3 Father’s Day Handmade Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is a holiday both meaningful and most often celebrated by the young and old alike. Sure, readily available gifts are easily purchased at virtually any and all retailers, but there’s a more personalized option available. Handmade gifts are not just a beautiful way to show your love, but they portray the thought and personality placed behind a gift. Here are three of the best homemade gift ideas for this Father’s Day!

1. The Handprint Picture

Intended for younger kids, but by no means is there an age limit, a handprint picture is literally worth a thousand words. This is a simply executed painting that is both inspiring and beautiful at the same time.

fathers day handprint and footprint gift idea

All you will need is acrylic paint in your choice of colors and a piece of paper. It is best to dispense the acrylic paint onto a paper plate for easy application. Using your hand, make sure you get plenty of coverage so you can imprint your palm print onto a piece of paper.

You can also have it framed or frame it yourself for that extra special touch. Just make sure that you get the right size with mat included. If you don’t know that the different sizes are, Frame Destination has a good resource.

There are many ways to dress up this seemingly simple idea. Some may choose to leave it as is as a sweet reminder with perhaps the date and occasion written beneath the handprint. Others may get a bit more artistic and turn the handprint into a tree, a princess dress or even a wild animal.

2. Homemade Trail Mix

What better way to show dad how much you love him than with your own signature trail mix? It all starts with a nice big empty mason jar bottle. Create a trail mix label you can adhere to the front for optimum personalization.

Fathers Day Homemade Trail Mix
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What goes into DIY trail mix? You may wish to follow a formula readily available in popular mixes such as nuts, raisins, other dried fruit and crackers. However, don’t let store shelves make you think there’s a right or a wrong way to go about this. Candy, popcorn, chocolate and marshmallows are more than appropriate additions to any DIY mix.

3. The Sharpie Mug

Mugs are a traditional gift for the occasion, but they are easily personalized using Sharpie paint pens. Using them on a glazed surface provides a longer lifespan for the artwork. Kids of all ages will appreciate the fun labor this gifting method entails.

Fathers Day Sharpie Mug

You can help youngsters write a favorite quote that holds meaning for them or doodle a drawing that they feel represents their relationship. The results look flawless and are semi-permanent.

Here’s what you’ll need: Grab a fresh solid colored mug and Sharpie paint pens in your choice colors. After the doodling is complete, bake the finished product in the oven 350 degrees for half an hour. After setting it out to cool, the mug is now gift-able!

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift is as easy as walking down the aisle of a favorite store, but why not put more thought into it? A simple homemade gift not only shows how much you love your father, but it can really feel special in comparison to mass produced options.

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