Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed Reviews

Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed Reviews

When you just know that you do have to invest in a good bed in order to get a good night sleep, the market gives you various options to try.

It’s important that you know what you want your bed to do, as newer models aren’t that beds anymore, but more sophisticated types that come with many features.

Why would you get a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed?

Gone are the days when your bed was simple. Nowadays, a good bed isn’t just comfortable, but also adjustable on so many levels. It comes with many features that allow you to get the perfect settings for your body and needs.

You can adjust the head of the bed and even have different settings for the other one laying on the other side of the bed. However, things don’t stop here and you can’t call it hi-tech unless it has a wireless remote control. Therefore, you may find adjustable beds that also come with a wireless remote, so you don’t even have to move when customizing your bed.

On top of everything else, a Tempur-pedic adjustable bed gives the best support to your body, alleviating various sleep-related aches and eliminating pressure points. A bed like this is going to give the proper alignment to your head, neck and shoulders, which translates into better and deeper sleep every time.

The best thing

The Tempur-pedic adjustable beds are made to last longer than other models and hold their shape for quite some time. They remain responsive even after long time use and their flexibility is great for anyone’s comfort.

These beds are for anyone fighting sciatic, acid reflux or back problems. This doesn’t mean you can’t get one if you’re simply looking for the most comfortable and adjustable bed for you.

TOP 3 Tempur-Pedic Adjustable Bed Reviews

For anyone interested in creating a more customized comfort for their sleep, but don’t really have the guts to go all the way, an adjustable foundation may be the right solution. The Tempur-Up Foundation, Queen is a good example on that and manages to offer you the chance of finding the perfect setting for the perfect sleep/relaxing experience every single time.

The foundation is an ideal upgrade from a flat foundation and you may easily raise your head up to 55 degrees. You may now read, work on your laptop better, without any discomfort for the neck or back.

A wired remote allows you to control the movement of the foundation, until you’re happy with the new setting. The foundation moves smoothly and quiet and you’re always only a single button away from the “return-to-flat” positions.

The foundation is designed to match and improve any mattress, fitting the side.

It may lift up to 600 pounds and is fairly easy to install. You may need the extra-help for the installation and you may need more than a couple of minutes for the unpacking.

Adjustable and ready to increase your comfort, the foundation is worth to try whenever in need.

Highlighting the most important pros:

  • The foundation is adjustable and easy to use
  • It moves smoothly and it’s not loud
  • You may raise your head up to 55 degrees
  • The wired remote works well and is easy to operate

We’re not worried about the inherent flaws:

  • Some may need time to get it into position
  • It’s a heavyweight foundation

No matter how you put it though, for the adjustability and reliability, you should definitely give this one a go when in need to upgrade a flat foundation.

The Tempur-Ergo Plus-Grey Adjustable Base is a great option to consider whenever you’re ready to take your comfort to the next level.

The adjustable base is great for relaxing in all sorts of ergonomic positons, giving you the chance to finally have a good time in your bed.

The bed comes with a fast, wireless, and responsive remote control that allows you to get a great number of ergonomic rest positions. You may raise your head up to 70 degrees and feet up to 40degrees, whatever combination works better for you when sleeping/reading/relaxing.

You may also store two of your favorite positions for an instant comfort every time. You may even remove the legs if that doesn’t suit your needs.

The bed is easy to install and easy to use. The remote has plenty of power for the adjustments and needs 2 AA batteries.

The surface has a rather slim profile so you may add the various layers until you get the comfort that you need. This is clearly one strong adjustable base that may hold up to 650lbs. weight.

The base is well made, sturdy and has a durability feel to it. It’s very efficient for anyone dealing with neck problems or other aches caused by bad alignment.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The adjustable base is easy to install
  • The remote control works fast and lets you adjust the base to your needs
  • The surface has a slim profile
  • The base is well-made and durable

We’re not minimizing the downsides, but they’re not major:

  • It’s not the best looking in town bed
  • The remote control has no instructions

All in all, if you want to customize your bed and don’t know where to begin with, give this one a try.

Build to last for a very long time, the Tempur-Ergo Premier-Grey Adjustable Base is a very good investment of your money, even though you may feel like paying the extra buck for it.

The adjustable base is everything you ever wanted when it comes to customized setting for your bed. You may raise your head up to 70 degrees and feet up to 37 degrees, for high comfort and support either sleeping or reading a book.

Not only may set the base for various angles and positions, but you may also store 4 of your favorite positions thanks to the 4-Preset Memory position feature. This feature helps you get instant comfort, without getting through the setting over and over again.

You can make all the adjustments that you want with a Tempur-Wireless LCD remote control that is responsive and fast. You may also control the base through your smartphone/tablet so you basically don’t even have to move much. The remote control has a good layout and presents a nice set of features. As for the app control for the bed, we rest our case when it comes to the base.

Additionally, the base also comes with 4 Individual Massage Programs so you can take it to the next level when it comes to relaxing in your bed. You may use: Wave, Standard, Synchronized Wave and Pulse, just take your pick.

The list of good things doesn’t end here and it continues with the nice details of the base. The headboard and footboard are nicely done, whereas the grey upholstery is easy to match and gives a clean vibe to any bedroom.

The motor is strong and the bed is rather quiet when doing the adjustments. The frame is durable and the whole bed is very well made.

The base moves smoothly and it’s easy to set it up. You may match with any mattress that matches its size. You don’t even have to pay for a high-end mattress since the adjustable base is doing everything you need for your comfort.

Let’s list the most important pros:

  • The base is easy to install and to adjust
  • It works smoothly and quite when doing the adjustments
  • It presents also massage functions
  • It’s well-made, durable and dependable

The cons aren’t deal breakers:

  • Some feel it’s huge
  • This thing is heavy so you may need some help for the lifting and moving

Regardless, for the long list of features, durability and nice looks, you shouldn’t miss this one when you want to really upgrade your comfort in your bedroom.

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