What To Look For In The Best Juice Press

Freshly-squeezed juices from fresh fruits like oranges are becoming a common beverage in many households. With the advent of modern technology, juicing has been made easier allowing a lot of nutritious juice types into the homes of many consumers. Plus, serving fresh juices to your family and guests can make your home an delightful place for everyone. Safe to say that juicers are a refreshing addition to your home.

When looking for the best juice press, here are a few factors to consider from the get-go: We made this list in collaboration with Amanda from JuicerKings:

When looking for the best juice press

   1. Nutrient Level

For most people, the goal of juicing is to boost one’s health. It should be well-noted that various types of juice presses provide different results, especially in terms of retaining the nutrients of the juice.

Thus, if you seek for optimal health, look for a juice press that can give you the maximum amount of nutrients that you need. Make sure to research the different types of fruits and vegetables you plan to juice regularly.

If you want to blend celery or kale, choose a piece of equipment like the Good Nature juice machines that keeps the most nutrients in it.

   2. Price

As with many household appliances, price plays an essential role in looking for the best juice press. When it comes to price, the first thing you should consider is the type of machine you can get easily in the market. If you want to save money, you can go for a manual juicer which is least expensive. However, it can’t be ideal for juicing vegetables.

On the other hand, for high-end models, you can expect a higher juice yield and more intact nutrients but for a steep cost. This is especially true if you juice items regularly. Hence, if you intend to produce juices multiple times in a week, it can be practical to buy a machine with a higher upfront cost yet provides better juicing properties in the long run.

   3. Ease of Use

Another factor to look into when choosing a juice press is the ease of use. In other words, find a juicing machine that is not too complicated for household use.  Pay attention to the locking mechanism and pulp ejection systems of your juice press, is it manageable? Can anyone in your household operate it safely and easily?

   4. Speed

when choosing a juice press

Speed is also essential when extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. In most cases, juice presses working at a slower pace allow you to effectively extract juice more. On the other hand, having a slow speed yields to a higher nutrient count.

To determine which machine works best for you, decide whether you want the juicing process to be faster or you want to get more nutrient extracts. Since every type of vegetable or fruit has a different speed requirement, consider which machine can match well with your health preferences.

   5. Sanitation

Juice presses aren’t the same with other food processors used at home. Peels and pulp can easily buildup when juicing frequently. Find a juice presser that is convenient to rinse and sanitize. In this way, you can minimize the buildup of residue and stickiness which gradually damages your equipment. Therefore, to avoid contamination of your liquids, make sure to prioritize the sanitation of your juice pressers. In fact, it’s imperative that you make it a habit when cleaning your kitchen.

   6. Noise

If the noise level is a vital feature for you, then look for juicers which are designed to be quieter or silent. To determine the noise levels of any kitchen appliance like juicers, check the sound rating of the model or test them under certain conditions. If you don’t mind the noise coming from a juicer, you can opt for those that are appropriate for outdoor use. On the other hand, if your kitchen is compact, it’s best to choose a juicer that has the lowest machine sound.

Final Thoughts

Juicing is gaining popularity these days. Thanks to the advanced technology it has become easy for homemakers to make their own juices. If you like the idea of buying a juicing machine, use these factors to determine which model best fits for you. By comparing different features, you can spare yourself from any pricey blunder.


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