Perfect Gifts for All Special Occasions

“Oh! We do not really need anything”, is something every host says when inviting you to some celebration or event. But it is your job to decrypt this encoded message and bring along a token of thanks for the invitation. Similarly, if there are any birthdays coming up or the calendar is about to repeat a special day for you or your family, asking the respective person is not enough.

Though, if you are really lucky and they tell you what they want, it will pacify all the romance out of the event, not something you really want. What exactly is the ultimate goal of the giftware – to surprise and not disappoint the receiver?

Here goes your ultimate guide to finding the perfect gift for every occasion:


Appropriate Gifts as Per Occasions

Certainly, we all love receiving presents whereas few of us love to give as much as we receive. However, sometimes it is a hassle thinking of a perfect present for your loved ones and you have to think very hard to come to a decision.

To make gift-selection a hassle-free and fun task, here is a list of perfect gifts for each occasion to surprise your loved ones.



Birthdays are very special to everyone and arguably the most popular occasion to give presents.

Here are some gift ideas to give your friends or family members on their birthday:

  • Plan a surprise birthday party and invite everyone dear to the birthday person.
  • Plan a visit to someplace the person would love.
  • Get the birthday girl/boy something they currently do not possess.
  • Get a customized cake of the theme they like or their favorite flavor. Send them their favorite kind of flower or a bouquet.
  • Accessories they would adore – for instance, a purse, wallet, keychain, jewelry. Customized or handmade cards.


New Born Babies

What event could be more worthy of celebration than the arrival of a new member of the family? And you have to bless them with a perfect gift too! While purchasing gifts for the newborn babies make sure you keep the mommies in mind since new babies do not need as much help as the mommies do.

The key point to remember is that you can never go wrong with baby clothing. Even if you are not sure about the sex, just grab a clothing item that says ‘unisex’ as it will go for both genders.

Pick feeders, spoon-feeding tools, tethers. Get a set of baby cosmetics that include everything from moisturizers to baby soaps and shampoos. You can also buy them separately and complete the set. Babies love soft stuff. Stuffed animals and noisy toys will make a great choice. For the mother, jewelry and clothes would work great.

Strollers, diapers, baby wipes, and blankets are some good options for ‘useful’ present.



Wedding anniversaries are very nostalgic events and a great way to revive fond memories. Whether you are looking for a gift to present to your partner or any other couple,

Here are some amazing ideas to start with:

  • Book a date for your partner at a fancy restraint, or treat them with a spa day, or a shopping spree, golf day, massage, etc.
  • Accessories are the most traditional yet successful of all anniversary presents. Jewelry, watches, cuff-links, shoes always work.
  • For other couples, reserve them seats at their favorite restaurant, or buy them cute customized matching mugs or tees. You can also consider accessories or gift hampers coupled with a bottle of classic wine.
  • Gift your partner a gift bucket of chocolates, a bouquet of their favorite flowers, etc.



A wedding symbolizes the union of two parties that stay a lifetime. For this prosperous occasion, you would not want to spoil the newly-wed couple’s celebration with absurd gifts.

Here are some ideas to go with:

  • A picture frame or a pretty home décor item could work.
  • They could use some home appliances.
  • Houseware is also a perfect gift for the newlyweds.



No, we do not mean homecoming. Although pretty much the same, home-warming is a small celebration one does when moving to a new place. To wish the family luck and prosperous life in their new place, here are presents you can go ahead with:

  • Choose some attractive home décor items that they can use to beautify their new home.
  • Perfect options are scented candles, welcome mats, wind chimes, clocks, and flower vases.


Special Occasions

This includes every event besides the aforementioned, could be a graduation, matriculation, promotion, a new job, an admission in a new school or college – in short, any celebration for a certain milestone in life. These events are very special to people and you must keep in mind to gift them something that shows your appreciation for their accomplishments.

A congratulations card – either handmade or customized. You can get them an accessory such as a purse, a perfume or a belt. Self-care hamper.

A book he or she loves could be a favorite author, preferred genre, theme, series, etc.



Christmas is the most joyful time of the year. It is the most awaited time of the year perhaps because everyone gets showered with gifts. However, for a present giver, it can be quite daunting to decide whom to give what. You better start planning before the month of December as the rushed shopping can really kill the excitement of present receivers.

  • Get self-care hampers for girls from their favorite brands.
  • Clothing items such as tops, pants, hoodies, and coats from the person’s preferred brand.
  • Jewelry such as crystal rings, pendants, cuff-links.
  • Tech-devices like laptops, mobile phones, I-pods, etc. for teenagers.
  • Something your receiver had wanted all year but could not get.
  • Toys like battery cars, flying planes, etc.
  • Crockery, tea sets, hand-made tea bags.




1 – Make the Present an Event

Now that we have gotten over the gift, it is time to talk about wrapping. Make sure you add some creativity to the wrapping. Instead of just handing over the gift to your host, wrap it nicely in a decorated packaging paper to enhance the fun.

To turn your present into a whole event, layer the present in multiple packaging and send the receiver on a scavenger hunt. Instead of sending a straight card with a wish, highlight some similar quotes in their favorite book and let them find it. You can also sew a patch with a hand-embroidered message on an unstuffed animal to increase the excitement. Unwrapping surprises is a tremendous fun, never disregard the joy it can bring to their receiver.


2 – Give an Experience

Does the person you are choosing the gift for loves a book but somehow missed its adaptation at the Cinema? Maybe you can gift them its tickets or movie posters. Likewise, if a person is a diehard fan of a musician or band, get them concert tickets – or VIP passes if you can afford. Pre-book seats for the person at a fancy restaurant and pay from your card. Plan for them a date at game show or arena.


3 – Start with Making a List of All the Things the Person is Interested In

Jot down everything that the person is interested in – or if you do not know – list down the things that define their personality. Give a full 5 minutes and make a long list so that it becomes easy for you to narrow down to one a single item. Now, brainstorm everything on the list, either small or big. You do not have to purchase all those stuff, but they are there to make things easier for you. With this method, whatever you choose, your gifted will really appreciate it as the saying goes ‘it is the effort that counts’.


4 – Take a Peek into the Past

Perhaps someone on your list just freshly graduated from school, or a friend’s beloved dog passed away just recently. You can offer to frame the diploma for display or get the deceased dog’s picture framed and present it to the person. Believe us, these little things mean a lot to people and will be cherished by them forever.

Make a collage of you and your best friend’s photographs and get it framed. Make a slideshow of your parents’ pictures and display them at their anniversary celebration. A deceased one’s framed photographs, childhood toys re-gifted to gifts, these are some things that will stay with people emotionally and physically, forever.


5 – Ask Yourself What the Person Needs

Even if someone says they do not really want anything, there is always something they do want and need. If you are close enough to the person, you would know. It could be something they have mentioned over and over but do not have or something they need but could not afford. Make sure you choose a gift that is not only attractive but also useful to the person.

In case of a stranger, or someone you do not know enough to know their preferences, always choose a useful gift. You are not sure about their needs; hence better get something they can utilize instead of just showcasing on their selves.


6 – Do some Stalking

If all the above-mentioned ticks do not work or are not appealing enough, then stalk. Stalking is an art in itself and is guaranteed to get you the answers you are searching for. Be it social media, their personality, the social gatherings, literature, or the art they are into, you can easily judge a person’s preferences by stalking them. In today’s digital era, a person’s social media accounts tell almost everything about them. The kind of events they are interested in or have attended in the past, the content they follow or share, etc. are sure to tell you what they like or dislike, hence making the gift-choosing easier.


7 – Induce a Personal Bond with It

Although you are choosing the gift for someone else, it is important that the person see a glimpse of you too in it. Always opt for a gift that has a glimpse of your personality in it to remind the gifted of you every time they look at it.

For instance, buy perfume from their favorite brand but with your favorite fragrance. If they prefer stuffed animals add a stitched note to its bottom of the abdomen, a customized mug with you and the receiver’s photograph on it, a hand-knit scarf in their favorite hues, a tee with hand-embellished lettering or patterns, etc.


8 – Make Them Laugh

Planning on giving your bibliophile friend a kindle? Don’t just simply present it in a box, unpack it and hide it under a book or far genre they absolutely abhor. Wrap in sheets a pack of 22 pounds of potatoes and gift them to your ‘potato couch’ sibling. Know someone who wants trillions of money – you might want to deposit in their account trillions in defunct currencies.



9 – Be Charitable

Have you got someone on your list that literally has everything? That is highly impossible but that is fine since there are a lot of people who do not own legit everything. For a charitable friend, buy something they are really passionate about and donate it to their favorite charity. Also, if your friend or a family member runs a charity and /or is associated with it as a volunteer, then give away some cash as a birthday gift to the charity. This is perhaps the noblest of all gifts and can also make your philanthropist friend happy.



Finding an appropriate gift for each occasion can be quite overwhelming. However, the ultimate goal of exchanging gifts is to enhance relationships and promote love and charity in society. Hence, besides finding an appropriate gift for a certain occasion is not important but the thought you put into it. We hope this guide is helpful to you in sorting out the complicated job of choosing the right present for every occasion.


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