Top Tips on How to Make Your Home Look Immaculate

When we go and see a new home in showroom condition, there’s no denying that it looks simply amazing. However, when you live in your home, it’s unrealistic to keep it like this forever. With long days at work, kids to look after, pets running around, and you having to try and maintain a social life on top of the house, it can all get pretty exhausting. However, you don’t have to be the next Mrs Hinch for your house to look wonderfully immaculate, all of the time. With these top tips, even when you know your house needs a clean, from an outsider’s perspective it’ll always look chic and showroom standard.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Clear Out Your Clutter

You’re probably so used to your clutter being there, that you don’t even notice it anymore. However, the mere presence of clutter can make even an immaculately clean and tidy room look like it needs some TLC. Simply by decluttering your home, you can make rooms look bigger, things smell fresher and give the appearance of an overall cleaner home, but where do you even start with it? Well, the best thing to do is make a decluttering plan and set aside a couple of hours on an afternoon to go through your home room by room – after all, one room at a time seems a lot less intimidating that decluttering the entirety of your home. Once you’ve made your initial plan and you’re getting started, separate your clutter into three sections:

   1. Clutter that isn’t actually clutter that you just forgot you had. Whether these be work documents, an old vase you can repurpose or a picture frame that’ll look brand new with a lick of paint, if you can make use of it, don’t get rid of it.

   2. Clutter that is of no use to you but might actually be for someone else. Instead of throwing it away, check with family and friends first and then if they don’t want it, put it in your local charity shop. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure!

   3. Clutter that is literally just that, clutter. This is the stuff you can throw away without a second thought. Goodbye old clutter, hello new clean home.

Don’t Neglect the Outside

Don’t Neglect the Outside

The outside of your home is the first thing people see when they come to visit, so make sure you’re giving them a good first impression. Mow your lawn, do any weeding that needs doing, and invest in a cute and welcoming doormat. Likewise, if your door is looking a little tired, why not look at replacing the door handle and letterbox to spruce it up a little? If your brickwork is looking a little worse for wear, make a visit to to get a free online repointing quote. And of course, if your pathways and brickwork are looking dirty, give them a spray with the hosepipe, or hire someone to do it professionally. All of these contribute to giving your home an altogether more cared for feel.

Check in With Your Senses

Eyes aren’t the only thing that will tell you how clean and tidy a home is. Think through each of your senses and think to yourself, does my home meet all of these standards:

  • Does your home smell nice? It doesn’t have to smell bad in order for you to invest in a beautiful smelling air freshener or scented candle. There is nothing nicer than opening the door up in your home and being greeted with a beautiful, fresh scent.
  • Does your home look appealing? This doesn’t mean you have to go all disinfectant on it, but if the dishes are done and the clutter is cleared, chances are you’ll be okay.
  • What can you hear when you’re at home? If you live near a busy road, can you hear too much traffic? If this is the case, you might want to look into investing in getting some double-glazing windows fitted and resealing some of the draughty edges around your windows and doors.
  • Does the food in your home taste nice? This might seem silly, but there’s nothing more welcoming than food smells coming from the kitchen when you get home – and that just about beats an air freshener! This is more relevant if you’re likely to have guests over for dinner, because chances are, they’ll judge the evening on how nice your food was.
  • Finally, is your home clean to touch? If there is any dust or sticky residue from spilt juice or pop, make sure this is well mopped up.

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