5 Benefits of Investing in an Electric Tankless Water Heater

Electric Tankless Water Heater under sink

Who doesn’t like having a warm bath or shower at the end of a busy day? We all certainly like this as it is relaxing and enjoyable after a day on your feet. During the cold season, you will need a water heater for a lot of purposes. However, these luxuries also come at a cost. Your electric bill is certainly going to go up. You do not have to be worried though. DD counter measures reviews will help you get the best tankless electric water heaters to enable you to enjoy hot water in your house and keep your bill low. Before you settle on one of these appliances, let’s see some of the benefits of investing in such a heater. 

1. It saves on time

The tankless electric water heater will save you a lot of time and agony. You no longer have to wait for any tank to fill up, then heat the water for you to shower as it happens with tank water heaters. With a tankless water heater, you will avoid the inconvenience of waking up and find that members of your household have already used up all the water in the tank, and now you have to use cold water. An electric water heater without a tank only requires you to run your shower and get the water heated in an instant. You do not need to waste time going to turn the burner on. 

2. It reduces your energy consumption

As mentioned earlier, energy costs are high in most households. Gas water heaters with tanks do waste a lot of energy. Water in the tank cools and gets heated repeatedly throughout when you are not using it. This cycle significantly increases your utility bills. A tankless water heater heats water only when you switch on the heater. You get to save a lot of energy as you only incur when you power on the heater.

3. It saves on space

In addition to saving energy and reducing your utility bills, you also get to save on space with an electric tankless water heater. You will not be required to free up any space in your house to set up a water tank. Besides, setting up such a tank will set you back a considerable chunk of bucks to buy and have the tank installed. With tankless electric water heater, all you need is a qualified electrician and a few appliances to set up the system. You do not have to make any structural adjustments to your house to have it installed. 

4. Increased Safety

Electric tankless water heaters are safer to use as compared to their tank counterparts. There are a lot of cases reported in different places of explosions where gas water heaters that require a tank are used. Any small leakages can cost you a lot. You might be paying for water that you are using, and getting your basement dump as water links from your tank. There are no risks of explosions and water leakage if you use an electric water heater without a tank. Furthermore, you can install a thermostat to minimize the risk of electrocution and also to check on energy consumption. 

5. Sleek design 

Most top quality tankless water heaters come in amazing designs. They are also small and can be fitted in any house, without impacting on the overall aesthetic appeal of the house. When you combine this with their cost-effectiveness, they come across as the perfect home-water heating solution. 

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