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Tips on starting a commercial cleaning business

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Introduction Most people are not too fond of cleaning. But then again there are many perfectionist around there who tend to get the housework done more often than not. Today, a number of people are into starting their own personal business. In opting …

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Overcoming the Challenge of Carpet Cleaning

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Whenever I’ve moved, and planning to make a new house into a home, the first thing I feel I need to do, other than to locate the kettle and have a cuppa or three, isn’t unpacking, it’s to get the carpets properly and …

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Top 5 Tips to Find Carpet Cleaning Companies in London

  Carpets are important for our comfort, it is nice to be able to walk around with a comfortable feeling underfoot. Wooden and tiled floors are great and very practical but a carpet can add that touch of luxury especially if you choose a quality variety. We walk on our …

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Spring Cleaning 101: What You Need To Succeed

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows you to freshen up your home and welcome the exciting seasons of spring and summer. As the flowers bloom and the birds serenade, you don’t want your cozy home to retain the winter blues feelings. So, where do you start? Equipment For Spring …

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7 Quick Tips For Post-Holiday Cleanup

By Anita Edwards, Blog Editor at Spekless in Washington, D.C. Finding a cleaning service in Arlington can be a challenge. Especially when the holidays are said and done. With the holidays done and the new year already underway, now is the best time to clean up your house ahead of …

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6 Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Home Clean

home cleaning

Does anyone like cleaning? When it comes to a regular house cleanup, the majority of people associate it with frustration and lost time. Is it possible to make the task less annoying? For centuries, homeowners have been trying to come up with a way to minimize the cleaning effort without …

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Top Ways A Vacuum Cleaner Protects You From Relieving Allergies

5 / 5 ( 12 votes ) If you have any loved ones who are suffering from any allergies and if you are trying a lot of methods to relieve or prevent the symptoms. Even though there are many ways of avoiding allergies, the first and foremost thing that you …

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7 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners to Buy on Black Friday 2019

vacuum cleaning with joy

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) Vacuum cleaning has to be the most hated of all household chores. It’s noisy, backbreaking, and takes forever. It’s not surprising then that the robot vacuum cleaner industry is making huge inroads in the appliance market. Robot vacuums are small and unobtrusive, they’re …

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How to Clean A Carpet: The 7 ‘Grandmother’ Tips


2.3 / 5 ( 3 votes ) Let us see how to clean a rug carpet, looking at it from grandmother’s tricks and its contemporary advantage. Your Carpet Is Stained, Dull Or gray? The carpet cleaning Nottingham Company shared this informational article on how to clean a carpet in 7 …

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5 Reasons to buy Roomba 980 and not Roomba 960

5 / 5 ( 1 vote ) When it comes to robot vacuum cleaners, iRobot Roomba is a household name with the Roomba 900 Series having the top of the range models. The 900 Series consists of Roomba 960 as the base model and Roomba 980 as the ceiling model. …

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