End of Tenancy Cleaning. Is It that important?

cleaning at end of tenancy

It is no secret that many properties left by tenants do not get left up to the landlords’ standards. In most cases, there are some issues here and there that would make it difficult to lease the house to another tenant.

There will always be dirt that has accumulated on the property with time. The landlord could do the cleaning himself but is normally too busy, doesn’t live near to the property or does not have all the equipment needed. Creating an end of tenancy cleaning checklist is the best approach to ensure that everything is in order.

Depending on the size of the property, a cleaning rota would have to be put in place. The rota is a very useful aspect of a deep-clean, as it will state what part of the property has already been cleaned. Along with the cleaners, name to stop any disputes between the customer and client. It also helps when it comes to payday.

What professional cleaners do

The deep clean team would provide all the cleaning equipment themselves; the landlord would not be expected to pay for the cleaning machines or the cleaning products themselves. If anyone was to think that the deep clean of a property is an easy task, they would be greatly mistaken. And if you’re looking for cleaning service in Houston Texas, check out Naturalcare Cleaning Service.  If chemicals are used incorrectly, it could lead to disastrous situations, including chemical burns or a fire.

In order for the deep-clean to be effective, a checklist would have to be written out.

It would be useless for a cleaning team to turn up to a property and not have the correct equipment to clean the property.

Using the wrong cleaning product on the wrong surface area will cause more harm than good. For example, stainless steel equipment might get scratched.

When starting the deep clean of a property, the most obvious place to start would be at the top of the property and work the way down through. It would be pointless starting to clean the bottom of the house only to find that the top area has not been cleaned, and all the effort of making the bottom half has been ruined. All because of the lack of organization.

Who is Responsible?

Although it is the landlord’s decision to what happens to the property, Like any business, a manager would be put in place for the smooth running of the cleaning operation.

A landlord cannot stop a tenant from doing the deep clean themselves. Property is sometimes looked after by an agent. the agency would often arrange the deep clean, only with permission from the landlord.

When is a Deep Clean Done?

The end of tenancy cleaning is not always done at the end of a tenancy. It can depend on the friendship between the landlord and the tenant. Or the length of time the property has been leased for.

For a deep clean to be most effective, it would be best if the property was vacant. It would be hard to clean if a family was staying in the building effectively. It would not be possible with children running about, to do a thorough deep clean.

It could be carried out while a tenant was on holiday, as long as they permitted a cleaning service to enter the building.

What the law says

Ultimately the deep-clean comes down to the landlord’s decision, not the tenant. In the UK, it is not allowed for the landlord to take the deposit money for the end of tenancy clean to take place. Which seems a bit unfair as tenants are well known for leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Probably one of the worst places for a clean end of year tenancy would be the halls of residents at university.

The more a property is kept clean and tidy, the less time, effort, and money will have to be put in once the tenancy is up. To stop the landlord from paying out for cleaning bills, they will normally come and do checks. This is not only to check to see if the property is being kept clean and tidy but also to see if any other maintenance to the property needs to be done. A landlord cannot turn up to a property unannounced. They need at least 24-hour notice.

This could be repairs to vital life-saving equipment such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and fire blankets, which are all legal requirements to have in any accommodation. Although these operations are not involved in a deep clean, they are certain pieces of equipment that should be installed in all properties.


Like any other work, especially contracted work, the quicker the work is completed, the more work is gained.

End of tenancy cleaning is no different from many other types of industries; they rely heavily on not only word of mouth but also repeat customers. Many landlords or institutions will use the same contract cleaner time and time again.

The most efficient way to deep clean a property would be to write a checklist. This is a list that would go along with the cleaning rota and what needs to be cleaned. The quickest way to lose customers is to do a bad job or not complete a job

The fact that the size of the building generally prices up a deep clean not by how much work needs to be done, then there is no time limit in which a property should be cleaned.

It also depends on the location of the property that needs to be cleaned. If it is a big property that is hard to access, then there might be an extra cost due to sleeping situations.

Different cleaning services cater to different types of property; it could be for offices, schools, or private accommodation. Although many cleaners are not seen by many, they play an important role in business and society.

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