6 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is not thinking about their home security from the get-go. Many people fail to secure their home because they feel burglary won’t happen to them, while others presume that such an endeavor is too expensive.

Your Home Security

However, ask anybody who’s ever been robbed. They’ll tell you never to neglect your and your families security, no matter the price. Here are some tips on how to make your home more secure:

  1. Change the Locks on Your New Home

Being trustworthy is one thing; being naive is another. Many people fail to re-key or change locks in their homes immediately when they move in.

Change the Locks on Your New Home

This doesn’t have to pose a threat, assuming that the previous owners honorable and ethical. However, you don’t want to take any chances, do you? By doing this, you’ll make sure that only you and your family have the keys to your property.

  2. Install Sensor and Timed Lighting Outside

If your house appears to be empty and unoccupied, it’s more likely it will be a target of a robbery. Even if you’re not at home, the impression that someone’s inside can deter the burglars from trying to enter. Well lit entryway, and motion sensors all over your backyard will make your home a lot safer. Also, you could install a light timer, which will switch on the lights every once in a while.

  3. Install Cameras and an Alarm System

Even though every security system can be breached in one way or another, the truth is that most burglars admit that they will choose not to enter a house that has cameras or an alarm.

Install Cameras and an Alarm System

So consider investing in a couple of cameras, which will cover some of the most critical points of your home, like the entryway, the backyard, or the garage. Also, having an alarm system that can notify you or the police once the break-in occurs could be the best choice for you.

  4. Get a Safe

Although you might think that security safes are only for the wealthiest of us, they can prove to be rather handy and useful. That being said, you don’t have to get a large safe. Pick a size that fits your needs, and place it in a secure spot in your house. Only the most essential items should be kept there, such as valuable documents or expensive jewelry. However, finding a safe that fits your needs is not an easy task. You don’t want to get a subpar safe, or possibly one that is too much for you. Therefore, your best choice would be to consult professionals, like the ones at SafeZone Locksmiths, who can help you in making a perfect choice.

  5. Get a Friend or a Neighbor to Help

You’d be surprised what subtle and simple signs burglars look for when picking a house to rob. Unemptied mailbox or full trash cans can be a sign that no one is there at the moment.  In this situation, you should consider asking your friends or neighbor for help. Getting them to collect your mail every once in a while, turn on the lights,  or to check your home for possible intrusion can put your mind at ease.

  6. Don’t Share Too Much

Nowadays, people tend to overshare their plans on social media. Announcing that you’ll be going away for some time can serve as an invitation for the burglars. In fact, many of them have stated that they’ve used social media to find their next victims. So, try not letting everyone now that you’ll be gone, and instead only share the details with those whom you trust the most.

Don’t neglect your home security just because you perceive it as a daunting and expensive chore. Most of the things on this list can be accomplished in a matter of days, and at a reasonable price. And in the end, you’ll get something priceless – peace of mind!

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