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For those of you who already discovered the fun in knitting for yourself and the loved ones, going through the basics on knitting needles may be a bit boring. Which is exactly why we’re not going to do it in the first place!

We’re gonna talk instead about the interchangeable knitting needles as it’s only a matter of time until you get to discover them.

The interchangeable knitting needles look a lot like the circular knitting needles as they are also about a pair of needle tips joined together in the middle, using a cable or a cord. They are typically used when you want to knit in the round that is knitting items without a seam. It’s up to your creativity to “stop” at the smaller projects (gloves, hats) or go big (jackets, sweaters). If this isn’t the first time you’re using interchangeable knitting needles, it’s no news to you when we say you may also use them for the large flat projects like blankets.

The interchangeable knitting needles feature a detachable cable that may be interchanged, adjusting the side that goes for your specific project. You may find tips very variously sized, but the cables may differ in length as well. Some respected brands have raised the bar higher and even offer you cable connector so that you may join 2xcables (or even more), increasing the flexibility.

It’s pretty obvious that interchangeable knitting needles are a common choice among the dedicated knitters and getting a set of this type of needles means you’re really up for the sophisticated knitting projects.

The main things to consider when getting interchangeable knitting needles is the cable length, the needle tip size, and the material of the needles.

If you plan some larger, heavy projects, it’s better to go with some longer cables, whereas a mid-sized project only requires you to use medium long cables. Go for the short cables if you only want to knit some hats though.

Choosing the needle tip size isn’t that difficult when you know your knitting. It’s best though to give a couple of tries on a patch in order to decide which size fits best a specific project.

As for the material, the market gives you needles made of Metal, Plastic or Wood. Each of them fits better specific projects and it’s a matter of taste, which one choose, in the end.

TOP 5 Interchangeable Knitting Needles

If you go shopping for some interchangeable knitting needles with just a buck in your pocket, it’s likely that you come back home empty handed. The situation changes though if you chip in some extra bucks and you may even get a great deal. We’re thinking about the Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Interchangeable Kneedle Set that makes it as a fair choice when you don’t want to spend much on your knitting needles.

The set includes three knitting needles tips, three cord keys, but also three cords and six end caps. You get some of the most popular choices in needles tips (7, 8, and 9) and the cords are well chosen as well (24, 32, and 40 inches).

The needles are made of good quality wood and its surface isn’t just nicely dyed, but also gets warm pretty fast in your hands. The wood surface is nicely polished, whereas the points are smoothly tapered. They glide nice and easy, no matter your knitting project.

The needles are easy to joint and the tips are so smooth. The cables don’t bunch and are flexible and thin. That doesn’t mean though they can’t handle larger projects, though.

The sharp points go smooth and give you efficiency and speed on the projects.

The needles are easy to use and the price is unbeatable. It’s easy to change the needles and the set is a good option for any fixed budget.

Here are the things we like the most on the set:

  • The set includes several needles tips, cord keys and three cords
  • The needles are made of good wood
  • The tips are smooth and the needles are easy to joint
  • The cables don’t bunch

We don’t like the following:

  • They may come apart in the middle of the job
  • The set could use a better storage system

Nevertheless, for the little money you pay, the set is dependable and may serve you well for some knitting projects.

Even though they make a great choice for the beginner knitter, the Knitter’s Pride Dreamz Deluxe Special Interchangeable Needles Set manage to be a reliable option for the experienced knitter as well.

The set includes interchangeable needles in the most popular 7 sizes. The cords and tips are joined together and each tip is around 4 inches. The line comes in a nice range of 11 colors.

The needles are made with quality wood and have a nice touch feel. They have a good weight and feel smooth. They’re nicely pointy and don’t come unscrewed in the middle of your knitting, which is so annoying.

We like the needles, as they are fast and don’t snag. They are quite versatile as it’s not difficult at all to find the right connectors for then. The joins are smooth and the needles are easy to connect/disconnect. The cord is flexible and efficient.

The carrying case is compact and offers a good space for organizing. It includes also a small pocket for the cords and it’s very easy to pack.

The needles come in nice colors and the whole case looks nice.

Let’s pinpoint the main features:

  • The set is well made and easy to use
  • The needles are made with good quality wood and the joins are smooth
  • The needles come in most popular 7 sizes and look pretty
  • The needles are nicely pointed and hold up pretty well

We’re never forgetting the downsides:

  • You may need longer cord for bigger projects
  • The durability may be an issue in some cases

All in all, for a fair price, you get a reliable, nice looking and versatile set of interchangeable knitting needles that help any knitter, especially the entry-level type.

The interchangeable circular needles from the Clover Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles “Takumi Combo” Set are not only versatile as they come in so many sizes, but also very nicely made and durable.

The set includes 12-needle sizes (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.5, 11, 13, and 15) and 5 cord sizes, giving you the chance to obtain no less than 60 combinations.

The tips are nicely tapered, whereas the needle surface has a smooth finish. The joint connection between the needle and cord is finely made and you get a smooth glide every single time.

The needles are made in Japan, from the impressive Takumi bamboo. They grip the yarn pretty good and are quite easy to screw on.

The leather-like zippered case is stiff and very well organized.

It’s easy to switch the needles and the cables according to your needs. The transition from cord to needle is smooth, giving you speed on the jobs.

The cables are flexible and don’t twist or shape weirdly.

Lightweight, smooth and easy to use and switch in between, the needles are a sure thing when you want to step up your game.

Going over the most important features once again:

  • The needles are made with Takumi bamboo and are lightweight and smooth
  • The cables are flexible and don’t twist
  • The set includes a wide variety of needles and cables
  • The needles run smooth and the joint connection is fine

We’d like to see some minor changes:

  • Some reported unscrewing during a project
  • Some would have liked the tips to be longer

Despite the minor cons, the needles stand out with the fine material, diversity on the cables and sizes, becoming a dependable option anytime.

The more you pay for your knitting needles, the more you get and the Addi Click Turbo Basic Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needle System with Exclusive Blue Cords sure don’t go far from the description.

The set includes 10 various sizes of Addi Turbo tips, 3 blue cords and 1 Addi Click connector. The tips come in a good variety of sizes, whereas the blue cords are flexible and pliable, creating 24”, 32”, and 40” needles.

The Click connector helps you store stitches or combine your cords, as you want. The cords are good and never curl up.

The needles are designed and made in Germany so you sure don’t have to worry about the precision nor the quality of the craftsmanship. They are made with smooth bamboo and the tips are a bit blunt and slick. They are lightweight and grip pretty well.

The joins are nice and smooth and the locking system makes sure the cord stays put during your knitting. You don’t need any tools to change the Click tips and they remain safe until you change them. The tips are nickel plated with an electro-static process. Therefore, you obtain a smooth, rounded edge and the tip and cord simply click together.

The set comes in a nice leather carrying case that protects nicely every item inside.

The most important qualities would be:

  • The set includes a great variety of size needles
  • You also get 3 pliable blue cords and one Click connector
  • The needles run smooth and nicely
  • The cords don’t curl up and the joins are easy to make

As for the parts, we like less:

  • The cords may come off
  • Yarn may get caught in the connections

For the versatility, amazing quality of the materials and of craftsmanship, the set makes it as a good investment of your money, though.

Some may get mislead when they see the funny looking Panda end stoppers inside the HiyaHiya Interchangeable Needles Set. We come to ensure you though there’s nothing to joke about the Hiya Hiya interchangeable needles set as every single item inside it’s pretty “serious” about its job.

The set includes 12 sets of 5” sharp tips and 4 long lasting cables (18”, 26”, 34”, and 42”). You also get small cable connectors tip adapter and large single point adapters. As for the small and large Panda stoppers, they are both cute looking and pretty efficient.

Inside the case we also find some other useful accessories: knitters safety pins, darn its, and puppy snip.

The needles are made of high quality stainless steel and feature keyless screw-on connections. The cables are flexible and smooth joins. The smooth finish of the needles has the right amount of slickness and the tips are sharp. You may easily and safely use the sharp tips for increasing/decreasing and the intricate stitch patterns.

We like the needles, as they are lightweight and warm up pretty fast in your hand. They are slick without being slippery. The joins stay together and the loops are sturdy.

Even though they are made in China, the needles and all items inside impress with the high quality of the materials and the craftsmanship.

The case is well designed and looks very pretty.

Putting under the big lights the main pros:

  • The set includes 13 sets of 5” sharp tips and 4 cables
  • You also get small cable connectors tip adapter and other functional items
  • The needles are made with stainless steel and are slick, but not slippery
  • The set is made with high quality materials and impresses with its performances

Bells and whistles aside, here are our cons:

  • This isn’t the cheapest set out there
  • Some reported the stitches getting stuck

Made with high quality materials, the needles are not only reliable and efficient, but also come with functional items and work on so many knitting projects.

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