6 At Home Workouts You Can Do To Avoid The Gym

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A lot of people are skeptical about going to the gym these days. With everything going on in the world, people are hesitant to expose themselves to the germs that are abundant in a gym. Even on a good day, they are hard to avoid.

Because of this, many people are opting to work out at home instead. It isn’t easy to substitute the gym experience for one at home without first making an effort to set up a routine to make it as effective as possible from your home.

It also takes a bit more determination to get back into shape from home rather than going to the gym.

You’ll need discipline and also a pre workout routine. Then you should also have a plan for fast recovery so you can get the most out of your workout. A good massage after taxing your muscles is very helpful and using some CBD oil for muscles pain is also a good idea. Learn more about which oil is best by visiting that site.

1 – Yoga

One of the best workouts you can do anywhere is yoga. It is a low impact exercise that helps stretch muscles and will get you lean and in great shape.

yoga at home

The stretching increases circulation that will bring much needed nutrients to all parts of your body. Plus it is rich in oxygen to help give you more energy and an increased metabolism.

The best part is that it can be done just as easily at home as it can be at a studio. All you need is a mat and some videos to give you some idea of the best poses and stretches so you are getting the most out of the session.

An even bigger bonus is how it is known to help reduce stress and anxiety. It helps connect the mind and body to increase the serotonin which is the hormone responsible for feeling bliss.

2 – Burpees

Used by Navy Seals as an incredibly effective way to get in total shape. It is another low impact exercise that doesn’t strain the joints.

burpees at home

To do these, stand straight up and then crouch down to a squat with your arms extended outward. Then kick your legs out behind you to form a plank maneuver. Then bring the legs back into a squat and stand up. Just repeat this until you want to keep over.

Simple, yet extremely effective as a workout. And you only need a small amount of space to do these.

3 – Squat thrusts

You’ll need some weights for this, or at least something you can hold above your head to make it a strength exercise to build muscle.

squat thrusts at home

If you have some dumbbells then these are ideal. Any weight you can tolerate is fine. Simply make a squat position while holding the weights at shoulder height. As you stand straight up, lift the weights up over your head all in one motion.

You need only a couple of square feet of space to do these as you are not moving around at all. And you will be using a lot of different muscles for maximum fat burning.

4 – Jump squat

Another workout that combines strength training with aerobic conditioning is the squat jump. You can do this with or without weights, but as you progress, adding weights is a good idea.

jump squat at home

Simply squat as you normally would, but instead of standing straight up, follow through and jump. When you land, continue the squat.

If you are using weights for this then you only need to hold them by your side. The idea is adding weights to make it more challenging so you don’t actually need to lift them at the same time.

5 – Jump rope

Long used by boxers for dexterity, a jump rope is as simple as it is effective. They are deceptively difficult to get used to as they just seem so simple to use.

jumping rope at home

But to get to the point where you have a nice rhythm going without tripping yourself up can take a bit of practice. Once you get the hang of it, you will get an incredible cardio workout that will both exhaust you and get the blood flowing.

6 – Stationary bike

If you have it in your budget, you should think about adding a stationary bike. Though in many homes they double as a coat rack and collect dust, if you have the discipline to use one, they can provide a very effective cardio workout.

stationary bike at home

The latest generations use a computer that will give you simulations of actual bike routes with hills and curves so you can feel like you are out for a ride.

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