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Everyone would want to have the best for them. In case of floors, people prefer the best and long-lasting quality that should be a compact of some important features: dust proof, easy cleaning and maintenance, abrasion resistant and reduced liquid absorption. And for choosing feature-specific materials for flooring, you need to find out a particular kind. For instance: if you are looking for hardness, strength and possibilities, polished concrete is one of the best options for flooring. And BECOSAN is one of its references.


Polished concrete is a well-known material used for a long time by many companies and for different purposes. It is often found as a covering for interior spaces, and it is not for nothing, since precisely thanks to its numerous characteristics, advantages and benefits it adapts to many places where a resistant and durable pavement is needed.

It is for this same reason that more and more companies are betting on paving their installations with this material, of which BECOSAN is one of the main references and promoters. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using polished concrete to cover large surfaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Cost Savings, its Main Quality

The main reason why large companies decide to pave with this material the different surfaces that require it is its price. Not only the cost savings when paving, but also the time savings, since in the medium and long term, there is very little maintenance available, which contributes to lowering the price even more.

Polished concrete has a very long lifespan and therefore offers the durability you would expect for spaces that are subject to a lot of wear and tear, such as patios, or any outdoor area of the home.

Polished concrete is also highly resistant and waterproof. This is a great advantage over other types of flooring, because thanks to these qualities offered liquids do not filter or deteriorate the surface underneath, leaving it always in a perfect state of protection. Even the most aggressive products, which often cause damage to other floors, do not pose a risk in this case, proving once again their durability and reliability.

Last but not least, it should be noted that, should any spillage occur, it does not absorb stains, so it can be scrubbed and will be back to its original state in a quick, simple and above all very practical way for the user, which will avoid any headaches in this respect.

Great possibilities when decorating all types of surfaces and pavements

Another benefit of this type of floor is that it can be customized to the taste of each of the users who choose it, so that the aesthetics are guaranteed when using polished concrete, which again makes this material win in its entirety. As it can be finished in any colour, it can be used for very busy spaces, and give a creative touch to one of the least used elements when it comes to decorating a home: the floor. In shopping centres, cinemas or shops, for example, it can be combined with wall decoration, creating very striking compositions that can withstand the passage of hundreds or thousands of people every day, as well as the wear and tear that this implies.

An almost indestructible material, which is reinforced over time

Thanks to the number of finishes on which this floor can be finished, polished concrete is a practically eternal material. It can withstand the heaviest loads, the attack of the elements (air, rain, snow) when placed outdoors and a host of other conditions that could destroy the integrity of virtually any material, not just other types of flooring. This factor always makes it the first option to take into account when dealing with quite conflictive environments, such as cities where the storm is complicated on many days of the year. Comfort, and reliability for an enormous amount of years.

BECOSAN, specialists in polished concrete pavements both nationally and internationally

Many are the projects that BECOSAN has carried out for companies of all types, who bet on polished concrete as the best option for their installations. Big names like Ikea, Airbus or P&G work with them to make certain implementations possible in varied structures and surfaces. Mercadona and Puleva also do it, each of them for their different types of installations.

The last large company that has contracted the services of BECOSAN to be in charge of placing polished concrete is the Australian company Bunnings Warehouse, which has just opened a new store in the United Kingdom and the entire floor is made of this material, so we could say that this is a very efficient company, which is expanding into the international market, and all thanks to the benefits of its star product: polished concrete.

The fact that large brands and companies as well known worldwide as the ones mentioned above trust and use this type of material when installing it in their own facilities is another reason why you should choose it at a personal level in any of the situations in which you need to change the floor, as this is obviously synonymous with safety and quality. Otherwise, polished concrete would not be chosen by all these business eminences when building their premises and structures.

Do you need a high quality floor, with resistant finishes and many advantages? Don’t hesitate. Polished concrete is just the material you are looking for, regardless of the surface you need it for. Its great finish for interiors, or its firmness against adverse conditions in exteriors, added to its low price make it always the first option, since such quality is difficult to match by other materials of the style.

According to BECOSAN itself, they hope that results and evidence such as those previously mentioned will serve as a basis for future expansion in the international market, and to maintain a more than prolonged stability in the national market, since it is not only beneficial for them, but also for the companies, locals and/or individuals who decide to buy polished concrete to later install it on the acclaimed surfaces, who see how this type of material offers them not only the features they need, but also the most efficient ones in the market.



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