Interior Design for Your Condo: Foolproof Tricks to Make a Small Space Look Spacious

Canvas condos and other types of condominiums can be tricky to decorate which is why it is imperative to craft the best layout for such space. While the key to organizing a home to one’s convenience is actually putting the things in their right places, we have managed to list top 10 tricks that really works wonders in making a small space look spacious.

Brilliant Interior Decorating Tips to Achieve more Square Footage

If you have small-ish spaces that you have been challenged with, these tips for tricking the eye to make them look large enough can help. 

1. Pick the Hue for You

Paint colors can actually have a huge impact on how big or small the inside of your condo feels. With a ton of variants, it will not be hard to pick the hue for you. It is no secret that light colors make any living space look and feel bigger, especially when there is a presence of natural light. Otherwise, in a room that does not get much sunlight during the day, a dark paint color like charcoal or soft black can do the trick. Or if you are not willing to go entirely white or black, you can play with soft shades of your favorite color. For instance, a soft shade of pink blush, tamed taupe, or cool gray on walls and ceiling can brighten up a small area and make it look spacious. Or you can just choose your favorite color when painting the ceiling and the walls and just use different shades of it for your rags, pillows, and other accents in the room. Doing so will create visual coherence making the space feel wide and colorful at the same time.

2. Use Multi-Purpose Items

One best trick that most people who live in relatively small homes practice is the use of multi-purpose items, especially one that can double as a storage space. For instance, if you like calligraphy or watercolor painting, you can have a collapsable table that can store your sheets, brushes, and paints when they are not in use. Or if you are a home-buddy, you can actually purchase a couch that can expand to a bed when you want to snooze off.

3. Hang Bookshelves Near the Ceiling

Doing so will draw any eye upward thereby making the area look taller even if it is actually not. Another advantage of this is that you are able to maximize your home’s vertical storage. These parts of a home more often than not do not get utilized and putting a shelf near the ceiling just gives one another storage space. Just position your couch right below it so it becomes easy for you to grab the next book you want to read.

4. Select Statement Furniture

By getting one large couch to fill the room, it will actually make the room look bigger instantly. Add to that the fact that getting a couch than a four-chair sala set can avoid the look of clutter which is definitely a thing one should ensure in a small space. Also, another trick related to furniture is to select those with exposed legs. Showing off those legs instead of having sofas with skirts or boxy chairs makes it feel like there is a room for everything, and of course a seat for everyone.

5. Go for Large Decorative Accents

The more the clutter, the more a space looks smaller. Remember that you do not need decor accents on every single surface of your home. Go for large decorative accents instead of small knick-knacks. Aside from allowing your limited space to breathe, this interior design hack also makes it easier to put things in their proper places thereby making you locate anything you need at an instant.

5. Use Stripes on Walls and Floors

Corner of modern kitchen with blue walls, wooden floor, blue and wooden bar with dark wooden stools, a shelf with plates and doorway to living room. 3d rendering

When you orient the stripes to go the length of the room that is the longest, you will be able to elongate the entire space. Take cue on short people wearing vertical stripes for them to look tall. Also, you can use curtains or wall papers with stripe designs. Not only will they make any living space edgy but also elongated in a manner that will still be pleasing to the human eye.

6. Leave your Windows Uncovered

Covering them will only make your home more enclosed. The more light that comes through the uncovered windows, the more light gives a space depth. And since this interior design idea for condos allows natural light to enter the space, the owners will be able to save on their electric bills as switching the indoor lights on during daytime will less likely be needed. However, if you are concerned about your family’s privacy, you can actually use roman shades or blinds that you can easily adjust to your liking. Or if you really prefer curtains, make sure you hang only floor-to-ceiling curtains so that ceilings instantly look higher.

7. Display Dramatic Art Pieces

This trick not only shows the artistic side of the owner but also makes a room feel more expansive, when done right. Go for large and bold pieces instead of a gallery wall containing smaller items. But if you really feel like having one, make sure the other walls have large scale pieces, or better yet leave the rest blank to prevent the space from looking overwhelming.

8. Use Rags as Separators

This is especially useful in condo units as it creates the appearance of having more than one space. Rags, when placed strategically, can separate a limited space into smaller areas thereby making it easier to organize stuff that belong to a particular area. Aside from creating the illusion of a large floor area, these rugs separate spaces such that the entire home feels finished and looks pulled together. 

9. Get Lights from Lamps

Instead of relying completely on one overhead light for your living space, why not go for a few lamps instead. They have proven to spread light more evenly around your humble abode. Also, having multiple sources of light in a room is helpful if it has limited access to natural light.

10. Put a Mirror on the Wall

Complex structures like condominiums are often designed with limited access to natural light. But this will not be a problem if you put a mirror on the wall, especially on a dark wall that does not get enough natural light. The mirror bounces back even the littlest amount of light to the window thereby creating an illusion of more square footage.

Other Tips to do the Trick?

Do you have any tips not mentioned above? Go share it. We are certain that there are plenty more tips to do the trick of making a limited space look and feel more spacious. It is actually just a matter of choice.

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