6 Makeover Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

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People love a spacious dwelling. It’s the ability to move around freely that draws people into aiming for bigger homes. A larger area also allows more room for furniture, equipment, and decorations.

Outside the house, most people prefer to have a proper-sized garage rather than a large yard with no parking space. Inside the house, these are three areas that people prefer to be spacious:

  • Living room
  • Kitchen
  • Master bedroom

A roomy master bedroom allows better air circulation, giving it a less stuffy vibe and creating an ambiance conducive for sleeping. If you are single, making your bedroom roomier is easy. Couples who are moving in together, however, may have some challenges achieving this. Here are a few tips to make your bedroom look bigger.

1. Make it bright

The colors of your bedroom have a great aesthetic effect in making your room appear bigger. Soft, muted pastels emit a feeling of open space, as it enhances the blank spaces inside the bedroom. Add adjustable lighting to control this open-space impression further – bright lights will highlight the room’s color while dim lights can lull you to sleep.

2. Declutter the bed

Too much of something is bad, and too much of a lot of things are worse. This stands true for your bedroom as well. If you like sleeping with a lot of pillows, blankets, or duvets, bring them out only when you are about to sleep. Otherwise, keep most of them inside a cabinet. Leave a couple of pillows and smoothen out your duvet. Remember that you’re trying to increase open space, and a cluttered bed won’t help.

3. Minimize the decorations

modern bedroom at night with discreet hidden lighting

A small bedroom becomes smaller if there are a lot of decorations all over the place. The most common decor that is overdone is posters plastered on the walls. Take them down and clean your walls to make your walls look wider. If you must decorate, you can:

  • Pick one lovely painting or framed memorabilia of your favorite artist, player, or famous person.
  • Have a simple night lamp on either side of the bed, or mount a wall sconce that can double as a reading light to save floor space.
  • Place small potted plants on the window sill instead of placing them on a dedicated table.

4. Use space-saving furniture

Innovative minds have designed several types of furniture that can be neatly stored away as quickly as they can be spread out for use. These are great to have for a small bedroom or studio-type apartments.

  • Wall beds – This design allows the bed to be folded up into the wall. Some models come with straps that hold the duvet and bed covers in place so you don’t have to remove them before storing away the bed.
  • Small table and stool – A lazy boy or a comfortable chair will occupy a lot of space, so consider having a small corner table and a seat for your reading nook. You can also have a foldable table by the window. Prop it up to use it, and then fold it down when done.
  • Bed bench – Get one that doubles as a chest so you can put stuff in, such as clean socks and magazines.
  • Ottomans – They are great to sit on, and they can also be used as coffee tables. Some designs also come with a hollow body that can be used to store things.
  • Shelves – These are great at saving space; however, do not overcrowd your shelves. Leave some empty spots to maintain that roomy look.

5. Incorporate line designs

Lines can be used to bring attention to a specific subject. These can also be used to create an optical illusion of a bigger space. Make sure that your vertical and horizontal lines are coordinated and that they bring the attention to the corners of the room.

6. Keep it clean

Rooms can also look bigger when it is neat and tidy. A clean and well-organized bedroom will always seem larger compared to one that is unkempt. Keep your room clean by doing the following:

  • Keep your dirty laundry away from the floor and put them in laundry bins.
  • Hang your clothes inside the closet or on hooks behind your door.
  • Do not leave things scattered.
  • Never let dust accumulate.

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