3 Great Travertine Bathroom Design Ideas

Are you tired of looking at the same paneling and backsplash in your bathroom? Are you experiencing a tinge of jealousy at your neighbor’s new modernized bathroom completed last week? Or have you finally gotten the green light from all members of your household to upgrade to a bigger shower?

If you’ve been experiencing dismay at the current state of your bathroom, then it may be time to make some necessary upgrades. Travertine is the perfect material to transform the look of your bathroom into something more modern and trendy but without having to endure the heavy cost burdens or frequent maintenance than other stones require. Travertine is a natural stone that is long lasting and due to the porous holes that make the stone so pronounced, it won’t get damaged or erode by frequent water usage.

The bathroom is one part of the house that is used by guests and all members of your family, that’s why maintaining the appearance of your bathroom should be first on the agenda for your home design. Here are some designs that could take your look to the next level.

Improving your Bathroom Walls

Changing the walls in your bathroom is a simple place to begin when redesigning your space. Use travertine tiles to take the look to the next level. Travertine tiles come in an array of different hues, such as darker shades of red, yellow, and brown to light greys and whites. Because travertine is stone is a naturally occurring, no two pieces of travertine will be the same, but you can order them from the same cut so they come in the same color gradient. Tiles are usually 3/8 inches thick. You can place them in any formation that you want, but covering the wall is a great way to alter the space without having to make building changes. If changing the layout of the walls is too much, swapping out the old flooring with travertine is another alternative for using tiles.

Remodeling your Shower

Making adjustments to your shower can be the change that makes your bathroom unrecognizable. Use travertine mosaics to line the surrounding area of your shower for a fresh design that aesthetically appealing, functional, and unique. Depending on your preference, travertine mosaics can be honed for a smooth finish or chiseled and tumbled for a rough finish that usually has edges or corners. Travertine mosaics can be seamlessly integrated into the area of your shower so you won’t have to deal with making adjustments to showerheads, drains, or anything that may be difficult to rearrange.

Replace Old Pipework

Often overlooked; replacing old rusty, broken pipework in the bathroom or kitchen can make a huge difference. For example swap out that old mouldy bottle trap under the sink for a new top of the range chrome plated bottle trap. Also do you have old waste or soil pipes on show? Swap them out for some new high quality PVC waste pipe. Decorative options are available and it can be done easily and with a small budget.

Wrapping your Bathtub

If you’re planning on keeping the bathtub rather than scrapping it all together in your remodel plan, you’re in luck – building the outer layers of a bathtub with travertine is a great way to upgrade the look of the tub without having to replace it. An expert told us, “Similarly, building travertine steps is a unique way to make additions to your bathroom without too much hassle. Travertine tiles and mosaics are both good choices for these projects depending on your specific needs.” They come in a variety of colors, finishes, and sizes and be designed to fit in any space or any layout.

Travertine is a less expensive alternative to granite and marble, but unlike those stones it is absorbent, can withstand water damage, and the colors won’t fade. Travertine is also incredibly low maintenance and won’t require constant cleaning. It is also easy to replace a tile or mosaic piece that gets damaged. Installation is simple and won’t be expensive and pieces can be cut in the right dimensions, making it hard to tell it was replaced.

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