Creating a Calm Bedroom Environment

We spend around one third of our lifetimes asleep, so it only seems right that you create a bedroom environment in which you can relax and feel calm. Continue reading for our advice on how to make sure this room works as well as it can for you.


Choosing the right bed frame and mattress is imperative. Wooden framed beds can look beautiful, but be sure to pick one that does not have sharp corners and could therefore lead to painful bumps and bruises. Fabric headboards and surrounds can also look fantastic. However, they do tend to collect the dust. For those with allergies, they can be problematic and need cleaning weekly. Furthermore, be sure to keep your mattress clean. An infestation of bed bugs would be terrible and require intervention from Pest Control. Picking bedding can be a challenge as there are so many patterns and colors on the market. Consider darker colors and spend a little more to prevent the instant bobbling you tend to get from cheaper duvet sets.


How your walls are decorated can have a big effect on how quickly you settle when you go to bed. Be sure to choose a calming color. Rose gold is super popular at the moment and it can look classy and elegant. Paint or wallpaper is a big choice. If your wall surfaces are smooth, paint would certainly be an easier option. Additionally, if you get bored of the color after a couple of years, it is much easier to change it than wallpaper. However, the sheer range of patterns you can get when it comes to wallpaper means it is a popular option. Take wallpaper samples from local DIY stores and test them in different lights. People are increasingly attempting more out of the box ways of creating a feature wall these days. A popular one appears to be one where artificial flowers are used to add a pop of color and a touch of glamor.


Lighting can make all the difference when it comes to creating a relaxing space in your home. You will need to ensure you have a good level of light for when it comes to getting dressed on a morning. However, having the option for a lower strength is important too. Consider lamps on your bedside cabinets. Some lamps are touch sensitive and have several settings relating to the power of the light. Choosing shades to match the rest of the room décor is vital.


Artwork on the walls, a rug on the floor and ornaments on a window ledge can all be found in many bedrooms. Do consider whether they are necessary or will prove to be solely items, which collect dust. A lovely canvas can support your aim to create a calming atmosphere. If you have taken a photo of a beach, a sunset or even a close up of a flower, these all make for natural art and can look striking. If you have a wooden floor, a rug can help to make your room feel cozy and warm. Ornaments, on the other hand, tend to be knocked over easily and do not really serve a purpose. If you do wish to have some in your room, keep them to a minimum as a cluttered room will overpower your thoughts and prevent a decent night’s sleep.

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