How To Improve The Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

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Your health can be drastically affected by the air quality inside your own home. Although you might worry about the pollution and allergens outside, it’s the air inside your house that can really make a difference to your health.

Millions of people suffer from breathing issues like asthma that can easily become irritated when your home is filled with dust and harmful air particles. Without the proper care, you can be in danger from harmful airborne bacteria, irritating pollens, and even mold and mildew, especially if you live in southern states like Georgia or Florida where the humidity is high. 

The first line of defense against pollutants in your home is to make sure that your furnace is in top condition. If you are concerned that your heating and air conditioning system is not running efficiently you should contact an Atlanta emergency furnace service for some help. Getting your system up to snuff and following some of these tips can help you improve the air quality inside your home.

Keep It Clean

It may seem obvious to say that regular house cleaning can improve your air quality but it really can make a huge difference if you do it right. Wash your floors often; even if they aren’t showing a lot of surface dirt they can still have a build-up of dirt and allergens on them that get tracked in from outside. Regular vacuuming with a machine that has a strong Hepa filter on it can pull dirt and dust out of your carpets and off of your hard surface floors. 

When you dust your home, it’s not enough to just run a feather duster over your items. That can actually make things worse as dirt and dust particles get swirled into the air before resettling everywhere. Use a damp cloth when you dust for the best results.

Keep It Out

Most of the dirt, dust, and pollen in your home gets brought in from outside. One of the best and easiest ways to eliminate most of the dirt and grime getting into your home is to put mats on the inside and outside of all your main entrances. Having a strict “no shoes” rule is also a good idea. Leave dirty or muddy shoes outside or in a mudroom where they can’t drag dirt through the house.


If your furnace is relatively new, it may already have a dehumidifier unit on it. If not, you should invest in a standing unit to help you keep a regular moisture level in your home. When the air in your home has too much moisture in it, the water vapor can actually make it easier for pollen to settle in your home. Mold and mildew need a higher level of moisture to flourish so keeping the air drier can help you reduce the chances of mold developing in your home.

Change Filters

All of the air in your home will eventually pass through your furnace system. If your filters are not clean it can make a huge difference in the quality of your home’s air. Make sure to change your filters at the beginning of each new season for the best results. The higher quality your filter is, the cleaner the air will be that gets pushed into your home.

Furnace Maintenance

Regular furnace maintenance can make a real difference in your energy bills and your air quality. Have a professional HVAC technician come in to make sure that your system is working efficiently at least once a year.


The quality of air that you are breathing can make a difference in how you feel on a daily basis. Keeping your home clean by regular vacuuming, floor cleaning and adopting a regular filter change schedule can keep your home fresh and healthy.

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