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 Handheld Vacuum for Stairs Reviews

So, you’ve listened to everyone’s opinion and got yourself a strong, powerful, not that easily to move around (let’s face it: it’s a beast!) vacuum cleaner. It’s fine, you’re OK with it as your carpet in the living room has never been cleaner, but…what about the stairs? It’s not that it’s difficult to get to the second floor with the “beast” (yes, we’re gonna stick with this name), but vacuuming the carpet on the stair itself seems almost impossible.

Which is why you kind of need to consider a second option and buy a vacuum for stairs (it’s either that, or you go to the hospital with severe back pain). But…which type of vacuum makes a good choice? You now know that the “beast” is off limits when it comes to the stairs, but this doesn’t solve your problem.

A close look

You need to take a look…at your stairs, since the way they are built is a big factor to consider when getting a vacuum cleaner for them. The surface of the stairs, if they are tiled/carpeted or hardwood, the number of stairs and… how often you plan on cleaning them.

If you see dust all the time, but we mean all the time (don’t worry, we’re not going to judge you on that. Have you seen your doctor lately? :), it’s clear that a lightweight, compact, handheld vacuum cleaner, with a very long cord is the choice for you.

When you are the proud (and never without a hair on your clothing) owner of a pet, then the choosing gets a bit trickier. It seems that the stairs have become the headquarters for all your pet’s hair in the house and getting the stairs clean is complicated and… impossible from a distance. Don’t panic, though. You need in fact a more powerful vacuum that is able to suck all the dust and pet hair.

The closer look

The most important thing on a good vacuum cleaner for stairs is how easy is for you to handle it and how accurate it is. What is the best handheld vacuum for stairs is not sure yet, but we can definitely say that lightweight is also an important quality. And handheld vacuums are typically lighter and easier to move around. Don’t worry about the power as many lightweight handheld vacuums are in fact quite strong and able to suck away debris, set-in stains or the infamous pet hair.

Some handheld vacuums come nowadays with various attachments –just to make your stairs clean once and for all!

Not to self: you can also find classical vacuum cleaners, lightweight, upright models that come with detachable canisters so that you can easily clean your stairs. They are all-in-one devices and you need to chip in the extra buck, but you get a device that cleans all your house. With you holding it, of course.

A great vacuum cleaner for stairs is not only lightweight, with long (very, very long) cords, with portable canisters on uprights, but it also comes with various attachments that help you get the stubborn dirt out of the difficult to reach spaces. a pivoting head gets into the narrow areas better than any other attachments. There are different pivoting degrees and a popular choice is the 180-degree rotation.

Seek that your handheld vacuum for stairs comes with crevice tools and deep cleaning brushes. The more attachments, the better you will clean your stairs. They still need to be lightweight and not to minimize the portability of the vacuum per say.

If you can’t stand the very, very long cord when vacuuming, you can get a cordless vacuum. The models with Lithium Ion batteries are an option to consider and the fade free power ones do even better.

One last word

Handheld vacuums are a great choice for any pet owner as they are highly portable and help you clean easily the pet hair. some models feature various brushes and some special filters (HEPA is the thing to go for) that put the allergens in your home under control. Some control, anyway.


TOP 5 Handheld Vacuum for Stairs

For a small house, with only few stairs that only need some cleaning from time to time (this depends on your standards on cleaning, of course!), a small, yet efficient and pretty strong handheld vacuum is the Eureka EasyClean Corded Hand-Held Vacuum.

The vacuum comes with many good features such as the riser visor that helps you better clean the stairs and the upholstery also.

The vacuum is very easy to use and the on/off brush roll switch is very responsive and fast. You get 23-foot reach system and the cord is very long (20 foot long, to be more accurate). You’re not going to be tangling in the cord, as you can easily wrap it at the back of the vacuum.

the suction is strong and the stretch hose helps you cleaning the stairs and your car, when in need.

The finger tips controls work fast and easy and the crevice tool helps you clean into the tight areas.

The vacuum is small, with a compact shape that eases up the storage problem. The canister is easy to remove and to clean when you’re done.

The filter is efficient and creates a tight seal so that the vacuum doesn’t clog with hair.

Let’s give you a clear image on the best parts:

  • The vacuum is small, yet with a goo suction power
  • The cord is very long and wraps in the back of the vacuum
  • The vacuum is versatile and portable
  • The vacuum gets in the tight places and has functional features

Let’s play it fair and list our cons also:

  • The vacuum is a bit heavy, considering its size
  • The handle is not durable
  • The grip may be improved

All in all, for the little money that you pay, you get a reliable, functional and pretty strong handheld vacuum for the stairs or the car. Or your upholstery.


If handheld vacuum means for you small, battery operated, highly portable vacuum, then the Black+Decker BDH2000PL MAX Lithium Pivot Vacuum sure makes a great option for you.

The vacuum is based on Lithium Technology, which means for you good power on suction and fade free power.

The pivoting nozzle on the vacuum relates with great power.  The pivoting nose gives you great access in the most difficult areas: under cupboards, in between couch cushions, on the top shelves. The vacuum still has a compact size and is small, which means so much when storing it.

Don’t be fooled by its looks- as small as it is, the vacuum manages to do a good job on your stairs. The 3-stage filtration system is efficient and functional.

The brush is also practical and helps you get your stairs cleaned all the way up and down.

The dust bowl is bag less which makes it easy to clean it. You simply remove it, give it a good wash over the sink and you’re good to go. As it’s see-through, you always know when it’s time to clean it. The filter flicker helps with the debris in the filter, giving the vacuum more suction power.

The vacuum is small and has a sturdy, yet comfortable grip. The vacuum is quiet, yet efficient.

The standing charging base makes it easy for you to charge the vacuum. It only needs 15 minutes to fully charge.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The vacuum is highly portable and lightweight
  • The vacuum is small, compact and runs quiet
  • The vacuum is powerful enough and efficient
  • The pivoting nozzle, the bag-less dirt bowl are great features also

We do need to list the cons also:

  • If your stairs are carpeted or you own a pet, the vacuum might not be the best choice
  • The durability of the vacuum may be an issue

All in all, if you want a portable, lightweight and pretty efficient hand held vacuum for your stairs, the vacuum is a good option to try.


If you don’t want to make a big investment or you need to change your vacuum and want something that also does a great job on your stairs, give it a try with the Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-Light Upright.

The vacuum is lightweight and transforms into a handheld vacuum for an easier floor-to-ceiling cleaning.

The vacuum comes with many attachments, functional and useful in all sorts of situations. The Dust-Away hard floor attachment and the washable microfiber pad are only two of them to mention.

You may use the vacuum on many types of floors, carpet, laminated, wood floors and you have no reasons for the furniture to be all dusty either.

The LED lights build-in on the hand and nozzle give you a big help for the hidden debris.

If your pet drives you crazy with all that hair (this being the only reason!), the TruePet Motorized brush is efficient when vacuuming the stairs- the “kingdom” of your pet’s hair.

The dust cup is large and easy to clean up. The vacuum has a compact, small shape and doesn’t need much space for storage either.

When it comes to noise, as long as you don’t have wood floors and don’t mind the noise of the rolling wheels, you’re good to go! The motor runs smooth though and the vacuum is on the quiet side.

The filters are washable and the vacuum is efficient and reliable.

Let’s list our pros:

  • The vacuum converts easily into a handheld vacuum
  • It comes with many useful attachments
  • It’s quiet and efficient on pet hair also
  • It’s easy to store and to move around

We also need to list the cons:

  • Some say you need to empty quite often…this depends on how dirty your stairs might be, though
  • The vacuum is not the best choice for the longer pile

Putting aside the small issues, we think the vacuum is a great choice when in need for a vacuum that is also handheld and efficient on your stairs.


When you are determined to give a good clean to your stairs, don’t hesitate to pay an extra buck and get something powerful and efficient like the Shark Rocket with DuoClean.

The Duo Clean Technology used on the vacuum means it comes with two integrated brush roll system, in one single head. The floor, carpets and stairs get better cleaning like this.

The vacuum is highly versatile and the Triple Particle Cleaning means it can do great on three types of floor dirt: large, small and stuck-on particles.

The vacuum is rather lightweight and very easy to use especially on stairs. Its upright design helps you not to bend anymore when cleaning up the stairs.

The motor is strong and runs pretty smooth. The vacuum is quiet and has great suction power at the same time.

The vacuum comes with various useful attachments and the TruPet motorized brush is a great asset if you have pets. The extendable under appliance wand is functional when cleaning after the sofa.

We mustn’t forget the build-in LED lights on the hand and nozzle so that you can better spot the dirt in the dim lit areas.  The very long cord is a great thing when you clean up the stairs, also.

The vacuum is easy to use and to take care of. It doesn’t take much space for storage either. It wheels easy and smooth and it has a good grip.

Let’s highlight the main pros:

  • The vacuum has a strong motor that runs smooth and quiet
  • The vacuum comes with many functional attachments
  • The vacuum is lightweight, easy to use on stairs
  • The vacuum is efficient, reliable and has good suction power

As always, we play it fair and square and remind the cons just as well:

  • The vacuum might blow some hot air against you
  • The dust cup isn’t the biggest out there

As the hand held vacuum isn’t only for stairs, but also for the entire house, we think it’s a good investment of your money anytime.


when you are preoccupied not only about the cleaning of your stairs, but also about the allergens in the house, chip in and get yourself the reliable and efficient Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum.

The vacuum comes with two cleaner heads that ensure an efficient cleaning on your house. It comes with many other tools and a great HEPA filtration. The vacuum is Asthma and Allergy friendly so you don’t need to worry about the pet hair or any other allergens around your house (it doesn’t get you rid of the “human” allergens, if that’s the case with you)/

The vacuum is cord-free which means complete freedom when cleaning. There’s basically nothing to stop you from cleaning all over the house. No cord, anyway.

The vacuum gives you almost 20 minutes of continuous suction-so you need to move fast. The trigger releases right away and the fade-free suction means the vacuum is strong, no matter the battery level.

The Direct-drive cleaner head makes the bristles go deep into the carpets to remove all dust.

The vacuum is great for hard floors and the soft roller cleaner head pulls out large debris and fine dirt altogether.

The vacuum is lightweight and has a sturdy grip. It offers two suction levels and is very well balanced for comfortable use.

Let’s pinpoint the most important pros:

  • The vacuum is cord-free and highly portable
  • The vacuum has a good grip and ensures comfortable use
  • The vacuum has fade-free power suction
  • The vacuum comes with several tools and HEPA filtration

No matter how much we like it, we still need to list the cons also:

  • The dust cup is a tad small
  • The vacuum has no trigger lock
  • The runtime is rather short

For its portability, the HEPA filtration and the power suction, we still recommend the vacuum as a good hand held device for cleaning up your stairs. Fast and easy.



Best handheld vacuum for stairs and pet hair

Especially designed for the pet owner, theDyson V6 Animal Cord-free Vacuum gives you not only the comfortable use of the upright, cord-free vacuum, but also great efficiency when it comes to cleaning up your stairs from your pet’s hair.

The vacuum brings 5% more brush power than the V6 Cord-free vacuum and comes along with various tools to use in difficult situations.

The vacuum is cord-free which means you get amazing freedom to move around the house when cleaning.

The trigger of the vacuum releases with a blink of an eye. The vacuum may run for around 20 minutes until the battery runs out. The fade-free suction is efficient and the suction power doesn’t slow down as battery runs out. The wall mount for the recharge base is space saving and easy to use. When you’re done with the vacuum, you simply plug it in for recharging.

The Direct-Drive cleaner head puts the bristles deep into your carpet for better cleaning. The mini motorized tool is great when it comes to removing pet hair and ground-in dirt.

Lightweight, quiet and very strong, the vacuum is very easy to use and to clean in the end. The grip is both ergonomic and sturdy.

Let’s list our most important pros:

  • The vacuum is lightweight, strong and quiet
  • The power suction is great and fade-free
  • The vacuum is highly portable as it’s cord-free
  • The vacuum is easy to use and to store

We need to mention our cons, though:

  • When you use the high speed mode, the run time lowers
  • You need to give it some time until fully charged

Despite the minor issues, when it comes to efficient, reliable handheld vacuums for stairs of a pet owner, the vacuum is a sure buy anytime.


Best handheld vacuum for stairs carpet

As much as you like the soft, noise-free carpeted stairs, sometimes (when you have to clean, to be more precise), it kinds of …sucks to work so hard pulling up your cat’s hair.

It’s easier for you to clean the carpeted stairs with the Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Air Cordless that presents many good features.

The vacuum has a 20V Lithium-Ion which means you get a pretty strong vacuum without tangling yourself in the very long cord.

The WindTunnel 2 technology used on the vacuum is able to suck in the stubbornest debris or embedded dirt from your carpeted stairs.

The removable Hand Vac is very useful when you want to vacuum any couches, car or the most difficult to reach areas on your stairs.

The Multi-Floor Electronic Brush roll is very well thought out so that it switches right away from hard floors to carpet. You simply need to press a button.

The rinse filter is functional and reusable.

The vacuum is lightweight and runs smooth and quiet. The LED headlight is a great feature that helps you the dim lit areas. The crevice tool gets into to tightest places and the side brushes are efficient.

Let’s make a short list of pros:

  • The vacuum comes with a detachable hand VAC
  • The vacuum is cordless which gives you freedom when cleaning
  • The suction power is good and the brushes get all the dust from your carpeted stairs
  • The vacuum is strong and great for stairs

As for the cons, there aren’t many:

  • The angled handle gives a rather weird grip
  • The bucket fills quite fast
  • The nozzle is a bit short

Despite the minor issues, the vacuum is still a reliable tool to clean up your carpeted stairs, easy, fast and comfortable.


Best handheld vacuum for hardwood stairs

The elegant and practical appearance of the hardwood stairs comes with a price. You don’t have to clean your stairs very often, but when you do, you need a vacuum that doesn’t bring any damage to the hardwood and…gives a deep cleaning just as well. The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright sure fits the description and is able to clean your hardwood stairs, with minimal to no damage.

The Never Loses Suction Technology used on the vacuum is highly efficient and you get the chance to have your stairs cleaner then never with the vacuum.

The vacuum is lightweight, easy to maneuver and to use. It has a strong build and a slim, quite nice appearance. The vacuum has a compact shape which makes it easy to store also.

The portable canister is very large and it’s see through which is very helpful. You simply see when it’s time to clean it. And the cleaning is very simple also.

The vacuum presents the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and HEPA filter. This means you don’t have to worry about allergens as they are put under control with the vacuum.

The vacuum comes with Dust Away Hard Floor Attachment with 2 Microfiber Pads for better cleaning of your hardwood stairs.

The vacuum is lightweight, easy to move around and the suction power is great. The cord is long and clips on for easier movement.

Let’s highlight our main pros:

  • The vacuum has a great suction power
  • The vacuum is lightweight, easy to maneuver and with a portable canister
  • The vacuum cleans great and doesn’t damage your hardwood stairs
  • The vacuum has a compact shape and looks nice

We need to play it fair and remind the cons just as well:

  • The vacuum is too strong for carpet
  • It gets hot after a while

As the cons are way too minor when you take a look at the big picture, we think the vacuum is a great solution to give a good cleaning on your hardwood stairs.

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