Best Cutting Boards in 2022

Best Cutting Boards
Best Cutting Boards

No matter if you are the type of person who likes to cook a lot or only once a week, we all know that there’s no cooking without a cutting board. And, as the cutting board, so is the cooking, right?

Do you like to cut your veggies perfectly sized, do you want to get creative and chop various types of foods in various shapes? Do you want to stay healthy at the same time, even though you had to chop some meat, some carrots and a big ripe pineapple for dinner?

Did you choose a plastic cutting board? Do you take your chances with 5 or 6 various colors and sizes on your plastic boards? Or do you simply pick a wooden cutting board that’s reversible, cross your fingers and hope to remain healthy? Or do you find a bamboo board is safer when it comes to health safety? Or, as you may have heard it through the grape vine… glass is the best??

Variety is the spice of…cutting boards!

You wouldn’t believe how many options there are on the market. Of course, every material comes with its qualities and…flaws.

The traditional material of a cutting board is wood. Various types of wood are more popular than others, and when it comes to their longevity, nobody will argue. Even though, in the past, it was considered that the deeper cracks will let bacteria multiply, recent studies have shown that, eventually, germs die and wood is naturally antimicrobial. One thing that is very important to keep in mind when purchasing a wooden board: in order to protect it and also to keep the water from seeping into the grain, you will have to use a food-grade mineral oil. How often? Well, some 5-7 times a year, or whenever you think your board is dry.

You can go with different shades, different kinds of woods in your boards, but it’s always useful to get informed about the pros and cons of most of the woods used in cutting boards. Keep in mind that their care may be provided with different market options.

The most important thing about wooden cutting boards? Never ever put them in the dishwasher!

If you care enough about the planet and still want a natural material for your cutting board, you can also go for a bamboo one! Naturally antimicrobial (there are some who disagree on that, of course), bamboo is a grass that has great durability and grows as dense and strong as wood. The market is full of many trustworthy bamboo cutting boards.

You might also like a plastic cutting board. Either it’sPE (polyethylene) cutting boards or HDPE (high-density polyethylene plastic), plastic boards have no inherent antiseptic properties. Meaning? They carry more germs than a wooden/bamboo cutting board, but unlike these two, the plastic boards can handle harsher cleaning chemicals (yes, you may put them in the dishwasher!) A plastic cutting board won’t dull the edges of your knives too and, considering its price, you can buy several (in different colors and sizes) so you don’t worry about cross-contamination. You can always take a peak at the best plastic boards on the market today.

A growing trend in the cutting board arena is using rubber for a material. Of course, we talk about a thick solid rubber, that can be chemically disinfected. Its manufacturers claim that it has self-healing properties and, of course, it has a high knife resistance and will not harbor moisture or bacteria.

If you opted for the elegant, futuristic look in your kitchen, you can always go with a glass cutting board. Easy to clean, the glass cutting boards will last up to 6 years, but they will damage your knives (glass is a very hard material). Especially if you like chopping more than slicing…

In the same category (durable and yet, damaging on the knives), there are the steel boards. Steel looks nice, sparkly and it’s easy to clean, and will be around for quite some time. But, the steel cutting boards will be pretty bad for the edge of your knives. Plus, when it comes to food safety, note that bacteria may reside in grooves caused by cutting, or from liquids that stayed on the board.

Always remember these steps!

Irrespective of the debate on which material is safer for your health when it comes to cutting boards, all the studies have come to the same conclusion: you do have to follow some steps when cleaning your cutting board, as there is no material that’s 100% germ free!

So, unless you are the proud owner of a plastic cutting board (in which case you can wash it in the dishwasher and sanitize it at high temperatures), you will have to hand wash your board. Meaning:

  • Rinse the scraps off the cutting board (pay attention to the water as it can contaminate around the kitchen)
  • Scrub the cutting board with warm water and some soap
  • Sanitize the cutting board (there are several sanitizers for bamboo/wooden cutting boards).

While for plastic cutting boards you can use a chlorine-based sanitizer, for the bamboo/ wooden ones you may use a quaternary ammonium sanitizer.

Think smart and choose right!

No matter how much money you want to spend on your cutting board, no matter how „green” you want to go, no matter how much you care for having a unique, one like no other, cutting board (an Indian Sheesham wood board has no two grains alike), remember that you will always have to count on your cutting board when cooking. Both for a little while, and for a lifetime. And, if it’s meant to be only yours, you can always engrave it with your name or fancy patterns.

Our choices comprise various materials at various prices, from famous and popular brands. All of that just to give you a helping hand when cooking 🙂

1.    3 Piece Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Best 3 Bamboo Cutting BoardsIt seems that most of you out there care enough about our planet and buy mostly a bamboo cutting board.

This set contains 3 boards that will help you decide which one to use for 3 different kinds of foods (meat, vegetables, fruits). This way, you can take your mind off the cross-contamination problem and get more relaxed when cooking.

3/8” thick, these 3 boards will be easy to store and not that difficult to handle around your kitchen either.

These boards are from Moso bamboo which is a natural alternative to wood and, even though it’s stronger that hard woods, it goes easy on your knife blades.

Keep in mind to never put these 3 bamboo helpers in the dishwasher; only hand wash them with warm water and use, from time to time, some, revitalizing oil to extend their life and beauty.

 2.    Reversible Maple Cutting Board

John Boos RA03 24-by-18-by-2-14-Inch Reversible Maple Cutting BoardMade by one of our traditional old USA companies, this board will surprise you because it’s sturdy, reversible and easy to handle (due to its hand grips on the ends).

The hard maple edge grain construction is softened by a cream finish and 2 flats sides.

You wont’ have to worry about the dripping of the juices/water since it has slightly rounded edges.

FDA approved, this maple cutting board only needs hand washing with some warm water and soap.

In order for you to maintain its qualities and protect it from cracking, it is recommended to use, once in a while, a conditioner or a food grade mineral oil.

3.    OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

OXO Good Grips 15-Inch-by-21-Inch Cutting BoardMade from a thick, nonporous polypropylene, this cutting board is for those who don’t have time to clean and pay more attention to their cutting boards, but still cook a lot.

Easy to care for (just put it in the dishwasher), this cutting board comes it 3 options as sizes in order to satisfy as many of you as it can.

Its soft, tapered handles make this board easy to carry around the kitchen.

This plastic cutting board will not only resist to the knife cuts, but it will also take care of the knives- it will maintain their edges sharp as they were from the beginning.

The helpful juice groove will keep all the unwanted liquids away from the cooking.

This cutting board is reversible so, once you chopped off your carrots, just flip it and prepare your chicken. With no worries about the cross-contamination.

4.    Chef Essential Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board

Chef Essential Extra Large Bamboo Cutting BoardWhen tired of buying several times a year a cutting board, go treat yourself a bamboo cutting board. And not just any bamboo one, go extra large, as your needs require.

Made from a durable and distinguish bamboo, this cutting board is not only strong, but also dense.

Even though it’s big, it will fit your counter, as it has a very sturdy handle on a side.

The bamboo of this board will not keep away only the bad odors, but also bacteria and food scraps. The included drip groove will collect the juices, thus making your cooking safer.

Earth-friendly, you will only hand wash this board with hot water and soap and let it air dry. It is advisable to take extra care of it.

This board will not scar or warp from the knife cuts and it comes with a Lifetime Warranty from its Manufacturer. Yep, unbelievable, we know!

5.    Premium Silicone Cutting Board

Vikalis Premium Silicone Cutting Board - Durable, NonslipHow about silicone for your cutting board?

Thick, durable, flexible, yet sturdy, this cutting board is made from the highest quality silicone. You might even be surprised by its beautiful blue color also.

You don’t have to worry about scratching it since it’s very resistant to the knife cuts. No worries about your health, since it’s food grade at the same time.

With a nonslip back, this board is easily cleaned by putting it into the dishwasher and…taking it out afterwards.

6.    Enviroboard-Antimcrobial Cutting Board 

Enviroboard - 100 Germ Free - SterilizationIf your main helpers in the kitchen are the microwave and the dishwasher, you will surely absolutely love this 3 set of cutting boards. Their different colors plus the specific icons on each of them will help anyone in the kitchen to know which one to use when cooking.

You can chop your food (because they are sturdy and dense), fold the board (yep, they are that flexible!) and simply pour your food in the pot (nope, no worries about the remained juices thanks to their juice groove!). And, after you wash them you can simply put them in the microwave and…60 seconds later they are 100% germ free!

These boards contain a natural compound that will prevent bacteria to grow.

Due to their flexibility, these boards will be gentle to your knives also.

So, long story short, these boards will not slip, won’t scratch, will keep away bad odors and are FDA approved.

We take it no one wants to hear about the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee … J

7.    Prepworks Cutting Board

Prepworks from Progressive InternationalFor those of you who like it neat, nice and simple, this is the right cutting board for you.

Big enough to let you cook fancy meals but not too big to fit in your dishwasher, this board is made from polyethylene.

Its versatile design will support you whether you feel like cutting, slicing or chopping.

The board has a groove that will collect the excess liquids, thus maintaining the kitchen more clean.

The handle of the board will ease your handling it around the kitchen and its hanging wherever you have place.

8.    Expertly Crafted Black Walnut Chopping Board

Beautiful Wood Cutting Board FOR THE CLASSY KITCHENIf you are fond of good life lasting things around your house, this is one elegant, timeless cutting board that you will love to cook on forever.

Made in our USA, this board is made from a single piece of walnut wood, has a drip groove on a side and a nice solid smooth side also.

Sturdy, nicely thick, the cutting board will not scoot around when cooking and…has a very good price for its high quality.

Resistant to knife cuts, to germs, this beautiful cutting board will need a little bit more attention. Take good care of its looks (and natural qualities), using this product.

9.    ORGANIC Bamboo Cutting Board

ORGANIC Bamboo Cutting Board Natural Wood PartyIf you like the organic life, it’s very useful to know that this cutting board is made from organic moso bamboo. It is toxin free and no pesticides were used in its making.

Large, sturdy and gentle to your knives, this cutting board is reversible; no cross-contamination worries and you can use it as an elegant serving tray whenever you feel like it.

100% natural, this board will not add any flavors or chemicals to your food either.

You can pamper the board with this product, whenever you see it gets dry, losing its natural shine.

Made to be your life lasting cooking friend, this product comes with a 100% no-question-asked, money back guarantee.

10. River’s Edge 743 Tempered Glass Cutting Board

River's Edge 743 Tempered Glass Cutting BoardFor those of you who like not only to cook, but also like to chop their veggies in artistic style, this is the board especially made for you!

Made from tempered glass (virtually unbreakable, but…accidents may happen), this cutting board has a beautiful Mossy Oak Infinity camo design, making your cooking even more pleasant.

This board is dishwasher safe and it will resist to stains, bacteria, heat and even unpleasant odors.

Apart from the exclusive artwork and design, customers have highly appreciated the great customer service at the same time.

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