Important Points To Consider While Buying A New Property

Buying a new property is never an easy decision because of the investment involved in it. You have to pay attention to so many points to ensure that your investment does not go down the drain. Most people think that they should only consider the location, but there are other points to bear in mind too. Here is what you should know.

Site location

The first step to narrow down your house hunt is to filter the locations. There are many factors to consider when you are searching for the right location. Whether you choose a prime and posh location or a quiet and laid-back location is your preference and changes from one buyer to another. Agents generally suggest you not to go beyond the set budget and choose the location as per your affordability. For example, if you are a newly married couple and don’t need to buy a car, you can as well choose a home that’s near your favorite restaurant or mall and then have a romantic walk.

If you are an elderly couple who want to mingle with people, go for morning walks and relax during the day, go for a serene place near parks and an environment that’s friendly for the elderly. If you have kids, there are many factors you need to think about, such as school, friends, play areas, entertainment options and so on.

It is also important to know whether the property is mortgage able in future. If it is impossible or difficult to mortgage the property due to its location, you may not want to waste more time on it as this may lead to difficulties in even getting the loan approved. You should also check if the area is under any dispute or comes under a high-risk area or a natural disaster zone.

Photos of the property

Take a thorough look at the photos of the property and look for pictures that detail the interiors and rooms of the house. If the only the external portion is shown gloriously, you should not settle for it and ask for more detailed pictures.

modern residential area with cozy luminous homes

Agents are smart enough and can sell a house by hook or crook. Be careful with the marketing gimmicks played by the agents. For example, they may change the date on particulars to make it look as if the ad was put only a couple of days even if it was posted six months ago!

Same way, if the house seems bright and well-furnished in photos, you will want to go and check it out. Do not book any property by just believing what the agent says.


Safety is another factor which should help you decide on your new home. Are there CCTV cameras installed at all necessary common places? Are there sufficient guards available to handle unforeseen situations like theft, fire or conflicts? Are the guards professionally trained to handle different situations?

Though we can trust the guards, we also need to be alert and safe from our side. Apart from the manual security measures, it is important to have good quality locks and windows and alarm systems installed to ensure complete safety. It is beneficial to have a self-lock so that even you don’t remember to close the door before rushing anywhere; the door will close itself.

If you are shifting with kids, it is even more important for you to choose a place with high security. Some apartments have an intercom facility and a small screen where they can see the visitor. With everyone having more exposure to the external world, it is only wise to be safe than feel sorry later.


Your neighbors can make your life easy and happy or can make you extremely stressed. Check the overall lifestyle and quality of life provided by a particular neighborhood.

Along with immediate neighbors, you need to also consider the broader neighborhood. For example, you are a pure vegetarian but see a line of egg, meat and chicken shops nearby; it won’t be a pleasant sight for you at all.

If the house next to you is also vacant with some work going on, consider this as a positive for shifting to this home. A home that’s being furnished will have positivity, and that positivity will soon spread to you too.


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