How to Make Your Own Holiday Photo Frames the Right Way

How to Make Your Own Holiday Photo Frames the Right Way

To learn how to make your own holiday photo frames, you need some good advice. That way, you can make frames that look great and make awesome gifts. They can also be displayed in your home around the holidays.

Whatever they are for, making them the right way is what you’ll learn to do below.

You’re going to want to jazz up an existing frame that you can generally buy at a local store. If you don’t have a store near you that sells photo frames or just frames in general, see if you can find them online.

Generally, you don’t have to pay as much for a frame that is simple and easy to work with when you want to use it to paint on and the like. You can also just order a custom holiday frame and add to it so go with what’s going to work in your particular situation.

The Paint

A good idea is to learn how to paint objects related to the holiday photo you’re going to frame. For instance, if it’s a scene with a lot of trees that represent how you feel about Christmas, you can paint custom trees onto the frame to make it even more interesting when used to frame a photo.

handmade holiday photo frame

There are a lot of awesome painting tutorials online and you can also find books that will teach you the basics. Learn to paint what you see and you can find reference materials online that can help you paint onto a frame.

Do some paint pouring to customize a frame. Just pick out a few colors that you know are going to make your frame a good fit for your photo, and then learn how to pour them one at a time onto the frame.

When you go this route, make sure you don’t use too much paint because then it can get lumpy and not look all that great on the frame when you’re done. Basically, you’re just going to want to pour paint onto the frame in stages to get the effect you want.

Using the Frame After the Holidays

A custom frame is something that you can sell online after you make it if you want to earn a little money. In fact, if you want some ideas, you can ask your friends and family through social media to send you ideas.

Let them know that you want to make custom frames for the holidays and see what they recommend you try to put onto a frame that they think they would enjoy seeing. You can also join social media groups or other online forums where you can talk about art and get all of the ideas you need to make your frames as awesome as possible.

Once you use the information you were given here, you can make your own holiday photo frames. You want to take your time with this so you get the best results. Once you make your own frames, they will make a great gift and/or can be displayed in your home.

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