How to Clean Hardwood Floors Like an Expert

Have you moved to your new house? For sure, it is the best. It has unique decorations and features that were not in your previous home. One of the things that are exciting is the hardwood floor. Though you are so happy, it might be your first time being in a house whose flooring is made of hardwood.

For many, the challenge arises when you want to clean the floor to perfection. If that is the case, then worry no more. As today you will get to know the best ways to clean hardwood flooring.

Things you Require to Clean Hardwood Floor

 Before you get started, you need several things that will aid you in cleaning your floor like an expert. Hardwood cleaning experts advise you that you should not buy acidic or alkaline cleaning agents. As they will damage your floor. They recommend you purchase a pH-neutral cleaning agent.

Secondly, you need to have a broom. The essence of a broom is to remove dirt from the floor. Although many people prefer using vacuum cleaners, you must remove dust using a broom. Then you can ensure there is no dirt by making use of the vacuum cleaner.

Another thing you must have is a mop and a bucket. As are vital tools, you require them to clean your hardwood floor. A mop ensures that you get rid of stick stains on the hardwood floor completely. You can buy a flat microfiber mop. The reasons being;

  • Very easy to use
  • You can reuse the mop
  • They clean a large surface area

Additionally, microfiber mops don’t capture too much water, unlike other types of mops.

NB: You can also use a cup of vinegar and a gallon of water once a month. Don’t frequently use vinegar as it will tarnish your floor as it is acidic. However, it is not highly recommended for use by cleaning experts.

Furniture coaster and felt pads are also necessary when you want to clean your hardwood floor. To protect your floor from scratch and gouges brought about by furniture, you need to use furniture coasters. You can also use a moving blanket to protect your floor.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, please buy one that is recommended only for use in cleaning hardwood floors. Don’t use any vacuum cleaner on your hardwood floor. Go to online shops like Amazon and search for the best vacuum cleaners for hardwood flooring.

The vacuum cleaners should have the following features.

  • Portable upright vacuums
  • Cordless stick
  • Canister vacuum

Steps of Cleaning your Hardwood Floor

Once you have known about the essential things, you require before you clean your hardwood floor. Next are the steps you need to follow when cleaning. They are imperative to ensure that you clean your floor correctly. It will be tiring to clean and later recognize that you never did the correct thing.

Removing Furniture and Other Household Items

The first thing you must do is to remove all furniture and other household items that are in contact with your hardwood floor. Remember to use felt pads, moving blankets, and furniture coaster.

They are essential to preventing gouges and scratched while moving the items. They might be heavy, so moving them can damage the floor. You can also find some to assist you in moving the items by doing that you will have an ample space to start cleaning your floor.

Get a Broom

Others prefer using dust mops, but that’s not bad. But it will be best if you use a broom. Don’t forget it should be a microfiber broom. That will ensure you get rid of all dirt from the floor. Also, with the broom, clean your wall to remove cobwebs and other dust that might have accumulated.

Remember to clean the furniture as they harbor dust. After doing that, you can now use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that your floor surface is free from dirt entirely. For the vacuum cleaner, inspect it before use. It should not have abrasives that will damage the floor.

Mix Cleaning Agents and Water

Are you done with dusting your floor?

Preferably you can start by ensuring your floor is sparkling. Mix the floor cleaner with warm water in a bottle. Let it not be too concentrated as it will destroy your floor. That will shorten the time you will clean your floor.

Time to Mop

The next step is to prepare to mop your floor. The first thing is to mix cleaning agents and water. Read all the instructions from the manufacturer before mixing the cleaning solution. Ensure that the water you use is warm. After that, get your mop.

The mop should be damp. Never use a soaking wet mop as it will give you tough moments when cleaning.

Don’t forget to open your windows and doors for air circulation.

Time to Relax

Once you are not mopping, you can now relax and wait for the floor to dry so that you can arrange your house as it was.

Here is a tip on how to remove scuffs from your hardwood floor.

For a while, many people have been contacting us and requesting us on the best ways of removing scuffs gently without damaging their hardwood floors. So, without forgetting that, here are tips you need to take note of.

  • Light Scuffs

Light scuffs are not easy to identify, but if you are cleaning your floor, then you will notice them. To remove such scuffs, you need a clean cloth or a fuzzy tennis ball.

  • Heavy Scuffs

Use baking soda together with a moist cloth to get rid of heavy scuffs. Scrub the part of the floor with the scrape slowly until you eradicate it. After that, use a dry cloth to rinse the surface.

NB: Using these methods will prevent your floor from getting damaged or developing scratches.


Your home should be clean. No matter if you have a nine-hour shift job. Make sure you find time to clean your hardwood floor thoroughly. They are fragile, and without the use of suitable cleaning methods, they will wear out quickly.

Thank you for your time.


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