How to Safely Move a Refrigerator

How to Safely Move a Refrigerator


Aside from the piano, moving a refrigerator is one of the trickiest items to move from one place to another. It may be a bit challenging, but it is possible through careful planning and strategic execution. One thing that you have to remember is that you must ensure your safety when trying to transport this very heavy and very large appliance. Here’s how you can safely move your refrigerator: 

Empty the Refrigerator

Remove all the contents of your refrigerator. Make sure it does not contain any food items or liquids that may spill during the move. You should also remove everything else that may move and shift weight, such as ice cube trays. 

Remove or Secure Shelves

If your refrigerator comes with removable compartments and shelves, remove them. Don’t forget to label the trays and stack them securely. If you don’t want to remove the shelves and bins, you may secure them with tape. You have to make sure that the tape is secure enough to hold them in place during the moving process. 

Secure the Power Cord

The power cord is another component that you have to secure. Coil it and fasten it with tape so it cannot cause any accidents while the refrigerator is being transported during the move. 

Defrost the Freezer

If your freezer has frost buildup, defrost if before the move. Since defrosting can take about 8 hours, do this ahead of time before your scheduled move. You might be tempted to scrub clean your refrigerator during this time. While it is an excellent means to take good care of your refrigerator, your effort can be better spent in the morning after defrosting. 

Fasten the Refrigerator Door

An essential step in preparing your refrigerator is by snugly securing the doors with a rope. Long distance movers usually advise their clients to tie both the refrigerator and freezer doors so they won’t accidentally open during transport, as it can cause damage or dents if it hits other items in the truck. The doors should not be tied too tightly — this will prevent misalignment and also to allow some air to flow inside to prevent mold growth, mainly if the move will take about a day or two. 

Use a Moving Dolly

Never attempt to move the refrigerator by carrying it. It is not safe for you or your appliance. If you are hiring a mover, inform them that you are moving a refrigerator so they can prepare a moving dolly. When moving the fridge to the dolly, slide it away from the wall and secure it with moving straps. Make sure that the refrigerator is in an upright position. Tilting it too much can cause the oil in the compressor to seep into the cooling tubes. When this happens, the refrigerator may fail to cool properly, causing you more expenses for repair. 

Use a Ramp When Loading the Refrigerator

Make sure that your moving company has a ramp to move the refrigerator onto the truck. Using a ramp minimizes the tilting of the fridge. If you are making the move on your own, make sure that you have someone helping you move the refrigerator. Roll it slowly to the ramp. Make sure that your helpers can coordinate the lift smoothly, informing you of any possible obstacles and holding the refrigerator while you move it inside the truck. 

Secure the Refrigerator

Once the fridge is in the truck, make sure that it will remain in an upright position. If you can have it securely hooked up to the dolly, even better. If this is not possible, make sure to brace it with other furniture by hooking it to a table or other moving supplies. You can also strap it in place with a bungee rope

If you find it challenging to move a refrigerator and you feel it is time to replace it, you may consider buying a new fridge for your new home. If not, it is best to secure the services of a reliable moving company to make moving your old fridge somewhere else easier for you.

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