton and 65% polyester and sustains the breathability of the pillow.

The pillow fits any standard size pillowcase so it’s easy to find its perfect pair.

Putting under the light the main pros:

  • The pillow is filled with 100% premium Buckwheat hull
  • It aligns your neck and spine and eliminates neck stiffness
  • It soothes pains from sleep position
  • It’s comfortable, breathable and fits standard sized pillow cases

Some things bother us:

  • It’s a bit noisy
  • It doesn’t come with a pillow case

Comfortable, reliable and doing what is supposed to do, the pillow remains a good option to have in mind when shopping.


Made here at home in our USA, the Magnolia Organics Buckwheat Organic Pillow is not only an organic option, but also a dependable pillow to try.

The pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls that come from a farm in North Dakota. Though they aren’t certified organic, the pillow doesn’t contain any chemicals and presents no risks for any one struggling with allergies.

The pillow gives good levels of support for your neck as it conforms nicely to the shape of your head and neck. It increases the airflow, giving you a nice, cooling temperature throughout your sleep. Buckwheat doesn’t trap your body heat and helps the ventilation, thus explaining the cooling ability.

The filling is protected by a cotton case that is 100% organic and acts like a barrier. The case is dense, highly woven so it protects you against dust mites, bed bugs and pet allergens as well. The casing has a nice, soft touch feel and is quiet.

The pillow is supportive and holds its shape for quite some time. You don’t wake up anymore with a stiff neck, headaches or neck pains.

It comes with a good amount of filling that lets you mold it exactly how you need. The casing is well made and presents good stitching.

The buckwheat hulls wear out in time, but it’s gonna be years until you need to replace them.

Our most important pros:

  • The pillow is stuffed with buckwheat hulls from North Dakota
  • The case is made with 100% Organic cotton that is hypoallergenic
  • The case is very well made
  • The pillow is supportive and durable

We’d only like to see some minor improvements:

  • Some feel it too full
  • It’s not certified organic

Nevertheless, for the quality it presents, the pillow is sure worth every single penny.


Encased in a high quality casing, the Bucky Large Duo Bed Pillow doesn’t surprise us at all with its performance and reliability.

The pillow is filled with buckwheat hulls and creates an amazing cradle for your head, neck and shoulders. It sustains a healthy, correct spinal alignment for your head, neck and spine. The pillow creates a cooling surface and alleviates muscle pains, eliminating any neck stiffness as well.

The buckwheat hulls are natural, hypo allergenic and eco-friendly so the pillow is a healthy option for the allergenic customer. The hulls shift nice and smooth, adjusting to your head and neck shape, creating great pressure-relieving support.

The pillow is filled with 50% with millet hull and 50% buckwheat hulls, which creates the soft, yet firm support for your sleep. The hulls don’t compress in time and the pillow presents good distribution of the weight, evenly and nice.

The case is made with 100% cotton and 100% polyester liner and it’s not only very well made, but also durable. It doesn’t shrink after washing and takes the long time use.

You may easily adjust the amount of filling, taking out/adding buckwheat hulls as much as you want and need.

The versatility of the pillow is another great feature as it presents two sides: the buckwheat side (cool and flexible) and the millet side (softer and warmer).

The pillow smells well and isn’t noisy. It’s great for travel and the hidden zipper is both helpful and durable.

The most important pros would be:

  • The pillow is filled 50% with millet hull and 50% with buckwheat hulls
  • The case is made of 100% cotton and has a hidden zippered for easier removing and customize of the pillow
  • The pillow is supportive and comfortable
  • It reliefs neck pain and and aligns properly your head, neck and spine

We don’t have many comments:

  • It’s not easy to find the right size casing
  • Some would have liked it to be bigger

For the versatility, comfort and multiple details, the pillow is a sure investment of your money any time.


Handmade here at home in our USA, this Buckwheat Pillow is what you call “long time relationship”. Even though you may consider it pricey, the reality that you’re not going to have to buy another one in at least 10 years, sure says a lot about its durability and quality.

The pillow is filled with USA-grown buckwheat hulls that are free of any chemicals or fumigants. The pillow actually has no smell and doesn’t present the typical crunchiness that you see on buckwheat pillows.

The pillow follows the traditional Japanese principles and makes a great choice for both children and smaller grownups.

We really like the adjustability of the pillow and you may give the shape you want and need. The pillow follows the contour of your body and creates a firm, yet soft support for better sleep. It comes with a subtle, small zippered opening so you may add/remove buckwheat to create your perfect pillow.

The pillow dissipates efficiently the heat and creates a nice, cooling temperature for your sleep. It increases airflow and circulation.

The casing is made with long lasting organic cotton twill that is also grown and woven here in our USA. The Gutermann thread from Germany and the YKK invisible zipper complete the description.

We like the pillow also because it doesn’t slide around and, as it’s quieter than you’d expect. It has a great built and goes great for the back sleepers as well.

It comes in 3 different sizes, so you get to find your perfect size for sure.

Listing the most important features:

  • The pillow is handmade here at home in our USA
  • It’s filled with 100% organic buckwheat hulls
  • The casing is made with organic cotton and has a subtle zipper
  • It’s comfortable, supportive and breathable

We only have some minor issues to mention:

  • It’s a bit pricey, even though it is worth all the money
  • You may need some time to get used to it

Long story short, we really think the pillow is a great deal and it may serve you good for more than a decade.


The more you pay, the more you get and the Hullo Buckwheat Pillow perfectly fits this description.

Not only the pillow is made in our USA, but it brings multiple good things on the table and only some minor issues are attached to it.

The pillow has a standard size and is filled with buckwheat hull, grown and milled in our North Dakota. It contains no chemical-based foams nor bird feathers, which recommends it as a great option for the allergic customer.

The buckwheat hulls adjust nice and smoothly to your head and neck, creating a nice cradle. The pillow eases all sorts of pains from sleep position, it’s firm, yet flexible and supportive. It’s adjustable and you may set how much filling you need.

The pillow is very well made and the case matches the quality of the filling. The case is made with 100% organic cotton twill so it gives a nice, soft to touch feel.

The breathability of the buckwheat hulls is great and the pillow keeps you fresh and cool until the morning. The cotton case sustains the breathability and helps the airflow. The case is also zippered so it’s easy to remove/add more hulls.

The pillow only has a slight smell and it’s not that loud. It’s easy to mold for the perfect support and feels quite dense.

The craftsmanship is amazing and the pillow brings a modern look to any bedroom.

Let’s highlight the most important pros:

  • The pillow is made in our USA
  • It comes with an organic cotton twill case
  • The filling is buckwheat hulls
  • It’s adjustable, cooling and very well made

We’re not picky, but the pillow comes with some minor cons:

  • You may feel it a tad heavyweight
  • It’s not the softest pillow out there

The minor issues aren’t deal breakers for us and we definitely put our trust in faith in the pillow as it’s comfortable, breathable, supportive and very well made.


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