Can Dogs Eat Yogurt?


Yogurt is a very common product in dairy products. Due to its availability, there have been speculations whether if it is good for dogs.  And you can find many dog owners asking “can dogs eat yogurt”?

Yogurt is useful for dogs that have diarrhea and stomach ache. However is it safe for a healthy dog? In this article, we are going to clarify whether if yogurt is safe for dogs. Moreover, we will also look at some benefits of yogurt to dogs. Not even to forget about precautions you should take when feeding your dog with yogurt.

Well, let set our pot boiling.

 Is Yogurt Safe For Dogs?

Dogs can eat yogurt safely. In fact, dogs can eat other dairy products too, i.e. whipped cream (sour cream). However, it should be moderate.   Yogurt can be incorporated in the daily routine of your dog moderately for benefits. If your dog is allergic to meat, yogurt should replace this source of protein.

Note that, Yogurt contains protein, calcium, and probiotics. Probiotics help with the processing of food and also strengthen the invulnerability conditions in dogs.

As so often, nothing can be good when it has too much sugar. Also, shabby yogurts contain a lot of unhealthy artificial sugars and additives that your dog should not eat.

 What Kind Of Yogurt Can Dogs Eat?

Dogs can eat yogurt that contains no artificial sugars and additives. So, the best choice is for plain yogurt. The reason is that the artificial sugars in yogurt contain xylitol, which is harmful to dogs.

​There can be no joke problems in dogs eating yogurt containing xylitol. Yogurt with dynamic microbes is useful for the general health of dogs. Also, the yogurt you choose should be low in fat. Usually, the dog will cause pancreatitis to be triggered.

 Benefits Of Yogurt For Dogs

There are many benefits of yogurt to your dogs. With a rightful brand and dosage, yogurt is something you start including in your dog’s daily routine. It is a great food source as it contains calcium, zinc, and probiotics.

On the other hand, it can help alleviate many problems. Some of the issues include gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhea and agitated viscera. It can as well help ease bacterial infection or other retention problems.

For the price benefit, it is moderately cheap and available immediately in almost every store.

It’s also a transcendent source of protein that can help with weight loss by producing a longer-lasting “full” sensation in your dog’s stomach.

​Another benefit of yogurt for dogs is that it can help boost the absorption of calcium and B nutrients.

To Back Up

You will agree with me that most of the food product for dogs not always comes with all nutrients. So deciding for a small piece of yogurt can be a good source of missing supplements.

Simple, low-fat or low-sugar yogurt provides probiotic benefits. Furthermore, it will also be an excellent source of calcium for your dogs. Adding a small spoonful of yogurt to your dog’s regular kibbles for dinner will improve the stomach condition. It will also help your dog stay full.

Check the label first, if you intend to give yogurt to your dog. Avoid spiced yogurt, containing high sugar and high fat concentration.

Furthermore, never feed yogurt which includes the xylitol as an ingredient. It is an artificial sugar that is harmful to dogs. moreover, It is also essential to avoid yogurt flavored with chocolate, as chocolate is also toxic to dogs.

Before you make yogurt a regular part of your dog, you should seek the advice of your veterinarian .he/she will guide through the proper dosages or amount.

One thing to note down is that for some dogs it can be tough to digest dairy products. Therefore, look for evidence of lactose fats. These can prompt diarrhea, gas, and regurgitation. In case your dog has any of these adverse reactions after feeding on yogurt, consider contacting your veterinarian.


​Yogurt is one of healthy dairy products. Dogs can eat yogurt when given in moderation. Furthermore, Yogurt contains protein and probiotics that are suitable for dogs that are not low in lactose. It usually treats dogs with diarrhea and stomach problems. A teaspoon daily is excellent. Dogs allergic to lactose should avoid yogurt.

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