Tempurpedic vs. Sleep number mattress – which one is better ?

Tempurpedic vs. Sleep number mattress which is better

Tempurpedic and sleep number are the two most desired competitive mattress brands in the industry with a wide range of variants in the market.  Both products have advantages and disadvantages and target the same audience. A more in-depth look into the features of beds of both the companies is must see  to know which makes the first cut for you. The review about the mattresses focuses on comparing different areas of mattresses that need attention while picking the best one.

The firmness of the mattress

This is the first factor that people check in a while considering to purchase beds.  The construction of the beds plays a crucial role in deciding the firmness of the bed. While Tempurpedic beds promise a wide range of firmness in the beds they offer, they a are not adjustable. However, technical construction of mattress gives every detail about the thickness of the foam used in every layer of construction.

Sleep number mattresses have a different approach in the construction so is the firmness in the bed. They come with real-time adjustments to suit your comforts. The control features let you add/ remove air from the chamber as per your requirements. The firmness level on each side of the bed can be different too. Smart beds of the sleep number have a feature to automatically make minor adjustments in the firmness level throughout the night.

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Sleep experience

When it comes to sleep experience, many other factors need to be taken into consideration apart from firmness. These elements can be significant with different variants of beds available in two brands.

Temperature  control

Temperature control is still an issue with the Tempurpedic products as the foam hugs the body tightly, there is less chance for air flow. The memory foam that is used in the bed retains the heat to become softner. However, the company has taken the initiative to incorporate many cooling properties in the beds.

Sleep number beds rate average when it comes to temperature control. Though the mattresses with the thick layers also suffer from heat retention issues, they are a bit less when compared to memory foam beds.

Motion Transfer

Tempurpedic beds rank higher in this factor.  Motion isolation is the biggest strength of the products of the company. Memory foam in the mattress effectively contains the motion just to that part of the bed so, the other part of the bed less likely feel the motion.

Sleep number beds gain the advantage of adjusting the beds to desired heights on either side of the bêd but, this cannot isolate the motion, and it is highly visible on the beds with less comfort layer. Even the variants with high comfort layer do not promise motion isolation like Tempur beds.


If you are the one looking for some pressure point relief in the bed, Tempur beds should be your choice. They are most effective in offering right spine alignment to the body and give great relaxation to the pressure points. On the other sleep number beds confine less to the body as they have less or no comfort layer. Though the firmness feels in the company’s products is adjustable, they fail in tailoring support for different parts of the body.

Edge support

Both beds suffer significantly regarding edge support. In comparison, Tempur beds have more edge support than sleep number ones because of the innerspring coils. In the sleep number products, the edge support depends on the air inflated into chambers; thicker polyfoam layers tend to have poor edge support.

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Which one is better?

Choosing between two high profile products is a bit challenging. Tempur beds could be your choice if you are looking more for the features like contouring hug, a hybrid option like innerspring beneath Tempur foam. These beds could be your choice if you are looking for a white- glove in the limits of the budget.

Sleep number beds will turn to be your choice if flexibility is your priority and your partner has different firmness preferences. These types of beds could be your choice if you are worried about sleeping hot.

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