Criteria for Selecting a Circular Saw

An electric circular saw is one of the important and useful tools that can be useful not only in the professional field but also in everyday life. Best- circular saws are distinguished by a large set of functions, but the design uses a classic, which makes it possible to make even cuts of the required depth. The equipment allows you to cut materials both along and across, it is suitable for working with almost any sheet materials.

It is worth remembering that:

  • curve cuts with a circular saw cannot be made;
  • circular is a rather traumatic tool that requires compliance with safety rules.

 Metal sawing Tool

The staffing circle, which comes in the factory configuration of the product, is multifunctional. It copes well not only with sheet materials but also with pipes, profiles, steel, and softer materials, wood, and polymers.

The main advantages of this type of saws include:

  • high performance;
  • efficiency – the support of the machine on the base allows to facilitate the work of the master;
  • low noise figures;
  • fire safety – during operation, the material does not heat up and does not spark, hidden equipment increases the level of safety;
  • high resource carbide disk;
  • environmental friendliness – the emission of mineral dust is excluded;
  • high-quality cut.

 Submersible Circular Saw

This type of tool makes it possible to start cutting the material not from the edge, but anywhere. The submersible design implies the absence of a lower casing and lowering the disc only at the touch of a button, so you can easily perform local repairs – cut out the opening, make grooves, grooves, and other elements.

It is worth noting that the immersion tool can be used for both straight and inclined cuts. The immersion depth is adjustable to millimeters.

 Battery Saw

Some time ago it was difficult to imagine a cordless saw, there was a tool that worked only on a 220 V network. But the presence of batteries with significant capacity and efficient engines allows you to create the most convenient tool.

The main advantages of cordless saws are their mobility and ergonomics, which are combined with high technical characteristics. The selection of a model with a battery suitable for other cordless tools makes this type of equipment very convenient and functional.

 What are the Parameters to Choose a Circular Saw?

  1. The diameter of the blade is the main parameter, taking into account which the manufacturer selects the rest of the equipment. The motor power, torque, stabilization system, dimensions, and tool cost will depend on the diameter of the disk used. It is worthwhile to understand that powerful equipment and a large circle allow you to work with the material of large thickness.
  2. Depth of cut – indicated by the manufacturer in the characteristics of the tool. The light tool class allows you to make cuts with a thickness of 4-5 cm, that is, actually work with sheet materials. Medium circular saws have a cutting depth of 5–6.5 cm and are the most popular. Models with a cut of 6-14 cm are referred to as a professional tool. However, it should be borne in mind that manufacturers can relate the tool to other classes or be guided by their parameters for dividing into groups.
  3. Power – shows the stability of the tool and the duration of continuous operation. Circular saws are divided into three classes according to power: up to 800 W, from 800 to 1200 W, over 1200 W.
  4. Disk rotation speed. It is connected with cut cleanliness, torque and work temperature. High speed of rotation of the disk can play into the hand and help to cope with thick material, but it can also damage the material, for example, due to temperature increase due to friction. If you are just starting to learn the tool, pay attention to the models that have a function for adjusting the speed of rotation of the cutting disc.

 Circular Saw Electronics

Since circulars are an instrument of increased danger, manufacturers try to equip them with electronic systems that will help the user in their work:

  • Constant electronics help maintain a constant spindle speed. If the system sees a drawdown, then it aligns the tool, which makes it possible to avoid biting.
  • Some circular models are equipped with speed control at idle, due to which you can configure the tool for different materials.
  • The soft-start system ensures measured operation of the circular when turned on, and also significantly increases the service life of parts that are not subjected to excessive load.
  • In the event of a power surge or overheating of the equipment, an overload protection system will work, which will turn off the tool and save it from breakage.
  • Stopping the disc in case of releasing the start button responsible for the operation of the disc will save the master from injuries, the tool from breakage, the material from damage.

 Features of the Mechanics of Circular Saws

  • Slip clutch – allows the shaft to continue rotation in case of jamming of the disk. This saves rigging and makes work safe.
  • Protection against accidental switching on – implemented by an additional button that must be pressed simultaneously with the start button.
  • Spindle Stop – allows you to conveniently change the disk.
  • Base plate – is the basis for established mechanical adjustments and additional fixtures. The most quality is considered plates, which are made by casting from alloys, stamped plates are also relevant.
  • Adjusting the inclined cut – not on all circulars, but this option allows you to cut materials at an angle of 30 to 55 degrees. Backlash in this part of the tool is extremely undesirable, the fixing of the processed sheet is carried out using grooves and rods.
  • Stationary location – makes it possible to create a machine without using a special table.
  • The parallel emphasis, which is implemented even in the basic configuration, and the guide bar – allows for precise cutting.
  • Casing – is installed directly around the disk and completely closes it during the operation of the tool.

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