All about Types of Furnaces for Your Home

Getting the best value for every money spent is a factor most consumers consider when shopping for/or buying a product. The situation is not any different when homeowners shop for the right type of furnace for their home. Most homeowners are now learning to find products that guarantee quality, efficiency, durability, as well as a reduction in cost.

When you intend to pick the right furnace for your homes, you should consider a lot of criteria because if you don’t, the probability of making the wrong judgment is very high. Below are some of the criteria you should consider when choosing a furnace for your home.

Air Quality Filters

This is an important criterion when picking a furnace for your home. Some occupants of your home may be allergic to dust and its components, so it is important you take into consideration their condition when picking a filter. It is advisable, therefore, that you choose a high-efficiency air filter that can assist in tackling allergens. Consider acquiring same if there are pets in the house.

The Furnace

Efficiency should be a top priority for you when acquiring a furnace. An efficient furnace ensures warmth as well as comfort in the house. Although these kinds of furnaces are costly when compared to the other types available in the market, in the long term, it guarantees a decrease in the cost of operating the furnace. There are other yardsticks to consider regarding the furnace as well:

  1. Size: The size of the furnace is also important. You do not want to install a small furnace in a big house or a big furnace in a small house. It would appear inappropriate. So, ensure you get the right size of a furnace according to the size of your house.
  1. II. The Gas Valve: The gas valve of the furnace will normally come in three variety; The single-stage gas valve which is reputed for keeping the gas bills on the high side, the   gas valve which helps to conserve money and help to keep the temperature of the house at a balanced rate, the modulated gas valves, on the other hand, are not noisy and are the most effective.


During the winter months of the year, the air that is present within the house tends to be drier which produces cracks in the skin, produces static electricity as well as leads to discomfort in the house.


Thermostats in the furnace are responsible for the adjustment and regulation of temperature in your home especially during the day when you are busy at work, and during the nights when you are sleeping. Consider using your furnace in conjunction with a thermostat that is capable of adjusting the temperature of your house automatically when required. This component will help increase the efficiency of your furnace and reduce its operating cost.

Other criteria experts in furnace acquisition will advise you to consider when picking a furnace for your home includes:

  1. Motor type
  2. Energy star composition
  3. Warranty on units which will come in handy in situations where replacement or repair is necessary
  4. Consider whether or not to acquire the premium or the installation model
  5. Take into cognizance whether or not to install a blower component which is vital in the reduction of noise.
  6. Ensure you go for an installation company that possesses the necessary license, permit, as well as workforce because outsourcing to subcontractors most times, leads to poor execution of the job.

Having an installation company that puts your needs above theirs of making a profit will go a long way in helping you make the right furnace purchase decision.

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