Need help with building inspection? Let’s see how to find out an expert

Building inspection or pre-purchase inspection helps a buyer to discover all the underlying structural damages in the property of their interest before they initiate payment. These inspections give homeowners an edge in matters of negotiation and safe investments.

Building inspection

If you have seen a house and talked to the seller about it, make sure you first get it thoroughly inspected by an expert so that you don’t have to face any unwanted surprises later. Just remember that building and pest inspection are two different services, but since these are necessary to determine the health of a property, you should consider selecting both. However, for that, you would first need to hire a building inspector.

Here are a few points that can help you choose the most efficient professional for your need.


qualified inspector

License and experience are two essential criteria of a qualified inspector. It is the guarantee of the person’s professionalism and profound understanding of the structure of the house. Every individual in this field with a license possesses a unique license number that helps clients to track their background. If you have any doubts about a particular service provider, you can refer to this unique identification number and get details about his credibility.

List of services

A person can take about 30 to 90 minutes in inspecting a property from end-to-end. The exercise will be an exhaustive one extending to areas like cracked walls, dampness, electrical issues, gardens, garage, roof, windows, rusting, plumbing work, etc. These are only a few items. There can be many more things that he can examine. As per the issue of pest infestation goes, you may have to book a separate service for this.


It is crucial to find out whether the professional has adequate insurance cover or not. Insurance is like a professional indemnity that can come in handy in case you or the property suffers any damage because of his advice.

Report submission

A pre-purchase inspector has to submit a detailed report of the inspection to the client with photos. The written account should be free of all biases so that you can take a final call without hesitation. Also, the report should meet the Australian Standards for building inspection.

Taking the help of a professional inspector in matters of property can be a wise move from your end. Whether you are considering investing in one or multiple projects, inspection is indispensable so that you don’t go wrong with your investment decision.

You can search for building inspection services online or ask your family and friends for a reference. No matter who you select for this job, the person should have a good reputation in the market. Nowadays, online customer ratings and reviews serve as an efficient mechanism for finding out the quality of any service or product. You can also look for the feedback of the previous customers about them to understand whether the particular company is a perfect fit for your need or not. Also, do test the individual according to the guidelines mentioned above.


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