Singer vs Brother Sewing Machine (What Is The Best For Beginners?)

You don’t really have to be a professional or expert at sewing to know that Brother and Singer are two very well-known sewing machine manufacturers. But as a beginner, maybe you don’t know the comparison of Singer vs Brother. And that’s normal just by the way.

In that case, let me bring to your attention that these two brands manufacture some of the best high-quality sewing machines for both beginners and those with advanced sewing skills. But which of the two is a better choice? In terms of price, functionality, durability, quality, and other such crucial factors. It’s time to find out!

The Comparison of Singer vs Brother

It goes without saying that both Brother and Singer sewing machines are built with unique, distinctive features. I mean there’s a reason why both brands are so popular, right? So the debate between the two is settled based on your personal preferences and types of sewing skills.

Whatever the case though, it’s better to have a clear idea about what each manufacturer offers on a general basis. And that’s what I’m going to do below. I have discussed the unique characteristics of each brand. So you can make a better decision for your fun sewing endeavors.

Singer Sewing Machines – An Overview

Singer Sewing Machines
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Singer, no doubt, is a brand that designs sewing machines of a wide variety. And these machines, once again without the shadow of a doubt, are beginner-friendly and budget-friendly. This is something that Brother doesn’t offer all that much.

Some of the most important features Singer sewing machines are equipped with are as follows.

  • A huge variety of integrated stitches.
  • A needle position that’s adjustable. For making the task of sewing much easier for a beginner.
  • Most Singer creations have the ability to sew though thick and multi-layered fabrics. Meaning you can sew through denim with a Singer.
  • Even though beginner-friendly, many Singer sewing machines are also heavy-duty.
  • There are many other beginner-friendly features as well. Such as pressure foot adjustability, stitch length adjustability, and automatic buttonhole.
  • And most importantly, long-lasting durability. The chances are your Singer sewing machine will last for decades. Provided you’re good at caring and maintenance!

So these are the good points. What about the drawback or drawbacks? Well, in the case of Singer, the only major setback is the lack of fancy features. But not many such affordable sewing machines feature bells and whistles of any kind.

However, that doesn’t imply that Singer doesn’t manufacture more advanced models. So if your priority is advanced functionality, then as a professional you should go for expensive Singer sewing machines.

Brother Sewing Machines – An Overview

Brother Sewing Machines
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Even Brother does its best to live up to the demands of beginners. This means even they manufacture some of the best beginner-friendly sewing machines. In fact, Brother sewing machines are slightly better than Singer models. Especially when it comes to offering more than just basic features.

In terms of versatility, Brother, hands down, is a better choice. That’s because Brother creations are equipped with components like the extension table or free arm. On top of that, Brother sewing machines serve multiple purposes. Such as quilting and sewing.

Much like their Singer counterparts, Brother sewing machines are easy and convenient to use for a beginner. Thanks to the inclusion of speed control, detailed chart for integrated stitches, easy threading and bobbin winding, freehand quilting, etc.

Comparatively speaking though, Brother sewing machines have been praised more than Singer. And primarily for their superb beginner-friendly features. Even in terms of value, Brother receives more attention. The brand does a better job of combining superior features and high functionality with an affordable price tag.

Factors You Need to Keep in Mind During Comparison or Buying

There are a few questions you should be asking yourself when you’re comparing any two brands. Or when choosing a good sewing machine.

Type of sewing applications

Do you want to buy a sewing machine for basic sewing? Or you want one for advanced projects like quilting and embroidery?

Type of fabrics used for sewing

Do your sewing projects involve working with fabrics like denim, canvas, vinyl, and the like? If yes, then what you need is a heavy-duty sewing machine. Otherwise, a basic model is just fine.

Mechanical or advanced?

The former is great for those who aren’t so tech-savvy. But, more often than not, even these kinds of old-school sewing enthusiasts are now buying the modern version of sewing machines. But then there are more advanced models as well. That beginners might not be able to navigate through. So if you want to learn sewing easily, then a mechanical sewing machine is ideal.


What sewing machine you want to buy hugely depends on how much you’re willing to spend. As a beginner, you can get an affordable one very easily. But if you’re okay with spending a little extra, then why not buy a sewing machine that might last for over a decade!


Do you want to buy a sewing machine just for home use? Or are you going to be carrying it around for whatever reason? If it’s the latter, then make sure the machine is lightweight. Otherwise it’s completely okay to get a heavy-duty unit. As more weight equals to more stability and less movements during sewing.

Beginner and Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines – Singer vs Brother

Beginner Sewing Machines

Even though, in the Brother overview section, Brother ranks as the better choice. I would still favor Singer as the best beginner sewing machine. And that’s because of a very simple reason. Singer sewing machines are not as technical as the Brother units. It’s something that matters if you’re a beginner.

There’s no doubt that Singer has manufactured some of the most convenient and easiest to operate models. Unlike Brother sewing machines that are more popular for their advanced functionality, even for beginners.

Heavy-Duty Sewing Machines

Even in this category, Singer ranks as the clear winner. When it comes to working with heavy fabrics like denim, vinyl, and canvas. Or for sewing through multiple layers, Singer performs better. After all, the brand has been constructing heavy-duty sewing machines for a very, very long time now. On the other hand, Brother started doing that just recently.

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So the comparison of Singer vs Bother for a beginner has been settled quite clearly. The former is a way better choice in terms of ease of use. But that doesn’t make the latter a bad or an inferior option.

You should know that Brother sewing machines feature some of the most advanced technology. So if you’re a professional, then this is what you should choose over Singer. However, keep in mind that Singer works better when dealing with thick or multi-layered fabrics.

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