Best Fillet Knife

Fillet Knife Reviews

For the novice in the kitchen, the fillet is the boneless piece of meat (fish and chicken for steaks), minced meat or other types of dishes. You obtain a fillet by separating meat from bones and skin and you need a special kitchen tool to do it. The special tool …

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Best Heat Resistant Gloves

Heat Resistant Gloves Reviews

  If you work around hot materials or high temperatures, even though the risks for puncture are not that high, heat hazards are real and may be forever damaging. Either you have to handle hot pieces of metal or go through heat stress symptom when working in high temperatures, it’s …

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Best Electric Knife

Electric Knife Reviews

  The first time electric knives became popular was in the 70’s. Electric knives were at the time the number one choice when it came to slicing meat and became the iconic item for any Thanksgiving dinner. Overtime, though, the electric knives have lost some of the glamour from the …

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How to Choose the Best Salad Spinner

salad spinner reviews

When you have to wash and pat each veggie leaf for your salad, you get kind of tired and wish you had a device that would make everything easier for you. So you come to the conclusion that you really could use a salad spinner that will help you not …

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Best Oil for Cutting Boards

So it seems that you went green for your cooking. Either it is that you picked a bamboo cutting board (LINK BEST BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD), or you went for a good traditional wooden one (LINK BEST WOOD CUTTING BOARD) it’s more than sure that, if you want them to last, …

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Best Bamboo Cutting Board

We take it that, if you are considering buying a bamboo product, you care enough not only about your money, but also about the planet. Bamboo is a grass that grows really fast and it takes only around 3 years until you can use a new plant (it would take …

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Best Wood Cutting Board

Are you the traditional type of guy/girl? Do you still believe in all the good things your mamma told you about when growing up? If so, you probably know that the cutting board that will be always kind to your knives, not dulling them quickly is the wood cutting board. …

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Best Plastic Cutting Boards

When it comes to good cutting boards, please keep in mind that the best one for you is the one you clean constantly. Bamboo, plastic or wood, studies have agreed that only a good and constant sanitization will keep germs away. The debate whether a plastic cutting board is more …

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Best Infuser Water Bottle

Do you typically drink like a fish? Do you like exercising a lot and keep yourself hydrated at the same time? Are you always in a hurry, busy to take care of all the problems around the house and you need water to keep on going? You do like fruits …

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The Best Airbrush for Cake Decorating

best airgun spray for cakes

When it comes to bakery, we all know a cake is not complete until it’s decorated. And, if your skills and imagination help you enough, you know that you do need the right tools to get the perfectly decorated cake. There are kits for decorating cakes that contain all the …

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