6 Important Reasons to Upgrade Your Fire Safety System This Year

fire safety system

You understand that making upgrades to the workplace pay off in a number of ways. Along with enhancing employee morale and productivity, they can also make the place of business more safe and secure. That’s certainly true when business owners choose to make changes to their fire safety systems. From investing in new fire sprinklers to getting new smoke alarms, your efforts will make a difference. If you need more incentive, consider these reasons to arrange for those upgrades this year.

You’ve Changed the Layout

The layout of everything from the business office to the production floor has undergone some changes in the last few years. One thing that has not changed is the setup of your fire alarms. While they still work, the number and placement of the alarms is no longer a good fit for the company’s layout.

Now is the time to correct that. You may find that upgrades to aging fire alarm systems are easier to manage and more affordable than you think. That’s especially true if the components that are already in place are compatible with the new system.

Some of the Equipment is Getting Old

When did you buy and install the present system? Can you remember without looking through old records? If not, that’s a good sign that the fire sprinklers and other parts of the system should be upgraded. Even if everything seems to be working, you won’t know the whole story until a fire breaks out. Wouldn’t you rather have a new system in place rather than relying on one that’s been around for more years than you realize?

You’ve Added On to the Building

Business has been great the last few years and that led to adding on to the existing structure. The additions are almost ready for use, but there’s one more task that must be completed: you need fresh fire alarm systems for those new spaces. Whether you plan on using the space for raw materials, finished goods, or workspaces for employees, you do want the additions to have the best in fire safety equipment.

There Are More Employees to Protect

More space and a growing business usually means hiring more employees. In order to ensure the fire safety plans are sufficient, you will want to consider adding more fire sprinklers, more extinguishers, and possibly coming up with a new exit plan that gets everyone outside faster if a fire breaks out. While protecting the supplies and equipment is important, nothing matters more than protecting your employees.

You’d Like to Have More Control of the System

There’s not really anything wrong with the present fire safety system in terms of function. What it does lack is controls and failsafe measures that you can manually control if the automatic controls should fail. Did you know that features like that are found on newer systems? Best of all, they are relatively easy to operate. While you hope that there’s never a need to go manual during a crisis, it helps to know that you can do so if necessary.

Some Upgrades Would Improve Relations With Your Insurance Provider

Many of the reasons to upgrade your system focus on taking care of your employees and your business in general. Have you thought about how a newer and better system would impact your insurance rates? The fact is that insurance providers like anything that helps to minimize risk to their clients. When clients have the latest in fire alarm systems, the risk to the provider is also lessened. There’s a good chance you will become eligible to discounts that lower your premiums while allowing you to retain the same level of coverage.

The decision is yours. Will you stick with the current system or make some upgrades this year? Talk with a professional and find out what could be done and how much the project would cost. You will find that the upgrades offer more than enough benefits to offset the expense.

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