Top Reasons Why A Garage Door Won’t Open

A garage door is the most frequently utilized passageway of any house and therefore it is liable to everyday wear and tear. Generally, garage doors function normally but in winters they face issues in opening due to power blackouts.

There could be various possible reasons why garage doors won’t open. It is best to know the possible cause of these problems which stops the smooth functioning of garage doors and which stops it from opening. Here are some top reasons mentioned which will deal with the cause of not opening the garage door:

  • Expired Transmitter Batteries

The power supply is required for the activation of the garage door. An expired battery in the transmitter can be the reason for not opening the garage door. The problem could be the dead batteries. The remedy of this problem is to change the batteries with new ones. Check the battery tips before installing the new batteries.

  • No Power Supply to the Operator

Due to no power connection in the operator, the garage door won’t open. It could be due to an unplugged power cord. A blown fuse or circuit breaker may also result in the power cut. If the power is cut due to blowing fuse call a professional to repair that.

  • Snapped Cables

A broken cable may also be the reason for not opening of a garage door. Cables are responsible for the movement of the doors in upward and downward directions. Don’t open or close the door until you have replaced those. The opener’s protective mechanism will not work without the spring cables. It will fall. So, replace the cables manually over a time. Also, note that the color of the door will affect the wear and tear. For instance, black garage doors will dilate and contract more than white doors, resulting in increased damage to the supporting metal structure over time.

  • Blockage of Remote Signal

A dead battery isn’t the main issue that can keep a remote from doing its activity. In the event that you press the switch and the garage door neglects to enact, something may hinder the connection range. On the other hand, you may be out of connection signal. There is additionally the likelihood that the remote radio wire on the opening gadget has been impeded or harmed. A remote also stops functioning from a specific angle due to trees are grown in that very area. Point the antenna towards the door and clean the area of antenna range.

  • Motor Deactivation

Many a time, when the garage door won’t open or close, it doesn’t really mean there is anything amiss with the garage door, your remote or even one of the opener-erection parts. The issue could all come down to the straightforward slip of a deactivated motor. In many cases, the string that interfaces with the motor switch will get captured and pulled, along these lines impairing the engine. Sometimes, it may be a result of the human blunder.

  • The Photo-eye is blocked

In the event that your garage door won’t open, the issue could be because of a blocked photo-eye. Almost all the garage doors made since the mid-1990s are furnished with this well-being highlight.

The photo-eye segments comprise of two pieces that adjust up close and personal over each side of the door, approximately four feet over the ground. Upon enactment, a pea-sized laser light is sent from one point to the next. The photo-eye can be blocked due to the obstructions. If the eyes are miss-positioned, make a service call to repair it.

  • The Keypad is Out of Sync

Your keypad may be not working and it may also be the reason your garage door won’t open. Reset your code through a user manual guide and you are done.


As the biggest, massive and most innovatively complex entry to your home, the garage door is a standout amongst the most vital security highlights of your home. At whatever point your garage doors stops to work, of course, the issue ought to be resolved as quickly as possible.

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