How to Choose a Home Inspector in Denver


Finding a good home inspector in Denver goes beyond just checking credentials. When you are in search of a home to buy, waiting for your offer to be accepted before you can get a home inspector is not ideal. You should rather do both simultaneously. Doing this will give you time to interview a number of candidates and finally select the most experienced professional.

A good home inspector conducts a proper assessment of the home to ascertain the true condition of all the systems and appliances before making purchasing recommendations. If you need the services of a qualified inspector, you can visit sites like to find out how to go about it.

Now, to choose a suitable professional for the job, you may need some of the tips we have outlined in this article. Read on to find out.


Tips on How to Choose a Home Inspector

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If you are in Denver and you need help on how to choose a reliable inspector, the following tips will be helpful:


Use Referrals Only After You’ve Confirmed them

Your estate agent may offer to send in some names for you to choose from. This action may be born out of goodwill but you need to consider the business aspect of it and do a proper examination of whoever you decide to work with. This is because most real estate agents just want to close a deal and the profit they make is dependent on a lot of factors of which the inspector’s report is paramount.

If the inspection reveals a lot of issues with the home, it will definitely be used to negotiate a cheaper price or even cancel the deal. A checker who has been referred by your real estate agent is likely to feel obligated to the agent first, and then avoid a thorough inspection to protect the deal.


Identify Trusted and Qualified Candidates


To get a reliable hand, first ask colleagues and friends who have recently closed a home deal if they will recommend the agent they used. You can also get referrals from online communities where members post their encounters. Some states and provinces also have a database of inspectors so you can visit their website to select from the list. When you are choosing an inspector from a website, check for professional certifications and practical experience which include the services they render.

Also, before choosing a candidate, check online to see if there are complaints about their services. Try running a web search to see if the name of the company pops up in “complaints.”


Look for More than Credentials

Securing the services of a certified professional gives some level of confidence that the individual is knowledgeable in the field. There are Provinces that mandate these professionals to pass their Online Inspector Examination to prove qualification for practice.

However, some states require that professionals pass a written Home Inspectors Examination before a license is issued. You may have to request for the license before you consider hiring them.

Now, here’s the important part. You need to know that having professional certifications and licensing do not guarantee a good outcome. There have been several cases of hired professionals who failed to find important issues in a home up for sale even with their certifications and licenses. This goes to show that being knowledgeable in the field is not limited to licensing and certification but a meticulous eye for detail.


Run a Comparison of Reports

One of the most reliable ways to find out how thorough an inspector will be and how well they are likely to communicate if any problems are found, is to request for a copy of a job they have done in the past. This should preferably be a property with similarities with the one you want to purchase. When you have access to this copy, you will be able to deduce the level of thoroughness in reporting.

Now since you are the one hiring, you will have access to reports sent in by different inspectors. Use your initiative to know the ones that are as detailed as you will want yours to be.

There are inspectors that fill their reports with loads of generic information like the need to caulk around windows in a bid to improve energy or even the importance of setting the seal on a wood deck. When you find such reports, discard them as they are likely to do the same with the home you intend to buy.


Consider Years of Experience

It is okay to have professional certifications but that is not all. You should also considering hiring someone who is experienced in the field by virtue of several years of practice. This person must have seen different types of home and will likely have a good grasp of issues that are associated with them.

Now, if the home you intend to buy is older, search for someone with credentials and extra training in architecture and home engineering, and just get ready to pay a little higher than others will request for. This is because, unlike the average service you get from an inspector whose services are basically a proper scrutiny of the home, one with training in these areas will give you more than just a scan of the basics. They will go deeper and can also find issues that might make you call off the deal.


Pricing and Benefits

Most inspectors without credentials charge less than you will pay for the services of experienced ones. However, this is dependent on the home size, location, scope of inspection, and experience.

There are inspectors that add other free services like using a drone to check the roof or using an infrared camera to check temperature differences that can tell the presence of dangerous moisture. For all these extra but important services, some others may refer you to someone who is an expert in these areas requiring that you pay extra for them.

You should therefore take some time to understand all the extra services a person may be offering before concluding whether their pricing is high or okay.

Now that you know what to do to secure the services of a reliable home inspector in Denver, it is important to always remember why you should avoid hiring a bad serviceman. You can check here to find out how harmful hiring the wrong person can be.



Choosing a home inspector can be a bit difficult especially if you don’t know how to go about it. If you follow every step outlined in this article, you will be in a better position to end up with a professional who will get the job done for you satisfactorily.

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