10 Best American Made Ceramic Cookware Brands


Ceramic cookware is one of the most popular options among cooks and chefs and it is liked among amateur home cooks and bakers. After all, the ceramic is known for its good quality and sturdy construction. If you really want to choose reputable companies with trusted quality, the ones made by American companies are somewhat more trusted.

Most of the American made products must comply with FDA regulations and inspections. So, if you choose American made ceramic cookware, you can be sure that they are totally safe and they have passed the legal examination processing.

Why Ceramic?

Ceramic is made from a mixture of clay and water and then fired in a kiln. The fire will harden the surface so the ceramic can be used. With the advanced new technologies, the new ceramic products are claimed to be better, safer, and healthier.

Ceramic Cookware

But then again, you shouldn’t forget the coating and glazing. If the ceramic is pure without glaze or coating, then it is safe. But if the ceramic is coated or glazed, you need to carefully choose the products. Make sure that the glaze and the coat are made from safe materials that won’t degrade easily. They won’t cause any leaching issue either so the foods you prepare won’t be contaminated.

About American Brands

Here’s a thing about the ceramic cookware: most of them aren’t purely made in America. The best ceramic cookware in the industry, such as GreenLife, Calphalon, or Xtrema, is made outside America but the package is done in the US. It’s like the combined manufacturing process where the American warehouse is responsible for the assembly and packaging only.

But still, all of the products must go through careful inspections and quality checking. They must also pass the safety standards set by the FDA so they can be sold legally in America.

The Best Brands

So, what is the best ceramic cookware made in USA? The first pick is WearEver Pure Living cookware with combination of sturdy ceramic and interesting color. The cookware is made from safe materials that are free from PFOA and PFTE as well as lead and cadmium. With 1.7 pound a piece, this brand is engineered in USA and has several beneficial perks. It is dishwasher and oven safe, up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The brand is made with heavy aluminum gauge body and it generally comes in a set.  As a result, you can enjoy convenient cooking with all the possible types of cookware.

WearEver Pure Living cookware

The second one is GreenPan cookware that combines ceramic material and other safe compounds. It is constructed with aluminum body and ceramic coating, delivering sturdy and tough cookware. With only 1.4 pounds a piece, you can have an enjoyable and fun cooking time.

Although the cookware is dishwasher safe, it is not oven safe because of the plastic handle. As one of the best brands of American made ceramic cookware, GreenPan has Thermalon coating which is claimed to be better (and safer) than Teflon coating. Cooking and cleaning the cookware is just a breeze!

The third one is Tramontina cookware that isn’t exactly a pure American product. It is manufactured in Italy but packaged and assembled in America. Most of the products are made from stainless steel but some variants are combined with ceramic. As the result, the exterior is sturdy and scratch resistant while the interior is nonstick for easier cooking.

More Options for Cookware

There is still more ceramic cookware to consider, such as Xtrema cookware. It is made from all natural 100% ceramic that is non reactive and nontoxic. Most of them are made of durable materials without any polymers, dyes, coatings, PTFE, PFOA, lead, metal, or cadmium.

ScanPan cookware

Because of the eco-friendly manufacturing process, this brand is quite popular although they can be expensive too. One of the reasons for the high price is the 100% ceramic material, making the brand one of the most reliable 100% ceramic cookware made in USA. Well, it isn’t entirely made in USA but the packaging and assemble happen in the country.

The fifth option is the ScanPan cookware whose manufacturing process is taking place in Denmark. They do have various kinds of cookware that aren’t only functional but also beautiful and artistic. The skillet and the frying pans are super handy – and the ceramic inclusion makes the cooking process safe.

The next one is GreenLife cookware with Thermalon coating without any PFOA or PFTE. It doesn’t contain any cadmium, lead, and other dangerous metals either. The cookware is oven and dishwasher safe as long as you cook the food in less than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Each of the piece is 1.2 pounds in weight with aluminum base. As the result, your food can be evenly cooked with nonstick surface.

Calphalon cookware is the next line in the best American made ceramic cookware with high-quality performance. The nonstick surface is impressive.

The coating is made from 2 different types of nonstick compounds that make food glides easily. Naturally, these compounds are safe and natural so you won’t have to worry about anything. Most of the pans have glass tempered lid to make viewing easy. Calphalon is processed in Ohio.

GreenPan Pro is another reputable name that is included within the major GreenPan brand. As the name suggests, the cookware is made for professional use. It can handle any rough treatment or beating, ideal for professional use. The quality of product is impressive with safe materials and also safe manufacturing process.

The ninth brand is Cuisinart, a well-known name in culinary industry. They have a ceramic variant that is oven and also dishwasher safe. The cookware is free of cadmium, lead, petroleum, PFOA, and PFTE. They are made from solid ceramic that creates convenient cooking experience.

Viking is the last cookware brand that you should consider for your cooking safety. Although the company is focusing on stainless steel cookware, they are known for the durability and safety.

They may not have any ceramic products for now, but it is possible that they may have one in the future. After all, you can consider having their products as the alternative cookware. Having several different cookware types can be handy in the kitchen.

In the end, you don’t have to limit your options to ceramic cookware only. These brands are reputable with quality products but you can also buy others like stainless steel or glass cookware. Now that you have the list of American made ceramic cookware, where will you start?


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