How to Train a Dog Use a Crate

Train the dog using a crate

Crate training is a technique of house training your dog. The crate is usually used to hold your dog when you are committed and not able to supervise it. There are a few reasons why you might decide to crate train your dog. Your dog may have started to be destructive and you have to travel. The crate will come in handy.

 Getting your dog in a crate is a better way to stop it from getting into a bad habit and gives it a safe sanctuary. Unfortunately, if this training is not done well, it can cause harm to your dog. Here is how you can train your dog to use a crate.

1. Select the Best Crate

First, before you decide to train your dog, you should look for the best dog crates for training your dog. There are different forms of cages available such as plastic carrier, nylon crate, and wire cage.

Remember to get a cage that has proper ventilation, large enough where your dog can stand, turn around, and lie down. It is advisable to get a crate suitable for your dog’s full-grown size.

2. Come Up With a Command

While crate training your dog, you will need to use a phrase or word to let your dog know that it is time to get into the crate. “Kennel up” or “kennel” are the words that are used by trainers. You can choose any word that you like. Just ensure that it sounds different from your dog’s name and remain consistent with the word you wish.

3. Make the Crate Comfortable

In crate training, it is essential to ensure that your dog associates crate with an excellent experience. You can place toys and put a blanket to make it comfortable. Put some treats in the crate. Let the dog get in the container on its own without forcing it.

When it gets in, praise it and give it a treat. Do not lock the door until the dog is more comfortable. Let it wander in and out on its own.

4. Close the Door

Crate training aim is to be able to close the door, and your dog remains quiet. If your dog seems comfortable being in the open crate, please give it some treats, and while it is preoccupied, close the door.

You can start this with intervals of five minutes and ensure that you are nearby. You can then increase ranges and leave the room so that it can realize it is safe when you are not there with it. Keep on repeating this, and your dog will eventually come to accept the crate willingly.

5. Stop With the Treats

After some time, you can stop throwing treats in the crate but keep on using the command word. The first few times, you might pretend you are throwing toys by moving your hands. When it gets in, praise it and give it some treats.

After a few sessions, your dog should get into the crate on its own or using the cue word. By this time, treats will not be necessary.

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