Tempur-Pedic Contour Supreme Review

Tempur Pedic Contour Supreme Reviews

It’s common sense to know nowadays that a mattress is essential for your comfortable sense and we’ve been talking for decades now about the new and modern mattress.

The material used for a Tempur-Pedic mattress is the patented Tempur memory foam that really changed everything when it comes to mattress. It’s the Tempur-Pedic company that replaced the innerspring system in old mattresses, introducing for a very long time now the firm, yet soft and adjustable memory foam.

TEMPUR‐Contour Supreme Firm Mattress

The Contour series

The Contour Series is one of the older lines of the Tempur-Pedic and meets the needs mostly for the back and stomach sleepers that need better back and spinal support. The surface is firmer and the mattresses come even in split designs. They do pair very well with pretty much any kind of the popular bases out there.

The Contour Supreme is definitely the most firm from all the Contour mattresses and even from the Tempur-Pedic. The foam mattress layers let the memory foam contouring to offer you the best sleep position. It adjusts to your body weight, shape and height and doesn’t sacrifice the proper alignment or the right spinal curvature that you need, as a stomach or back sleeper needs.

The build

The Contour Supreme is 11.5 inches thick and uses dense materials that are high quality and long lasting. It consists of 4 layers of foam and each has a specific thickness.

As in almost all Tempur models, the Contour Supreme also features a first layer that is in fact a quilted cooling cover that helps you remain dry and cool until the morning. This layer also protects the mattress and extends its lifespan.

The standard thick Tempur foam is right under the first layer and it’s right above the two additional layers of poly foam. We’re not gonna go very specific with the numbers. It’s more important to know that the two base layers support and distribute the top layers, improving the air circulation at the same time.

The foam on the Contour Supreme is dense and heavy, which helps with a more efficient distribution of your body weight.

The comfort level

The Contour Supreme is the most firm of the mattresses in the Contour series and it’s highly efficient for anyone looking for better support for the spine and other body parts.

If you sleep on your stomach or back, you may need a better spinal alignment and elimination of the pressure points. You don’t want your hips and shoulders sink into a mattress that is too soft for your comfort. This is why Contour Supreme works best for you.

The mattress is also a good choice if you sleep with your partner, as it’s great for motion isolation. No matter how much your partner may be twirling up during the night, the mattress keeps the motion isolated so you sleep deeper and better.

As for the heat, we all know that memory foam typically gets hot in the night. As you don’t sink into it, the mattress doesn’t heat up and manages to dissipate pretty well your body heat as well. The shallow sink lets the heat go away from your body thanks to the Smart Climate cover system. The air circulates effective away from your body and it’s drawn through the foam layer build.

What do you need for better comfort when using Contour Supreme?

This mattress is created to offer firm support, which is why it works best with a solid, non-spring foundation adjustable base that may take all the weight of the mattress and user as well.

No matter which model of bed frame or foundation you’re deciding to go with, always make sure the mattress is always flat all over its surface. You may also insert a Bunkie board between the mattress and the foundation, but the board has to remain flat and shouldn’t bend.

As for the mattress padding, you should definitely not use one. A pad or a cover top means just another layer between your body and the firm memory foam that loses its efficiency in this case.

You may add though a mattress protector to keep at distance stains or to simply extend its lifespan, but you want to go with a thin and elastic one.

How to take care of it

In order to help your mattress last longer, you need to rotate it at least twice a year. Some do it every season, so you can try it also.

You also need to keep your mattress clean of any spills that don’t just stain it, but also may damage the responsivity of the mattress. Play it safe and start using a high quality waterproof mattress protector to increase its durability. keep it always fresh and protected and stay away from using a wrong supportive base. It may void the warranty.

The downsides

If you sleep on your side, this isn’t for you for sure. The mattress is way too firm for a side sleeper, which is why you should avoid it.

For those of you who like the sinking feel, the mattress is also not a good option. The comfort layer is thin and firm, so there’s little to none sink in feel when it comes to this mattress.

Let’s not forget about the firmness of the mattress that may change due to temperature. Memory foam is sensitive like that.

The conclusion

The Contour Supreme is clearly the mattress for the stomach and back sleepers that like the firm, contoured support and really appreciate its durability and reliability.


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