How To Mix and Match Southwestern Rugs In Your Home

Southwestern rugs can suit any home. Regardless of the overall theme and size of your home, there will be a handful of southwestern rugs which can go perfectly with it. However, it’s not enough that you have a southwestern rug at home – you should also know how to mix and match this piece depending on its texture, tone, style, and size.

Southwestern rugs

Buying a southwestern rug from southwesternrugsdepot is only one part of your to-do list. As a homeowner, you should know how to mix and match this rug to bring out the best in your home. To do this, consider the following decorating tips:

   1. Define Areas Of Your Home Using Rugs

Different areas in the home are utilized for different purposes. Your dining area is used differently in contrast to your living area. If you’re looking for a creative yet cheap way to define space in your home, use southwestern rugs. This can be a stylish way to identify one area to another.

   2. Make Sure To Create Variety

Who says you can only use one southwestern rug in each room?  Feel free to put together a mixture of rug designs around the house. Use southwestern rugs with different shapes in one room or area to make it more fun. This trick allows you to visually cut the room into two while creating a sense of variety. It’s also a smart way to add in little changes yet create a strong overall impact to your home.

   3. Create Harmony Using Complementary Southwestern Rugs

If you’re planning to use more than one southwestern rugs, make sure that you’re choosing pieces which complement each other. If you bought a southwestern rug in different hues of pink, the next set of rugs should be shades of green. The more harmonious your rugs are, the more appealing and relaxing it is to the eyes of your loved ones.

   4. Pay Attention To The Volume Of The Room

When it comes to interior decorating, less is more. You don’t have to fill an entire room with different knick-knacks just to make it look good. The same mindset applies when using southwestern rugs. If the wallpapers of your living room use an ornate pattern, pick southwestern rugs which have subtle colors, designs, or prints. Conversely, if your walls and upholstery are subtle, using southwestern rugs with bold prints can make the overall look more aesthetically balanced.

   5. Create A Focal Point Using Southwestern Rugs

The rooms in your home shouldn’t only be functional, it should also be aesthetically pleasing. To achieve this goal, create a focal point in your home using southwestern rugs. Paint the walls in your home with a color that echoes the colors of the rug. For example, if you’re using a southwestern rug which mimics the jungle, consider painting your walls with soft hues of green.

   6. Dress Up Your Walls Using Southwestern Rugs

Although rugs are traditionally placed on floors, this doesn’t mean you can no longer use it for another purpose. If you want to take your styling game a notch higher, place southwestern rugs on your walls. This is a creative and fun way of displaying your southwestern rugs while creating a focal point in a given room or space.

   7. Play Around With Different Shapes

Using southwestern rugs in a rectangular shape is common today, but it’s not the only option. There are actually southwestern rugs that come in the shape of a circle or square. For you to decide which shape is best for your home, look at your furniture. If you think your current furniture arrangement is suitable for non-rectangular rugs, start scouting for a round, square or oval shaped southwestern rugs.

   8. Use The Right-Sized Rug

Choosing the size of the rug is just as important as choosing its style, shape, and design. Using southwestern rugs that are too small can make the room feel and look cramped. On the other side, using southwestern rugs which are too big can make the room too empty. For you to find the right size of southwestern rug for your home, subtract 3 feet from the width and length of the room or area, and look for a rug suitable to this size.

Ensure Maintenance

For you to enjoy a well-decorated home using southwestern rugs, make sure that you exert time and effort to keep it dust-free. Although most premium southwestern rugs are easy to clean, you should never skimp on routine cleaning to keep it in good shape. Furthermore, purchase rugs that’s suitable for your cleaning schedule. For instance, never buy a southwestern rug which requires daily vacuuming when you’re only available during weekends.

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