7 Future Proof Bathroom Ideas

industrial style bathroom with metal tub and plants

A brand new bathroom will certainly put a dent in your wallet. I’m not talking about just slapping on a new lick of paint or anything. I’m talking about a complete new bathroom suite, new bathroom furniture and some accessory items that give your bathroom some personality.

So if your bathroom isn’t going to be cheap it would be a clever idea to invest some time into planning your bathroom out carefully before you even think about spending a penny on anything new.

1 – Consider the Trends Of Today

Where do you start? Well, I recommend you head on over to Google or Pinterest and have a look at this year’s interior design trends for the bathroom. Maybe you’ll see a lovely farmhouse design that catches your eye? Or perhaps you see a Scandinavian bathroom that you just have to mimic.

Remember we have to plan so that everything is coordinated perfectly. The last thing you’ll want is a dysfunctional bathroom. It will be a room most visitors will use. It’s a room you use 2-3 times a week and even daily for some.

2 – Color Schemes for Bathroomsmodern bathroom with glass shower panels black tiles and long white square ceramic sink

Once you’ve figured out the perfect style, you’re ready to think about the colours. Deciding on a colour scheme can be one of the more difficult parts of your bathroom redesign planning. Again I’d recommend heading online and looking for some bathroom paint ideas that compliment your chosen theme.

Black and white for example would be well suited towards a more modern style. An Arctic Gray or Revere pewter color scheme would fit in well with a farmhouse styled bathroom.

Remember you’re going to have to consider everything here. What colour will the furniture be? What colors will the towels be? What colour will you choose for the flooring? You even have to consider the color of the bath mats.

Now obviously bathmats and towels come last but it’s good to think about everything now.

3 – Tiling

If you’re really after a bathroom that stands the test of time, you should really consider the whole tiled look. Porcelain flooring and wall tiles are extremely durable and they aren’t difficult to clean either. And as long as your chosen bathroom style allows it, they are very visually appealing too.

If you do have the cash to splash marble could be an option? Make sure whatever you do, the tiling matches the bathrooms colour scheme.

4 – New Bathroom Suite

white modern bathroom

Investing in a complete new bathroom suite will help completely transform your bathroom. Both in terms of looks and comfort. Whenever someone asks about redesigning their bathroom it’s important to take the architecture of the room into consideration.

  • How big is the room?
  • How can we arrange the furniture?
  • What limitations do we have?

You should consider the following:

  • Do you want a bath or just an enclosed shower?
  • Do you want a freestanding tub or a paneled bath?
  • Would a corner bath fit nicely in the room and suit your tastes?
  • Or are you wanting something really fancy like a whirlpool bath?

Your options are probably limited but it’s important to know what they are.

Bathroom Suites are a great option for someone who doesn’t want much hassle. Bathroom suites make it very convenient for the consumer because you only have to order one thing. Everything is tested for functionality, design and are chosen to complement each other too.

It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve, luckily for you there is plenty of options. For example, if you’ve decided that you only want a shower websites like Bella Bathrooms have a large range of shower enclosures available at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

When it comes to choosing a shower you should opt for a thermostatic one.

5 – Thermostatic Shower

A thermostatic shower valve will mix the hot and cold water together until the temperature meets your chosen setting. The thermostat ensures the water remains at that temperature for the entire duration of your shower. There will be no drops in pressure or any sudden changes in temperature. The thermostat re-adjusts the temperature to keep it in check. Pretty cool, right?

6 – Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating isn’t just good for keeping your feet warm. There are multiple benefits to underfloor heating. Here’s some:

  • No need for a radiator that frees up space.
  • Better air quality. Radiators tend to get dusty at the back.
  • It adds value to your house if you ever decide to sell.

7 – Mixer taps

These are taps where the hot and cold water comes out the same spout. You can add these to the bath or the sink. The primary benefits are the water-saving functionality and aesthetics they add to the room.

Questions and Answers on Bathroom Decor Ideas

Q: Are vinyl tiles a good idea?

A: Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for the bathroom flooring, as it’s affordable and very versatile. You can use it for any bathroom in the house, impressing with the safety, life span, and comfort. Many choose vinyl since it’s easy to install and has an appealing appearance. Don’t forget that it’s self-adhering and easy to cut with a utility knife.

Q: Are porcelain and ceramic tiles durable enough?

A: Many people agree that ceramic and porcelain tiles make one of the nicest options for bathroom flooring. They do require constant maintenance and may not feel very soft against the skin, but they can change the appearance and feel in a bathroom completely. Installing ceramic tiles on your own isn’t recommend it if you know nothing about it.

Q: Is it possible to install glass tiles in a bathroom?

A: If you’re brave enough to install glass tiles, we totally get it. Even a thin layer of glass is going to give the illusion of depth. Tinted glass will also lead to a beautiful stained-glass effect. As long as you’re installing it correctly, it would help if you didn’t worry about the durability. However, it’s essential to use the proper textured glass for preventing slips, with small glass tiles with grout joints as safe choices. For a better effect, you can use small glass tiles squares to create a beautiful feature in the bathroom.

Q: Does any glassworks for flooring?

A: Every time you’re purchasing glass, porcelain, or ceramic tiles, you need to be sure that you can use it on floors. Look for ceramic tile with a grade of 1 to 2 in case of stories. A Coefficient of friction (COF) is another characteristic of the ceramic tile. Anything .50 or higher is safe to use in the bathroom. As for porcelain tiles, you should look for models that are at least PEI III.

Q: Are stone tiles modern?

A: Stone tiles have become quite popular over the last years. Marble, limestone, granite, or slate are the standard stone tiles. People love stone tiles since they also come in a nice variety of colors, from blues and reds to creams and golds. They also differ in terms of texture. Pay attention as they need more maintenance than ceramic tiles, with cleaning and sealing being fundamental. Make sure you also check your wallet before shopping since stone tiles are more expensive than porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Q: Is it expensive to have underfloor heating in the bathroom?

A: Truth be told, installing underfloor heating in the bathroom is significant spending, but it’s going to worth in the long run. Regardless of what you think, underfloor heat doesn’t come with expensive running costs. Installing and replacing some elements make the underfloor heating an excellent choice for a generous budget.

Nevertheless, underfloor heating is the ideal choice for minimalistic and contemporary bathroom designs.

Q: Why do people choose thermostatic showers?

A: Thermostatic showers will reduce the risk of scalding/freezing when another person flushes or turns on a tap elsewhere. It lets you set the temperature, whereas the mixer will keep it automatically, giving the proper amount of cold/hot water. You can use an electric shower as well, but it’s only the thermostatic shower that ensures a constant temperature.

Q: Should you use an eco-shower?

A: You can install eco versions of the shower for both electric and mixer showers. They control the water flow to a practical and usable level, providing a 50% reduction in water usage when compared to regular mixers.

Q: Do digital showers make the most stylish choice?

A: Obviously, they do. You can control a digital shower with a panel placed near the shower. There’s a connection between the panel and the power unit, which is places in the loft or the airing cupboard. It’s how you can adjust the temperature and the flow of water. Water will come out of the ceiling or wall at the desired temperature, and there is no visible plumbing.

Q: Is the bathroom suite essential?

A: Bathroom suites are the best way to obtain a coordinated finish for your bathroom. A sleek washbasin, toilet, and bath can give you the modern and durable feeling you’re aiming to achieve. Modern showers come with more than one shower sprays, for instance, but some models can resemble a car wash thanks to the several water jets poking out from all angles.

Q: Do modern bathrooms have colors or not?

A: You can use the rule of three as a guiding principle for creating an attractive color scheme. You can go with one vibrant color, one neutral, and one accent. 70/20/10 distribution works best. You should use the lightest shade for 70% of the décor, 20% for the second brightest, and 10% for the boldest color.

Q: Are neutrals popular?

A: If you’re looking for a serene feel and relaxation in your bathroom, a mostly neutral bathroom color scheme is ideal. Don’t forget the rules of proportion. If you’re only using two colors, the distribution should be 70/30. For instance, grey and white make an excellent calming color scheme. You can obtain better effects by using various patterned elements for the floor and countertops.

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