Should I Commission A Land Or Building Survey?

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The world of real estate can be very complex, with many terms that refer to services and conditions, and many potential homeowners are confused, specifically regarding building and land surveys. This article examines both of these services in more detail to help the potential buyer gain a better understanding.

Land Survey

Also referred to as “property”, “boundary” and even “architectural” surveys, the land survey describes the physical limits of a property or plot of land. This would include a simple footprint of any structures on the land, while it might also contain information about:

  • Public streets
  • Sidewalks
  • Public utilities – gas, water, sewage systems
  • Adjacent buildings

The land survey document does not contain any information about the interior of the building, should there be one. There are Leicester surveyors for building and land surveys who are very experienced and can help you decide which services you require.

Topographical Land Surveys

If you are looking to purchase a sizeable plot of land that currently has structures, a topographical survey would be the recommendation. This type of survey would include the dimensions of all structures, with fencing, boundaries, manholes and utilities, all marked, plus the ability to present in 3D format, which is great to show developers.

Building Survey

The building survey is more concerned with the structure than the land it sits on, and it describes the physical characteristics in plan, elevation and section, and could even include a 3D model. Building plans often include the following:

  • Floor plans
  • Exterior elevations
  • Building extensions
  • Utilities
  • Structural plans

Which Survey Is Right For Me?

This very much depends on several factors, and if the structure was built before the 1950s, a building survey would be the best way forward. A building survey is also recommended if you plan on major renovations or extending the building in any way, and in some cases, both surveys would be recommended. To find out more about building and land surveys, a quick search on Google should lead you to informative articles on the matter.

Use Of Technology

Leading surveyors would use software that enables highly accurate 3D imaging, which is ideal when you are looking at making some design changes, and most surveying firms would be happy to tailor their services to suit the client. Laser scanners are commonly used in land and building surveys, as they are very precise, plus the use of this technology really does speed up the process. Modern surveying is not only more accurate, it takes much less time than it used to, and that equates to lower prices.

Talk To The Experts

If you are looking to purchase a property and would lie to consult with an established surveyor, an online search will help you to locate a nearby company and with their expert advice, you can make the right choices.

The high level of existing technology allows you to have accurate surveys carried out at an affordable price, and whatever the project, you can proceed with some confidence, having had all the right surveys commissioned.

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